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Ohio Deputy Killed in Line of Duty

Photo Courtesy - Clark County, Ohio Sheriff's Dept.(ENON, Ohio) -- A Clark County, Ohio, Sheriff's Deputy died in a hail of gunfire on Saturday as she investigated a report of shots fired at a trailer park-campground in Enon.  A local town police officer was also wounded and the gunman who opened fire was killed.

Veteran Deputy Suzanne Hopper went to the Enon Beach Campground, which has seasonal as well as year-round residents, to investigate reports of firearms going off.  She was just starting to photograph some evidence when witnesses say a man opened a trailer door and shot her dead with a shotgun. She was wearing a protective vest but Sheriff Gene A. Kelly said that could not protect her from a shotgun blast.

A German Township officer, also on the scene, was wounded but is expected to survive.  Other deputies opened up on the man in the trailer, killing him too.  One witness told The Columbus Dispatch there were so many bullets flying it "sounded like World War II."

Hopper was newly married and the mother of two.  Sheriff Kelly told the Dispatch Hopper was the kind of deputy you would want called to your home if there was trouble.  He said it will take his department a long time to get over her death.

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