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Arizona Man Found Living With Mother’s Corpse

Comstock/Thinkstock(TUCSON, Ariz.) -- A Tucson, Ariz., man was arrested after a foul odor led police to discover that he had been living with his mother’s decomposing corpse.

“The person was found in a bathtub, I believe, and may have either been bound or was found in some circumstance [for police] to believe she may not have died naturally,”  Dr. Gregory Hess, Pima County’s Chief Medical Examiner, told ABC affiliate KGUN-TV in Tucson, Ariz.

The gender and identity of the body was not immediately apparent to officers at the scene, given the state of decomposition.

The Pima County Medical Examiner’s Office determined the body was that of Carmelita Aguilar, 47. Aguilar’s son, Christopher, 25, had been living with her body for an unspecified period of time.

“He was aware that a person was deceased inside the apartment and concealed the death for some time while continuing to live in the apartment,” Sgt. Maria Hawke of the Tucson Police Department said in a statement.

Aguilar was arrested on a charge of abandonment/concealment of a body. Authorities said they have not yet determined whether Aguilar was responsible for his mother’s death.

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Milwaukee Medical Examiner Creates Website to ID Unknown Corpses

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(MILWAUKEE) -- A Milwaukee medical examiner is using new media to identify forgotten victims in old, cold cases.

Mike Simley, a forensic investigator in Milwaukee County, Wisc., built and launched an online database of unidentified deceased bodies that have been in his morgue for up to 30 years, awaiting a family member or friend who can claim them as their own.

"I was just desperate to get people identified," Simley said.  "Everyone is born with an identity and deserves to die and be put to rest with the same thing, rather than as a Jane or John Doe."

The database is filled with photos of the unnamed deceased that viewers can scroll through to see if they recognize any faces.  The website even includes a section for unidentified infants and fetuses found abandoned and deceased.  Many of the images, Simley acknowledged, are gruesome.

"I talked with the chief medical examiner here.  We see this stuff on a daily basis, but people who don't have to deal with death all the time. Obviously it would not be an easy thing for people to see, deceased individuals," Simley said.

He created the website to have multiple warnings and disclaimers about the types of pictures featured.

"I structured this website so you have to jump through some hoops, and read a big warning about what types of pictures they are, and a description of why I'm doing this (before you see the photos)."

[Click here to see the website]

Simley said he doctored some photos, changing the color or fading some details, to make up for natural body decomposition and make it a little bit easier for the public to view.

He hopes that through his website and a national database of unidentified bodies and missing persons family members will recognize a defining characteristic of their relative and contact his office to arrange burial.

Simley said he knew of only one other jurisdiction that had a similar website -- Clark County, Nev. -- which had some success matching bodies with family members.  The Milwaukee website has not yet had a match since its launch in mid-December, he said.

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White House to Release Photo of Osama bin Laden's Corpse?

AFP/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- The Obama administration has photographs of Osama bin Laden’s dead body and officials are debating whether to release them to the public, officials tell ABC News.

“There’s no doubt it’s him,” says a U.S. official who has seen the pictures and also reminds us that Osama bin Laden stood at six-foor-four.

The argument for releasing them: to ensure that the public knows and can appreciate that bin Laden is dead. There's skepticism throughout the world that the U.S. government claim that it killed bin Laden is true.

The argument against releasing the pictures: they’re gruesome. Bin Laden is said to have a massive head wound above his left eye where he took a bullet, with brains and blood visible.

In July 2003, the U.S. government released photographs of Saddam Hussein’s dead sons Uday and Qusay Hussein but not until after they had been touched up by a mortician.

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