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Ohio Woman Found Burned With Rope Around Her Neck in Road

Comstock/Thinkstock(ZANESVILLE, Ohio) -- An Ohio woman is fighting for her life after being tortured in a wooded area and left to die near a remote road, officials said.

The 29-year-old woman from Canton was discovered naked Sunday morning by a passing motorist on a Zanesville, Ohio, road with a rope around her neck and severe burns.

"I have a woman right here. She's burned severely, she's been raped and she's been beat up," the distressed man told police in his 911 call. "She's got a rope around her neck, she's totally without clothes and she's severely burned."

The motorist told dispatchers that he had the woman lying in the grass and pleaded for them to send medics right away.

The woman can be heard in the background moaning in pain. She is not being identified by name because she is a rape victim.

Despite the excruciating pain, authorities say, she was still able to talk to the motorist, medics and police about what happened.

"Obviously, when you put assault, rape and burn in the same sentence, it's very brutal," Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz said at a news conference Monday, according to ABC News Columbus affiliate WSYX-TV.

The woman was transported by air to the burn unit at Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University in Columbus where she is being treated for fourth-degree burns, as deep as the muscle and bone.

"This is one of the most gruesome things I've ever seen in 23 and a half years in law enforcement, as well as some of our detectives," Lutz said. "I can't imagine the pain this lady went through."

She is in critical condition at the hospital, according to Capt. Jeff LeCocq of the Muskingum County Sheriff's Office.

Officers discovered a crime scene in the wooded area near the road, but would not discuss what they found.

"This was not a random act," Lutz said. "There was a vehicle that we were looking for that interested us. We found that last night in the Canton area. There are some people of interest to us that we are currently looking for."

Although police say they have multiple persons of interest, no arrests have been made.

"Our investigators are still working heavily in the northeast part of the state with the authorities up here on running down leads," LeCocq said Tuesday, "and the investigation is ongoing."

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Detroit Cops Issue Warning After Dead Women Linked to Website

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(DETROIT) -- Detroit police warned women on Tuesday against setting up meetings with strangers over the Internet, after three of four murdered women found in the trunks of burning cars have been linked to a nationwide site similar to Craigslist, according to police.

“We felt it’s imperative to alert the public that deciding to meet unknown persons via the Internet can be extremely dangerous,” Detroit police chief Ralph Godbee said. “We implore people to be careful, let someone know where they’re going, who they’re with.  If you’re arranging something, do it in a public place. With the vast increase on utilization of social media on the Internet we must continue to be vigilant in identifying any website which may potentially pose a threat to individuals,” said Godbee.

The three victims had offered escort services on, according to police. The site is an Internet bulletin board with listings for everything from child care to auto parts and forums on numerous topics.

The website said on Tuesday it was cooperating with police and had given investigators information about “ads that the suspect or others posted on numerous web sites,” according to a statement from legal counsel Steve Suskin, posted by the Detroit Free Press.

Suskin said there were ads on 15 websites not connected to

“ shares the concerns of law enforcement and the community that every effort be made to stop violent criminals from using the Internet to commit their crimes,” the statement said.

On Dec. 19, a 23 and 24-year-old were found dead in the trunk of a 2009 Chrysler 300 that was parked in the driveway of a vacant dwelling, police said.

A 28 and 29-year-old women were found four blocks away in a 1997 Buick LaSabre on Christmas morning around 1 a.m.  The Detroit Fire Department responded to a vehicle fire, and after extinguishing the fire, found the bodies in the trunk, badly burned.

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Murdered Women in Detroit Linked to, Cops Say

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(DETROIT) -- Three of four women whose dead bodies were found in the trunks of burning cars in Detroit over the past eight days had profiles on the adult services section of, police said on Monday, warning women that the killer may be trolling the site for more victims.

The bodies of two women were found in a burning car on Dec. 19, and then another pair were found on Christmas, police said.  They were both found within blocks of one another on the city’s east side.

Detroit police chief Ralph Godbee Jr. stopped short of saying the crimes were the work of a serial killer, but said he felt it was important to get the word out about the link investigators had found.

“This tie for us is disconcerting,” Godbee Jr. said Monday at a news conference.  “We’re stopping short of calling it a serial pattern."

“We are not passing judgment on any individual who is utilizing this website, yet we felt it was imperative to alert the public that deciding to meet unknown persons via the Internet can be extremely dangerous,” he said.

Investigators have not determined a cause of death for the four women., like, is an Internet bulletin board with listings for everything from child care to auto parts and forums on numerous topics. took down its “adult services” section after several widely publicized cases, including the so-called “Craigslist Killer” case, in which Phillip Markoff was charged with the armed robbery and murder of a masseuse he had hired through the website, and the armed robbery of two other women he also found through the site.  Markoff committed suicide in jail awaiting trial.

