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Two Children Die After Being Left in Hot Cars

iStockphoto(ALEXANDRIA, Va.) -- Two communities in different states are reeling from the tragic deaths of two infants who died after being left in hot cars.

In Alexandria, Va., a 25-year old mother apparently forgot to drop her 8-month old son off at daycare on her way to work in Arlington on Friday and left the child all day in her parked car while the temperature climbed above 90 degrees. When the mother left work, she still didn't realize what had happened and drove half the way home before noticing her child in his car seat.

“When she was driving back into the city, she realized the child was still in the car, found the child was unresponsive and drove directly to the emergency room,” said Lt. Mark Burgin with Alexandria police.

“We don't know why at this point what led to her mistake, her failure.”

A 16-month-old child also died in Lansdowne, Md. on Friday after being left in a car in 88 degree heat for about four hours. A relative was supposed to take the toddler to a daycare program but went home to take a nap instead, according to county police.

“You don't even leave a dog in the car for that amount of time,” said a neighbor. “I mean, I don't care if it's two minutes it's too hot out here.”

“No common sense,” the neighbor continued. “You don't need an education to do that. It's just sad.”

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