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Giant Panda Cub Makes Debut at San Diego Zoo

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(SAN DIEGO) -- Animal lovers at the San Diego Zoo in California got a special treat Thursday as the giant panda cub Xiao Liwu made his public debut.

“We are very excited about our panda coming out on exhibit,” zoo spokeswoman Christina Simmons told ABC News. “We have tons of fans and there is a tremendous amount of excitement. I’ve worked with a lot of different animals and there is something uniquely cute about pandas. They have an adorable appearance that you don’t necessarily see in other animals.”

The 5-month-old bear cub was allowed to go outside by himself Wednesday, after he showed signs that he was strong enough by climbing on bamboo and exploring his habitat. Before that, zookeepers could view the bear’s interaction with his mother, Bai Yun, in the birthing quarters through video cameras.

“This little panda has taken a little longer than some of our other youngsters to emerge from the den, but now that he is out he appears to want to spend the majority of his time outside,” Gaylene Thomas, animal care supervisor at the San Diego Zoo, said in a release.


Simmons said the pandas tell zookeepers, through their actions, when they are ready to go out into a natural habitat. The baby cubs typically stay in the den for several months and when the mother and baby cub feel they are ready they will move into the den, she said.

For now, Xiao Liwu will continue to live with his mother, but may be transferred to a suitable breeding habitat by age 3, Simmons said. The San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy’s mission is to bring endangered species back from the brink of extinction. The zoo has a 12-year agreement with China that includes the loan of two giant pandas. China reserves the right to have the cub return to its native country in order to increase the panda population.

“Pandas become sexually mature when they are 5-6 years of age,” Simmons said. “We would move them between 3 and 5 years so they are in a situation when they are of age to breed, which is important to the population’s growth.”


Xiao Liwu, whose name means “Little Gift” in English, is the sixth cub of Bai Yun, and one of two cubs still living at the zoo.

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Bear Cub Finds Arizona Home Just Right

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(SONOITA, Ariz.) -- A bear cub with a sweet tooth ravaged an Arizona kitchen.

The 30-pound cub broke in through the kitchen window of a home in Sonoita, Ariz., Thursday, and helped itself to a chocolate cake on the counter as well as jelly beans, chips and bread in the pantry.

The raid made the home’s owner, Phil Volk, think it was the work of his grandchildren, possibly up for a very early morning snack. When he went to check, instead of finding grandkids smeared in chocolate, he saw the bear, and the damage it had wrought.

“It pulled the lid off a chocolate cake on the counter and finished that off. It tipped the trash and went through the contents of that,” Volk told the Arizona Daily Star.  “It [the kitchen] was total disarray. He ate very well.”

Volk and his wife called 911 and the Arizona Game and Fish Department sent an officer to their home.  By the time the officer arrived, the bear, who did not attack any humans during his food attack, had made its way into a bedroom.

The wildlife official tranquilized the bear and removed it from the home, a department spokeswoman told the Daily Star.

Instead of returning the bear to the wild, however, wildlife officials sent it to the Heritage Park Zoo in Prescott, Ariz., nearly 260 miles away.

Officials told the Daily Star the bear had likely been abandoned by its mother and was too young to return to the wild.


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