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Missing Missouri Baby: Police 'Need' Separate Interviews with Parents

Courtesy the Find Lisa Facebook Page(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) -- Investigators want the parents of missing 11-month-old Lisa Irwin to submit to separate interviews and answer a list of "tough questions" that detectives "need answered."

Kansas City Police Capt. Steve Young made his statement as the investigation into the toddler's disappearance entered its fourth week without any suspects or leads to the girl's whereabouts.

Police are still intent on interviewing the parents, Deborah Bradley, 25, and Jeremy Irwin, 29.

"We need them to sit down apart from each other, with detectives, and answer the tough questions detectives have for them concerning what they may or may not know about anything, who came and went [the night Lisa disappeared]," Young told ABC News.  "There's a whole list of things that they may know."

Young said he is "not disputing" family attorney Joe Tacopina's claims that the family has cooperated and answered other questions, such as specific questions regarding tips and leads.  But that is not sufficient, he said.

"The bottom line is detectives need to sit down with them unrestricted and they need to answer questions that we need answered," he said.

The captain rejected any suggestion that the case has hit a dead end.

"It would be far from reality to call this a cold case," Young said.  "We're still looking at everything."

Young made his comments as Tacopina unleashed more criticism of the investigation, telling ABC's Good Morning America Tuesday that the parents have cooperated with numerous searches and interrogations.

"It really is maddening to me to listen to this police spokesperson come out there, and instead of informing the public -- and more importantly the family -- about leads and the status of the investigation and the manhunt, he comes out and makes these statements," Tacopina said.  "And, quite frankly, they've [parents] done everything they've been asked to do...They have nothing to hide.  They want answers."

Young declined to comment on Tacopina's remarks other than to say, "I stand by all my previous statements."

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Missing Missouri Baby: Family Attorney Questions 'Massive, Public' Search

Kansas City Police(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) -- An attorney for the family of missing 11-month-old Lisa Irwin questioned the motivations behind what she called the "enormous, massive, public" search of the family's Kansas City, Missouri home.

"It almost seemed as if that was more for the public's benefit than for the benefit of doing a thorough search of this house," attorney Cyndy Short, who represents parents Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, told ABC's Good Morning America on Monday.

"It was interesting to watch the activity outside of this house when they were conducting the search.  There were so many crime scene people that were seen outside, and seen coming in and out of this house…carrying a rolled up rug," Short said.  "It really gave the impression that there was a lot going to be removed from this house."

Short gave Good Morning America an exclusive tour of the house after the police search.

[Click here to watch a video of the tour]

According to an affidavit regarding the search, a cadaver dog searching for evidence "indicated a positive 'hit' for the scent of a deceased human" next to her mother's bed.  Questions have arisen about the accuracy of the scent dogs.

Short pointed out in her walk-through of the house that the carpeting in Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin's room was intact.

"The number one thing in walking through this room and having an opportunity to look at it that stood out to me, is that the carpet has not been collected.  There are no swatches of the carpet taken out," Short said.  "There's no evidence of where in the world this dog was supposed to have alerted."

Video footage had previously showed investigators carrying a rolled up carpet out of the home, but Short said the carpet had been sitting in the garage and while searchers did look at it, they did not ultimately take it with them from the house.

Short also pointed out that there were very few places around the house where fingerprint powder indicated investigators had collected fingerprints.

"It would seem to me that there would be attempts to lift prints from a variety of surfaces in this house because you're looking for unknown prints -- prints that don't belong here.  So if you only check [at the door] and at the light switch, it would seem you would miss the potential of unknown prints," Short said.

The walk-through also revealed that police had left the box of wine in the kitchen that Bradley has admitted to drinking from the night Lisa disappeared.  The wine bag was removed from the box and Short believed police may have emptied the remaining wine in an attempt to measure how much Bradley had consumed.

The six items removed from the home were a multicolored comforter, purple shorts, a Disney character shirt, a glow worm toy, a Cars-themed blanket, rolls of tape and a tape dispenser.

"The search itself lasted 17 hours.  That's a very long time, and would suggest a very thorough search. But now having been in the house and seen how many items they took out of the house, it's frankly surprising," Short said.

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Police Release Details of Baby Lisa Search Warrant

(Full-sized version below). Bev Chapman/KMBC(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) -- Authorities investigating the disappearance of 11-month-old Lisa Irwin searched in and around the Irwin home Wednesday for nearly 17 hours, according to court documents released Friday.

