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Amtrak Derails After Collision at Railroad Crossing

Spencer Platt/Getty Images(FRESNO, Calif.) -- Dozens of people were injured Monday after a tractor-trailer plowed into the side of an  Amtrak train in central California.

The driver of the truck reportedly failed to yield and hit the train, causing it to derail.  California Highway Patrol officer Scott Jobinger says the passengers were lucky the train cars didn't topple over.

"Most of them were at around 45-degree angles which would help prevent some of the injuries," he said.

Shortly after the accident, all 169 passengers and the four crew members onboard were evacuated from the train. Though no fatalities were reported, about 40 people sustained minor to major injuries, reports ABC News affiliate KFSN-TV in Fresno, Calif.  Some of the crash victims were treated at the scene, while others were transported by school buses to the Civic Auditorium in Hanford.

This is the third time in four years an Amtrak train has collided with a vehicle at the same railroad crossing in Handford, a town located about 40 minutes south of Fresno. While it's a rural crossing, Amtrak says it is equipped with warning lights, bells and gates -- enough that it should be apparent that a train is approaching.

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Near Midair Collision Between Three Jets Prompts FAA Investigation

Comstock/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- The Federal Aviation Administration is looking into an incident, first reported by the Washington Post, in which three airplanes nearly collided midair at Reagan National Airport Tuesday afternoon.

The newspaper reported on Wednesday that an incoming US Airways jet that was cleared for landing ended up flying directly towards two departing US Airways jets after it had been rerouted.  A storm that brought a change in wind patterns prompted air traffic controllers to reverse the flow of traffic around 2 p.m. Tuesday.

A collision was avoided -- by about 12 seconds, according to the Post -- between the inbound plane and the first of the two outbound planes when an air traffic controller recognized the mistake and ordered the inbound flight to change course.

The FAA, which was alerted to the near mishap by the newspaper, issued a statement Wednesday night explaining the situation.

"DCA (Reagan National Airport) had been landing and departing aircraft on Runway 1, from the south to the north.  Due to the bad weather developing, the Tracon (Terminal Radar Approach Control) was switching operations to land and depart aircraft from the north to the south on Runway 19.  During the switchover of operations, miscommunication between the Tracon and the DCA tower led to a loss of the required separation between two regional jets departing from Runway 1 and a regional jet inbound for Runway 19," the FAA said.

"Preliminary information indicates that the closest proximity was 1.45 nm lateral and 500 ft. vertical for the first plane departing Runway 1 and 2.42 nm lateral and 600 ft. vertical for the second plane," the agency noted.  Standard separation requirements are 3 nm lateral and 1,000 ft. vertical.

The FAA said it was "investigating the incident and will take appropriate action to address the miscommunication."

The National Transportation Safety Board, which was also made aware of the report, said on Wednesday it was in the process of gathering information to determine whether it too will launch an investigation.

US Airways, the airline reportedly involved in the incident, issued a statement saying it was looking into the matter and working with the FAA to determine what happened.

"The safety of our customers and employees is always our top priority," the carrier said.

According to the Washington Post, 192 passengers and crew members were aboard the three planes.

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Seven US Marines Killed in Helicopter Collision over Arizona

U.S. Marine Corps/Pfc. Sean Dennison(YUMA, Ariz.) -- Seven Marines were killed during night training west of Yuma, Ariz., Wednesday when two helicopters collided, the Marine Corps told ABC News.

Six of the Marines were from Camp Pendleton and one was from Marine Corps Air Station Yuma.

The crash occurred around 8 p.m. and the helicopters, belonging to the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, were identified as a two-seat Cobra attack helicopter and an UH-1 trooper carrier, commonly known as a Huey.

The names of those who died in the crash will not be released by the Marine Corps until their next of kin have been notified.

The helicopters went down along the California/Arizona border just outside of the Yuma Training Range Complex.

Yuma is an area used extensively for helicopter and fighter jet training because the desert landscape is similar to Afghanistan.

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Two Jets Clip One Another at Logan Airport

Scott E. MacFarlane(BOSTON) -- A pair of commercial passenger planes clipped each other while taxiing on runways at Boston's Logan International Airport, possibly injuring one person.

Both planes suffered damage in the 7:30 p.m. incident, according to Massport, an agency that manages Logan Airport.

"While taxiing out for departure, the wing from Flight 266 from Boston to Amsterdam made contact with the vertical stabilizer of ASA Flight 4904, also on departure from Boston to Raleigh-Durham, [N.C.]," Delta Air Lines said in a prepared statement Thursday evening.