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NY Firefighter Stable After Being Engulfed in Flames

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- A New York City firefighter is in serious but stable condition Tuesday after being engulfed in flames while battling a fire in a Brooklyn townhome Monday morning.

Robert Wiedmann, 38, of Rescue Company 2 was battling the blaze in a room on the brownstone’s third floor when a fireball sent flames from the back bedroom, surrounding him in fire.

A cellphone video captured the dramatic moment when Wiedmann, with his head and back burning, began waving frantically for help and leaning out the room’s window.

To escape, Wiedmann leapt down onto an aerial ladder, where another firefighter was waiting to pat down his body and extinguish the flames eating through his protective gear, the video shows.  Both men then moved slowly down the ladder as another firefighter on the ground showered them with water.

Neighbors watched in horror and then awe, as Weidmann paused to let the steam rise from his body and then moved himself towards safety.

New York Fire Department officials said the harrowing events began as a routine response around 9 a.m. Monday to a fire on the top floor of a brownstone owned by a New York City school teacher and her family.  The family was away when the fire began, but Weidmann and his four fellow firefighters did not know that as they searched the home.

As Weidmann remained trapped by the fireball, a second firefighter fled down a stairwell towards safety.

Wiedmann’s injuries included burns over 45 percent of his body, authorities said. The second firefighter was seriously injured and remains in critical condition. Three other firefighters were treated for minor injuries.

Fire officials said the blaze was fairly routine but turned worse when firefighters couldn’t get water to the house fast enough.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

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Police: Florida Teens Lured Boy to Murder, Burned His Body

Jupiterimages/Comstock/Thinkstock(SUMMERFIELD, Fla.) -- A group of older teens and an ex-girlfriend lured a 15-year-old boy to a Florida house, where they carried out a plan by beating him, shooting him dead and burning his body, police said.

The fatal attack on Seath Jackson occurred Sunday at a house in Summerfield, Florida, police believe.  Now, four suspects, 18 or younger, and a 20-year-old are being charged with first-degree murder, and a 37-year-old man is being charged with accessory to murder.

"It's an unimaginable act -- the idea that six people would come together and carry out to kill a 15-year-old," Marion County police officer Judge Cochran said.  "That's a plot that you just don't expect to see in your next day's newspaper.  It's just not something expected in the community."

According to Marion County Police, Jackson's mother reported him missing and as a possible runaway on Monday.

But on Tuesday, Tracy Wright, the mother of Jackson's ex-girlfriend, Amber Wright, contacted police and told them her son, Kyle Hooper, 16, personally witnessed Jackson's murder.

During questioning, police said, Hooper claimed that the people inside the home were involved in the planning and luring of Jackson into the home where the murder took place.

Hooper allegedly told police that on Sunday, he, Amber Wright, Michael Bargo, 18, Charlie Ely, 18, and Justin Soto, 20, were at Ely's residence when Bargo started to speak of his hatred for Jackson.  The conversation then turned into a plan to lure Jackson into the residence so that Bargo could kill him with the assistance of the other people.

According to police reports, Ely and Wright planned to leave the residence and meet with Jackson to lure him to the home.  When Jackson arrived, Soto and Hooper hit him in the head with wooden objects, the report alleged, and Michael Bargo then shot Jackson several times.

Police believe the group burned Jackson's body outside the home in a fire that already had been started as a part of the plan.  A sixth person, James Havens, 37, admitted to helping dispose of Jackson's body, police said.  Havens is Hooper and Wright's stepfather, according to published reports.

According to police reports, all six suspects have admitted involvement in the killing.´╗┐

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Wedding Nightmare: Fire Leaves Brides Desperate

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(CHICAGO) -- When a Chicago-area bridal shop went up in flames this week, so did the dreams of dozens of brides-to-be whose burned dresses were left among the rubble.

Eva's Bridal Shop in Oak Lawn, Ill., was destroyed by the fast moving fire Wednesday. Only a handful of dresses were salvaged.

Bride-to-be Ashley Kuhl lost her dress, as well as four of her five bridesmaids' dresses. "I looked good in it," she said. "I felt good in it and it has some special touches." With her wedding scheduled for Dec. 4, two weeks away, Kuhl was at a loss for what to do.

Enter Renee Fennell, owner of A' Paris House of Bridal & Fashion in Michigan City, Ind., which boasts one of the largest selections of wedding dresses in the Midwest. Fennell has offered to outfit not only Kuhl but all her bridesmaids -- for free.

Fennell said she knows what Eva is going through. About 20 years ago, her family-owned store, then located in downtown Chicago, lost everything in a fire. "I am a firm believer in karma," she said. "What goes around comes back and we just want to help."

Several other bridal shops in the area have rushed to the rescue as well, offering several brides-to-be help in replacing their dresses, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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