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Florida Drug Suspect Wore Crack Jacket to His Court Hearing

An accused drug dealer wore a jacket that depicts crack making to court for his hearing. (Michael D. Weinstein)(FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.) -- A Florida drug suspect who arrived at his court hearing wearing a jacket depicting a recipe for crack cocaine was "exercising his freedom of speech," his lawyer said Monday.

Christopher Patterson, 25, of Dania, Fla., showed up in court Friday wearing a jacket with pictures of a box of baking soda, a pot over a fire, and a spoon with a white substance, showing the end product a "rock," slang for the drug.

The jacket also contained the phrase "stack paper say nothing," slang meaning to make money and not talk about where it came from.

Florida Defense Attorney Michael D. Weinstein was also in the courtroom Friday and took a picture of Patterson's jacket with a cellphone as the suspect approached the judge.

"I was absolutely shocked," Weinstein said. "I see someone charged with trafficking walking up to a judge who's going to determine your fate wearing a jacket like that. I was just blown away."

Patterson's lawyer, Joshua Rydell, told ABC News Monday that Patterson did not appear before the judge wearing the jacket, but defended his behavior.

"He was expressing his freedom of speech, just like any of us are entitled to do. It was his freedom of expression," Rydell said.

The lawyer said he did not want to discuss his client, but added, "People that come from his background don't typically understand what's appropriate to wear before a judge."

The Broward County State Attorney's office said Patterson is no longer in state custody.

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Three More Southwest Planes Found with Cracks

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images(YUMA, Ariz.) -- Three additional Southwest Airlines planes, not including the one that made an emergency landing last week, were found to have cracks on them, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

Southwest said earlier Sunday that two other planes were found to have subsurface cracks, similar to those that grounded a Boeing 737 Friday after the roof of the aircraft tore open in mid-flight.  The airline later confirmed that another plane was found with cracks.

Hundreds of flights have been canceled as Southwest continues inspecting the rest of its Boeing 737-300 fleet.  So far, 19 planes have been cleared to return to service after passing inspection.  The airline expects to complete its inspections by late Tuesday.

Since Friday's incident, the NTSB has been investigating the tear to determine what caused the ceiling to rip open.

Board member Robert Sumwalt said, "It was not known in the industry that this was an area on airplanes of this number of cycles that those lap joints should be inspected."

Sumwalt added that the section of the plane that developed a hole in mid-flight will be shipped to the NTSB material lab in Washington, D.C. for further inspection Monday.

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Celebrity Drug Case Prosecutor Is Charged with Buying Crack Cocaine

Medioimages/Photodisc/ThinkStock(LAS VEGAS) -- The tables have turned on a Las Vegas deputy district attorney who earned a name for himself prosecuting high-profile celebrities accused of drug crimes. He has now been arrested for allegedly buying crack cocaine from a street dealer.

David Schubert, 47, a veteran prosecutor who pressed charges against Paris Hilton and singer Bruno Mars, was arrested Saturday after police watched a suspected drug dealer hop into his BMW. The police found crack in the car after pulling it over, according to an arrest report.

District Attorney David Roger said he was informed of the arrest almost immediately and Schubert had been "suspended pending termination."

"I am very much surprised by the arrest," Roger said of his colleague. "I never saw anything to suggest he was abusing crack cocaine."

Schubert, who worked at the D.A.'s office since 2002, could lose his job and be permanently disbarred, Roger said.

"David has always been a professional and will have the same rights as anyone else. He is entitled to a fair trial," the district attorney said.

Rogers said prosecution will be turned over the Nevada Attorney General's office to avoid a conflict of interest.

The arresting officer said the man accused of dealing Schubert drugs told cops the attorney had "been coming in the area for approximately six to seven months to purchase narcotics," according to court documents.

The accused dealer, Raymond Streeter, said Schubert "would come by the area three to four times a week and use Raymond to purchase $40 worth of cocaine."

The cop said he saw "a white, rocklike substance" that he believed to be cocaine in plain view.

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