"Flight 266 returned to the gate and passengers deplaned without incident," the statement continued. "Passengers on ASA Flight 4904 deplaned and were transported by bus to the terminal. Both aircraft have been removed from service for inspections and passengers are currently being reacommodated on other aircraft."

A passenger was taken to a hospital for precautionary reasons, a Massport official said. One person involved in the incident complained of neck pain, according to ABC News Radio affiliate WBZ-AM.

There were 204 passengers and 11 crew on the Delta 767, according to ABC News Boston affiliate WCVB. There were 74 passengers and 3 crew members on the second plane, a flight chartered by Delta, according to WCVB.

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Some Passengers Still Unaccounted for in Nevada Train-Truck Crash

Robert Hill(FENLEY, Nev.) -- Five people were still unaccounted Sunday night following the collision of a passenger train and truck in the Nevada desert last Friday night, which killed at least six people and sent 20 others to the hospital.

The Zephyr train was headed from Chicago to California when Amtrak officials said a truck slammed into it about 70 miles east of Reno while attempting to pass through the railroad crossing even as lights flashed and the gates were coming down.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, which is investigating the accident, the truck was part of a three-vehicle convoy employed by John Davis Trucking in Battle Mountain, Nevada.

It left skids marks of more than 100 yards before hitting the side of the train at a 45-degree angle.  Since visibility was excellent, the drivers of the other trucks said they couldn't understand why the lead driver, who was also killed in the collision, kept going.

There were also reports late Sunday that John Davis Trucking was cited previously for numerous violations for crashes and unsafe conditions.  Investigators also want to check cellphone records of the driver to determine if he might have been distracted while approaching the train.

As far as those who remain unaccounted for, an NTSB official admitted the number was "spongy" because it couldn't be determined how many people might have gotten off the train after it left Chicago.

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Over Two Dozen Injured after Pennsylvania School Bus Overturns

George Doyle/Stockbyte(CHAMBERSBURG, Pa.) -- More than two dozen people, including children, were hospitalized Sunday after a school bus overturned in Pennsylvania.

According to officials, the bus was traveling along I-81 northbound near Chambersburg Sunday afternoon when a vehicle tried to pass it on its left but mistimed the move, as another vehicle was already in the lane.  The passing driver then overcorrected when he veered back onto the right lane to avoid the other car, ending up sideways in front of the bus.

The bus and vehicle collided and ended up in a ditch.  The bus struck a guard rail on its way, causing it to roll over and land on its roof, officials said.

Eighteen adults and children between the ages of 9 and 12 were taken to Chambersburg Hospital, and seven other patients were taken to Waynesboro Hospital, according to Summit Health spokeswoman Jessica Walter.  All patients in both hospitals are said to be in stable condition, and none of the injuries were reported to be life-threatening.

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Two Planes Collide on Tarmac at JFK Airport

WABC-TV(NEW YORK) -- A superjumbo jet collided with another plane while trying to take off from John F. Kennedy International Airport Monday night, leaving both planes grounded with damage.

According to ABC News affiliate WABC-TV in New York, the wing of an Air France Airbus A380 clipped the tail of Comair Flight 6293 just after 8 p.m. while it was taxiing for departure.  The Comair plane had just landed in New York from Boston and was waiting on the tarmac to let the passengers off.

Both planes were damaged in the collision but none of the passengers were harmed.

The planes are currently being inspected.

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Three Dead, Dozens Injured After Truck Hits Mississippi School Bus

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(CALHOUN CITY, Miss.) -- Three people were killed and dozens injured Tuesday afternoon when a tractor-trailer struck a school bus head-on in Mississippi.

According to ABC News affiliate WAPT-TV in Jackson, Mississippi, the bus was returning from an event at the University of Mississippi in Oxford when it was hit by the 18-wheeler near Calhoun City.  Bus driver Steven Moss, 37, school teacher Phyllis Graham, 53, and 54-year-old Gary Bailey, the driver of the tractor-trailer, were all killed instantly.

Officials said 40 to 50 students were treated for injuries at the scene, while seven were transported to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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NTSB Investigating Near Mid-Air Crash Involving US Airways Flight

Image Courtesy - ABC News Radio(WASHINGTON) -- The NTSB is investigating a near mid-air collision over Minneapolis involving a US Airways jetliner. Flight 1848 was carrying 90 passengers and five crewmembers from Minneapolis-St. Paul to Philadelphia on Sept. 16 when it came within an estimated 50 to 100 feet of a small cargo plane. There were no reports of damage or injuries as a result of the near-miss.

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