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Human Hearts Found in Jars in Calif. Cemetery

Photo Courtesy - ABC News/KGO-TV San Francisco(COLMA, Calif.) -- A cemetery worker in Colma, Calif., has discovered two plastic jars containing human hearts half buried in a remote section of the town's massive cemetery, according to police.

The jars found at Colma's Holy Cross Cemetery had photos of young couples taped to them, police said. Once the maintenance employee discovered the jars, he immediately called the Colma police.

After examining the hearts, the San Mateo County Coroner's Office ruled out any sort of foul play in the incident.

Colma Police Commander John Read told ABC News that investigators are looking at some leads from the pictures, but wouldn't say if the investigation is identifying the individuals. He says the hearts may have been stolen from a mortuary.

Though police said they now believe that the hearts came from cadavers, none of the graves in the cemetery were disturbed, nor have there been reports of theft from medical schools.

Police said investigators found partially smoked cigars and candles at the scene next to where the bottles were buried, which has led them and experts to believe that this is part of some sort of religious ritual.

The town of Colma has approximately 1,500 residents, but more than 1.5 million people are buried in the cemetery, leading Colma to be dubbed the City of the Dead.

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Police: Who Left Dynamite in a Cemetery?

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(NEW YORK) -- FBI agents and New York City police spent much of Monday at a lower Manhattan cemetery after eight sticks of the military explosive C4 were found there.  There was no detonator with the C4.  Hours before, a rambling note was found on the windshield of a police cruiser in front of the nearby ninth precinct headquarters.

The note contained religious statements in it and authorities are looking into it.  So far, they see no connection between the note and the explosives. 

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