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Radio Still Has Staying Power, Study Shows

Comstock/Thinkstock(CHICAGO) -- Despite increasing competition, a new study shows that radio is still the leading choice for information and entertainment in the car.

Research firms Arbitron, Edison Research and Scarborough Research
looked at how consumers use 16 different in-car media and entertainment choices and found that 85 percent of all drivers or passengers reported using AM/FM radio while in the car. CD players came in second at 68 percent.

Some of the digital options like satellite radios and iPods remain rather small in comparison, but are “growing and very well loved by those who use them,” according to the study. Fifty-five percent of 18-24 year olds have used iPods or other MP3 players in the car.

Other devices attracting interest include services that allow data sharing between vehicles and information or entertainment networks, as well as in-car media applications and built-in wireless Internet.

So while digital options continue to grow in popularity, it appears that for now, the ordinary radio -- first widely installed in cars in the 1930s -- is here to stay.

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