Investigators removed items -- including a comforter, purple shorts, a Disney character shirt, a Glo Worm toy, Cars-themed blanket, rolls of tape and a tape dispenser -- from the property, ABC affiliate KMBC-TV in Kansas City, Mo. reports. They also took carpets from the property as evidence.

Lisa Irwin was reported missing on Oct. 4. According to KMBC, authorities state in an affidavit supporting the search warrant that "investigative interviews with the people involved revealed conflicting information for clear direction in the investigation."  

In the weeks since Lisa was reported missing, police have said the infant's parents -- Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley -- at times have not offered full cooperation in the search for Lisa.

The documents also reveal that an FBI cadaver dog "indicated a positive 'hit' for the scent of a deceased human" on the floor of Bradley's bedroom near the bed.



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Missing Missouri Baby: Police Execute Search Warrant at Family Home

Kansas City Police(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) -- Investigators are executing a search warrant Wednesday at the Kansas City, Mo., family home where 11-month-old Lisa Irwin vanished from her crib on the night of Oct. 3.

Kansas City Police Department Officer Capt. Steve Young told ABC News that investigators will be in the house "pretty heavy today."  Police have blocked off the road in front of the house and instituted a no-fly zone over the neighborhood.

Previously, the family had allowed voluntary searches of the home.

Lisa's parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, have not stayed at the house since her disappearance.  They have been staying at a relative's home.

Young would not comment on the details of what brought police back to the house with a search warrant two weeks after Lisa disappeared, but said, "As the investigation progresses, I'm sure we continue to develop information that causes us to take different and new action."

Police obtained a search warrant for the house late Tuesday night and have had constant police presence on the property since then, keeping everyone away from the house, including well-wishers.  Investigators are expected to be at the home all day.

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Missing Missouri Baby: Mother to Be Arrested?

Kansas City Police(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) -- The mother of missing baby Lisa Irwin is preparing to be charged in connection with her baby's disappearance, according to a family member who says she thinks that an arrest is "inevitable."

Ashley Irwin, the aunt of the missing 10-month-old, said in an exclusive interview with ABC News that she believes police are spending more time focusing on the family -- in particular baby Lisa's mother Deborah Bradley -- than on finding viable suspects.

"It's what the police do," Ashley Irwin said.  "They don't have any leads so they just have to pin it on somebody."

Baby Lisa has not been seen since last Tuesday, when her father Jeremy Irwin said he returned to their Kansas, City, Mo., home from working an overnight shift as an electrician and found his daughter's crib empty, the front door to the house unlocked, a window open and the family's three cellphones gone.

Bradley says that she was the last to see the baby when she put her to bed.

When asked if she has any doubt that Bradley or her brother Jeremy Irwin had anything to do with baby Lisa's disappearance, Ashley Irwin confirmed that she thinks there is no way that they could be involved.

"Anybody who spends any time with them, you know it's not true -- she's genuine -- she loves that child.  It's her baby...she would never do anything to hurt her," she said.

"She doesn't care what happens to her, she doesn't care what people say about her, she doesn't care what people think about her, all she cares about is getting Lisa home," Ashley, the only person speaking publicly for the family, told ABC News.

Kansas City police have been suspicious of the parents' story since their initial questioning; Bradley said that police accused her of having done something to her child, and also accused her of failing a polygraph test.  Police said they could not comment on this claim, but said Bradley is "free to say whatever she wants."

In a separate development, Clay County grand jury subpoenas have begun arriving at at least four local Kansas City network affiliate television stations who did interviewing in their coverage of the case.  Investigators are demanding unedited "footage of any interviews...given by neighbors, family or friends of the family..."

Sources say police may want to compare the footage for inconsistent statements from witnesses or anyone else interviewed surrounded the baby's disappearance.

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Missing Missouri Baby: Police Stage 'Break In' at Family's Home

Courtesy the Find Lisa Facebook Page(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) -- Nearly a week since the mysterious disappearance of 10-month-old Missouri baby Lisa Irwin, investigators searching for new clues have staged an unusual recreation of what could have been the kidnapping.

Detectives and FBI agents showed up on Sunday at the Kansas City, Mo., home of the missing girl's parents Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley to restage what may have happened on the night of Oct. 3 when baby Lisa went missing.

