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Most Wanted Deadbeat Dad Arrested in LA

Dept of Health & Human Services(LOS ANGELES) -- The man known as the Most Wanted Deadbeat Dad in the United States was arrested Tuesday in Los Angeles after years on the lam in southeast Asia.

Robert Sand, originally from Nassau County, New York, rose through the ranks of the U.S. Inspector General’s Office’s “Most Wanted Deadbeat” list by failing to pay millions of dollars in mandatory child support payments, according to information from the office.

Sand owes more than $1.2 million in child support for his three children from two marriages, according to the office. He was first ordered to pay child support in 1996.

Warrants for Sand’s arrest were issued in 2000, 2002, and 2010, after he failed to pay the money, but Sand eluded federal officials for years until this week, according to authorities.

After moving from New York to Florida, and then to Thailand, Sand was finally arrested by authorities at Los Angeles International Airport after a flight from the Philippines. He had previously been arrested for using a fake British passport in Thailand.

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Enraged Over Child Support, Husband Batters Wife in Front of Judge

Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock(FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.) -- Catie Scott-Gonzalez went to an oral surgeon Wednesday to have her mouth fixed so she can eat solid food again, the latest step in recuperating from a vicious beating inflicted by her husband in front of a judge who was finalizing their divorce.

Her husband, Paul Gonzalez, a former Marine, became enraged when Judge Ronald Rothschild ordered him to pay child support for the couple's two young children. The hearing -- and the alleged beating -- took place in the judge's private chambers at the Broward County Courthouse last Friday.

"The two things that triggered him the most were the child support and custody," Scott-Gonzalez, 23, told "He advised the judge that he thought child support was unconstitutional."

When Rothschild reprimanded Gonzalez, 28, telling him he'd go to jail if he didn't pay child support, the former Marine erupted, Scott-Gonzalez said.

"He had told the judge he was going to take the kids and nobody was going to see them again...I looked at the judge to see the judge's response," she said. "When he came after me, it was from behind...he started strangling me with his left hand and started hitting me on my face with his right hand."

Scott-Gonzalez's mother, Doreen Scott, was outside of the chambers waiting for her daughter to wrap up the proceedings when she heard the tussle.

"We heard banging and screaming and then as I started to run in, all of these bailiffs came from elevators with canine dogs. I just said, 'Where is my daughter?'" Scott said.

Her daughter was lying on the floor in a pool of blood. The first blow to her head had knocked her unconscious. Bailiffs had to Taser Gonzalez twice to subdue him.

The Ft. Lauderdale woman spent three days in the hospital with a broken nose, fractured cheekbone and broken jaw. She was so badly beaten that her children, Isabella, 2, and Nathaniel, 3, didn't recognize their mother.

Scott-Gonzalez's vision is so blurred that she had to withdraw from her college classes because she'll be unable to study for her upcoming finals.

Her now-ex-husband is behind bars on a $1 million bond. He's facing felony battery charges.

Scott-Gonzalez said that this wasn't the first time her four-year marriage has turned violent. She filed for a restraining order twice before, but it was denied. When she separated from her husband a year ago and moved in with her mother, she started carrying a Taser to protect herself. Now she fears for her safety when Gonzalez gets out of jail.

"What would he do if he got me behind closed doors," she said. "I will be fearful for my safety and children's safety for the rest of my life."

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Man Sentenced for Failing to Pay Support for His 23 Kids

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.) -- After fathering 23 children, Howard Veal has been sentenced to 23-48 months in jail for failing to pay child support.  "In my entire career I have never seen a case like this where so much was owed to so many and ignored," Kent County Judge Dennis Leiber, who has presided over support cases for more than 20 years, told ABC News.

The Michigan man accumulated a debt of more than $533,000 in child support payments, according to court records. Veal has allegedly failed to support his children beyond a few meager payments. "You are the poster child for irresponsibility," Leiber told Veal at a court hearing, according to The Grand Rapids Press. "You're an insult to every responsible father who sacrifices to provide for their children."

With a checkered employment history, the 44-year-old Veal has been living with his current girlfriend, who is the mother of four of his children.  During a presentencing investigation, Veal disclosed he fathered 15 children with a total of 12 women but said he could not remember them all.  Findings by a more comprehensive report ordered by the court alleged Veal fathered 23 children by 14 different women.

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