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Kids Say Their Principal Came to See If They Were Really Sick

Photo Courtesy - WABC-TV(CHESTER, N.Y.) -- Students who had called in sick to school last month say they got the surprise of their life when their principal barged into their bedrooms in an attempt to catch them lying about being too ill to go to class.

Michael DiQuattro, the father of the two boys, Vincenzo, 12, and Robert, 16, say his sons are now "terrified" to go to school following the alleged incident.

According to DiQuattro, Ernest Jackson, the principal at Chester Academy in Chester, New York, arrived and entered the home where his kids were living without permission on Oct. 23. DiQuattro only filed the police complaint this week because he said his sons were "too scared to tell even him" about what happened.

"The principal took it upon himself to arrive at my children's home at about 9:30 in the morning along with the guidance counselor," DiQuattro told "They bascially let themselves in, walked up the stairs and into my children's rooms."

DiQuattro said that his older son, Robert, had stayed home to watch the younger son who had flu-like symptoms because their mother could not take a day off work. Both were dressed only in their underwear when DiQuattro allegedly entered the home.

"They were not yelling or letting it be known they were in the home and my son saw Jackson out of the corner of his eye when he was in the bathroom throwing up," said DiQuattro.

"Jackson put his hand on Vincenzo's head to check his temperature and told him, 'You don't have a temperature, you're coming with me,'" the father said.

Calls and e-mails sent to Jackson were not immediately returned, but Jackson's wife told ABC News' New York affiliate WABC that "there was more to the story that hasn't come out yet."

DiQuattro claims that Jackson then went to find his other son, Robert, who called his mother to tell her what was happening.

"At that point the principal ran out of the house and said, 'See you at school,'" said DiQuattro.

DiQuattro says he wants Jackson removed from his post as principal.

"I want him out of the school. He shouldn't be around kids. He's sick in the head," DiQuattro said. "Nobody gave him permission to enter my kids' house. He violated their rights."

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