Pretending to be intruders, investigators climbed through a window in order to gain access to Irwin and Bradley's home.  The "break-in" was no easy task, as the detectives climbing through the window needed to be boosted in, and afterwards the window slammed down on the detective's legs.

The staged break-in was undergone by investigators to test the story told by Lisa's parents -- that a kidnapper entered their home and snatched Lisa away while Jeremy Irwin was out working an overnight shift and Bradley was sleeping.  Police believe that the re-enactment may help validate or discredit the parents' story.

On Tuesday, Jeremy Irwin said he came home from working an overnight shift as an electrician and found his daughter's crib empty, the front door to the house unlocked, a window open and the family's three cell phones gone.

"The windows were open and lights were on and she was nowhere to be found," Irwin told ABC's Good Morning America on Thursday.  "We've been going over everything in our minds.  We just don't have any idea."

In the scenario re-created by investigators, the intruder could have come in through the window -- which had been tampered with -- then would have walked through the kitchen, through another doorway and toward the nursery.

Police, however, have been suspicious of the parents' story; Bradley said that police accused her of having done something to her child, and also accused her of failing a polygraph test.  Police said they could not comment on this claim, but said Bradley is "free to say whatever she wants."

The relationship between police and the parents soured last week when police said the couple had stopped cooperating, but by Saturday Jeremy and Deborah were again meeting with investigators.

Police have said that in the week since baby Lisa disappeared more than 250 tips have come in -- including one about a couple in California seen with a baby that closely resembled Lisa, and another about a teenage neighbor who knew the family's garage access code.

"We're chasing down the ones we can but still unfortunately nothing has really come from them," said Capt. Steve Young of the Kansas City Police Department.

So far police have only hit dead ends in their investigations, but friends and family have faith Lisa will be found alive.  They spread the word Sunday by passing out fliers to NASCAR fans, and through prayer.

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Parents of Missing Missouri Baby Stop Cooperating with Police

KMBC-TV(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) -- The parents of missing 10-month-old Lisa Irwin have stopped cooperating with authorities.

"The mother and father no longer want to talk to detectives," Kansas City, Mo., Police Capt. Steve Young said. "From an investigative standpoint, we enjoyed their cooperation so far. [It] has been very beneficial to the case. But yeah, you can imagine it doesn't help the case" that the cooperation has ended.

The couple, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin of Kansas City, Mo., still are not considered suspects, Young said.

Police would not say why the parents had stopped cooperating.

Earlier Thursday, ABC News learned that Bradley and Irwin were trying to make lists of possible suspects for police by thinking about all of the people they cross paths with on a daily basis -- every grocer, utility worker who may have been in the house, former friend, classmate, neighbor or acquaintances who may have wanted a child.

They were trying to remember if anyone every took particular interest in their little girl, who was last seen by Bradley on Monday night when she put Lisa to bed at the family home. So far, police have no hard leads and no suspects.

Little by little, details have emerged about the mysterious events of Monday night.

The parents revealed Thursday morning that their cellphones were missing when they frantically tried to call 911 after discovering that their "Pumpkin Pie" was not in her crib.

Lisa's visibly shaken father also told reporters about the "unusual" state he found his home in Monday night.

"The windows were open and lights were on and she was nowhere to be found," Irwin told Good Morning America Thursday. "We've been going over everything in our minds. We just don't have any idea."

Kansas City police and FBI agents continued their investigation Thursday with shoulder-to-shoulder searches through the dense woods behind the family's home. More than 300 law officers have been using helicopters, all-terrain vehicles and door-to-door interviews in the hunt for Lisa.

Ernie Allen of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children said that infant abduction cases are relatively rare. There have been 278 documented cases in which newborns or infants have been abducted since 1983.

Forty-six percent, or 128 cases, involved instances in which the children were taken from health care locations -- hospitals, for instance. Forty percent, or 112 cases, involved children taken from homes. Of the total 278 cases, children were returned home safely in 266 instances.

"The typical profile of the abductor of an infant is a woman, usually an emotionally disturbed woman who has lost a child or wants a child for some reason," Allen told ABC News.

Lisa has blue eyes, blonde hair, is 30 inches long and weighs between 26 and 30 pounds. She was last seen wearing purple shorts and a purple shirt with white kittens on it. She has two bottom teeth, a small bug bite under her left ear and a beauty mark on her right outer thigh. She also has a cold with a cough.

Anyone with information on Lisa's disappearance should call the Kansas City Police Department hotline at 816-474-TIPS.

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