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Seattle Commuter Bus Bursts into Flames

KOMO/ABC News(SEATTLE) -- A commuter bus burst into flame on Interstate 5 in Seattle during the heart of the morning commute Friday, but the fire department said the driver’s quick thinking helped prevent deaths or injuries.

“The bus driver said he heard a couple of pops and evacuated 30-40 people off the bus,” fire department spokesman Kyle Moore told ABC News. “He not only evacuated them but moved them a significant distance away, which helped greatly with our firefighting efforts.”

“Everyone starts looking around at each other, like, ‘What's happening?’” passenger Emalasa Franulovich told ABC affiliate KOMO-TV. “Then we hear a second ‘pop’ and everyone starts panicking and yelling, ‘Get off the bus.'”

The fire erupted before the bus came to a full stop, and soon consumed its rear half.

Aerial footage of the blaze showed billowing clouds of black smoke from the bus and traffic backed up for miles. Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire around 7:30 a.m. local time.

Moore said that the blaze could have been much worse had the bus been powered by natural gas, and not by diesel fuel.  “Diesel fuel is not explosive like a natural gas bus,” he said.

Police and Sound Transit, which owns the bus, are investigating the incident.

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Pregnant Mom Kicked Off Bus Over Baby’s Dirty Diaper

ABC News(SEATTLE) -- A pregnant Seattle woman who was kicked off a city bus when her baby’s dirty diaper was deemed to be a disturbance to other passengers is questioning why normal baby behavior would lead her to be removed from city transportation.

Any parent can tell you how stressful it is to travel with a baby, but Nichole Hakimian says the problem she ran into this week when she boarded a city bus with her 1-year-old took it to a whole new level.

“He had just pooped in his diaper as soon as I got on [the bus],” she told ABC News.

Hakimian’s son was sick, and she was taking him to the doctor.

“Right after that, the bus driver told me to get off the bus.  And I said, ‘why is that?’  She said, ‘your baby … smells really bad.  And it’s not fair that we all have to smell that.’”

The 4-month pregnant mom then exited to the bus, she says, still a mile and a half away from her baby’s doctor.

A Seattle Metro spokesperson said they are now investigating the incident.

“[This is a] very unique situation … Our goal is always to balance the comfort of all our riders,” the spokesman said.

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Crying Baby Empties Bus…In Protest of the Driver

Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock(HILLSBORO, Ore.) -- A Hillsboro, Ore., bus driver who reportedly kicked a mother and her infant off the bus after the baby wouldn’t stop screaming has been placed on administrative leave.

Passengers on the bus had stormed off after the mother and child when the driver ordered the pair off, leaving him alone.

TriMet spokeswoman Mary Fetsch told ABC News that her office has received six complaints from people who were on the bus during the incident.

“This is something we take very seriously,” Fetsch said.

One passenger, Jennifer Chapman, herself a young mother, told the Oregonian she was outraged.

“I don’t care if the baby was screaming her head off, which she wasn’t, you don’t drop a woman off in the dark with her baby,” Chapman said.

While some people left in support of the mother, others may have been tired of the bus not moving.

“Several of the riders would call out to move along, that it wasn’t bothering anyone else, and more than a few delved into obscene name-calling toward the driver. The driver then compounded the whole thing by spitting heatedly that anyone who didn’t like it could get off the bus as well,” wrote one rider in a submission to Rantings of a Transit Bus Driver, an Oregon blog run by a bus driver named Al Margulies.

Margulies said these kinds of incidents happen, but drivers are trained on how to handle them.

“If she got to a point where she was unable to drive the bus, she should have pulled over and called for a supervisor,” Margulies told ABC News. “That would have been the right thing.”

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Obama Debuts New $1.1 Million Bus on Rural Tour

JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- If the presidential limousine is known as "the beast," thanks to its heavy armor plating and other James Bondian extras, the new official tour bus could be called "the behemoth."

The Secret Service is trucking President Obama and his senior staff through the Midwest this week on an imposing jet-black coach, outfitted with top-notch security and communications equipment to keep its occupants safe.

The White House says the $1.1 million bus, and its accompanying motorcade of more than two dozen vehicles, allows the president to visit "real people in real places" that wouldn't otherwise be easily accessible. Obama began the three-day trip in Minnesota and ends in Illinois Wednesday.

