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Gary Condit's Son: Dad Got a 'Bad Deal', Didn't Deserve What Happened

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Nine years after Chandra Levy’s murder cast suspicion on California Congressman Gary Condit, his son told ABC News that he doesn’t know if his father will ever get over what happened to him.

“I don’t know that it will ever entirely be behind him,” Chad Condit said on Good Morning America.

“This has been a bad deal. He didn’t deserve what had happened and we have been dealing with it for ten years. It is just unfortunate. It has worn on my Mom and Dad,” Condit said.

Ingmar Guandique is now on trial for Levy’s murder, but Gary Condit was at one time the prime suspect in the case, creating a media firestorm.

“Congressmen are disposable in our society. So one leak here, one story there, you had a runaway train.  And when it’s your dad, someone you love, it’s a painful thing to watch,” Condit said.

Gary Condit is writing a book about his ordeal, his son said. Asked if his father was partly responsible for the price he paid because he did not speak publicly about Levy, Condit says his father wasn’t silent and fully cooperated with the police.

“He told the police everything he knew about Chandra Levy from the very start. I mean he called the police originally. Dr. Levy called my Dad because he wasn’t getting the kind of response from the police department,” Condit said. “So he got everything moving and it boomeranged on him because it made a good story. It made a good story and it sold a lot of papers.”

The Congressman was not reelected and the incident also affected the careers of his son and daughter. Chad and Katie Condit were working for California Governor Davis at the time but resigned “out of protest” when Davis publicly criticized their father.

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