Neither the Secret Service nor Hemphill Brothers Co., the Nashville, Tenn.-based company that built the bus, would comment on the "security additions" or what it's like inside as it rumbles along rural roads.

But a review of comparable custom coach designs on the Hemphill company website reveals the president is likely riding in comfort and style.

The bus manufacturer outfits its coaches with luxurious floor plans, some with leather sofas and seating areas, kitchen space, bunk beds with privacy curtains, a full-sized bed stateroom and even a bathroom with a granite shower.

The exterior of the government's custom coach has no presidential or campaign signage or identifiable markings. But it does have a public address system from which the president or a dignitary could address crowds as he or she rolls through town. So far, Obama hasn't tried it out.

The bus, one of two acquired by the Secret Service earlier this year, is government property and will be part of the "protective fleet" used by the Secret Service to transport any official, dignitary, presidential candidate or protectee, officials said.

The bus purchases were long overdue additions to the fleet because the agency was never satisfied with the old practice of renting buses and retrofitting them with added security, Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan told ABC News in April.

Should the Republican presidential nominee in 2012 want to hit the road, he or she will be able to campaign in one as well, he said.

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One Dead, Dozens Hurt after Bus and Semi Collide in New York

 John Foxx/Stockbyte/Thinkstock(WATERLOO, N.Y.) -- One person is dead and dozens more injured after a collision between a tour bus and a tractor trailer early Friday morning in New York, according to state police.

New York State Police Maj. Mark Koss said the crash took place on the New York State Thruway near Waterloo before 2:00 a.m. The driver of the truck, a 59-year-old man from Michigan, was killed in the crash.

Out of the 52 passengers on board, 30 were injured.

Describing the passengers' conditions, Maj. Koss said, "Two critical, 15 ranged from minor injuries to serious.  And 13 were very, very minor were able to walk and didn't need any assistance."

According to Koss, a Fort Drum soldier who was nearby helped pull people out from the burning wreck.  The soldier has not yet been identified.

State police believe the tractor trailer struck the bus -- which was traveling from Hamilton, Ontario to New York City -- in the rear.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

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Bus Overturns Along I-95; Dead, Injured Among Wreckage

Handout Photo(CAROLINE COUNTY, Va.) -- At least four people are reported dead and others injured after a bus overturned along Interstate 95 near Caroline County, Va., early Tuesday morning, according to Virginia State Police.

The number of people injured in the crash was not immediately known, but the Richmond Times-Dispatch quotes a police spokesman who says nearly 60 people were on the bus at the time of the accident.

It was not immediately clear what may have caused the crash.

On Tuesday, the Department of Transportation issued an "unsatisfactory safety rating" and suspended all service of the North Carolina-based bus company, Sky Express Inc.  DOT says the company had violated several federal safety regulations.

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Two Killed in Washington State Tour Bus Crash

Thinkstock Images/Getty Images(CLE ELUM, Wash.) -- Two people were killed and several others injured in a tour bus accident in Washington state on Saturday.

The deadly crash reportedly happened shortly after 6 p.m. on Interstate 90 near to the town of Cle Elum. Officials say a bus carrying a group of soccer fans was travelling on the eastbound side of the interstate when bus driver lost control of the bus, causing it to roll over and crash into a disabled truck that was parked on the shoulder of the road.

A man and a woman who were travelling on the bus died from injuries sustained in the crash, authorities say. Twenty-one other people were injured, including the driver of the truck and two people who were in a car that tried to avoid the out-of-control bus before also crashing and ending up on the interstate median.

The cause of the accident remains under investigation.

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Students Injured in Massachusetts Bus Rollover

Photo Courtesy - WCVB-TV Boston(PUTNEY, Vt.) -- A tour bus taking University of Massachusetts students on a ski trip overturned Friday in Vermont, injuring 17. The accident occurred on Interstate 91 near Putney, Vt. The university said all 16 students, not including the driver who was airlifted out, were released from the hospital. Twenty-eight other students on the bus were fine.

The owner of the bus service told reporters that the driver might have suffered a heart attack or anxiety attack before the crash.

The southbound lanes of I-91 were closed after the crash and traffic was diverted onto Route 5.

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