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Indiana Babysitter Who Killed 9-Year-Old Girl to Appear in Court

Michael Plumadore in a 2000 mugshot. Dade County Sheriff Dept.(FORT WAYNE, Ind.) -- The babysitter charged with killing a 9-year-old girl who had disappeared from an Indiana trailer park will appear in court Friday, the first chance prosecutors will have to explain why he allegedly killed and then dismembered the girl's body.

Michael Plumadore, 39, "freely admitted" that in the "early morning hours" last Thursday, he struck Aliahna Lemmon in the head multiple times with a brick "while she was standing on the front steps of his residence," according to a police affidavit.

He later dismembered her body and kept her head, feet and hands in his freezer, according to the affidavit.

He allegedly put the girl's body in several trash bags and stuffed her in a freezer until nighttime came. He worked past midnight dismembering Aliahna's body with a hack saw, the affidavit states. He allegedly put the pieces in garbage bags and tossed them in a dumpster of a nearby business, but kept her head, hands and feet in his freezer.

Plumadore shuffled into court for his initial hearing Tuesday, manacled at this feet and hands. He was ordered held without bail, police said.

Plumadore did not tell police why he killed the young girl.

Plumadore, who had been babysitting Aliahna and her two sisters for a week because their mother was ill, initially told police that he has last seen Aliahna sleeping in his trailer on Friday but didn't alert police to her disappearance until Friday night because he believed she had gone home to her mother.

Allen County Sheriff Ken Fries said the girl's body was found after 9 p.m. Monday night.

Plumadore was arrested after his third interview with police, Cpl. Jeremy Tinkel told ABC News.

Fries said Plumadore has a criminal record in North Carolina and Florida.

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California Teen Convicted in Burning, Dismemberment of Friend

Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock(HEMET, Calif.) -- A southern California teenager was convicted Thursday of dismembering and then burning his 17-year-old friend’s body in November 2009.

A Riverside County jury found Jose Manuel Campos guilty of murdering Adrian Rios, 17.

Campos, 19, and three other people were at a home in the city of Hemet, Calif., to view a football game on Nov. 15, 2009.

Officials said Rios got into an altercation with Ivan Ruiz, who was in the house, where Rios “punched Ruiz in the nose,” according to a Riverside County District Attorney news release.

Campos then later shot Rios with a .22 caliber rifle.

Campos and Ruiz took Rios’ body and lit it on fire and later placed it into a shallow grave in the Campos’ backyard, authorities said.

Neighbors initially told KABC that they noticed a foul smell the night the teens came together to watch the game.

Officials also recovered human remains from Canyon Lake that matched Rios’ profile.

Campos was arrested in connection with the murder after he fled to Mexico.

He faces as much as 50 years to life in state prison and is expected back in court for formal sentencing on Dec. 19, 2011.

Ruiz was sentenced to 180 days in jail and three years of probation after he pled guilty to being an accessory to the crime.

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Accused Penis Cutter in Court for Arraignment

ABC News(ORANGE COUNTY, Calif.) -- A California woman accused of cutting off her husband's penis and throwing it down the garbage disposal was ordered held Friday on $1 million bail.

An arraignment for Catherine Kieu Becker was set for Sept. 23.

Becker, 48, was charged last week with torture and aggravated mayhem. She faces a maximum sentence of life in prison with parole.

A law enforcement source told The Los Angeles Times that she may have poisoned her husband's tofu soup. Police are awaiting lab results to determine what kind of poison she may have used.

Lt. Jeff Nightengale of Garden Grove, Calif., told ABC News that Becker's 60-year-old husband lay down after he ate soup, believing something was wrong with it.

Her husband then woke up tied to the bed as Becker cut off his penis with a knife, Nightengale said. She threw the genitalia in the garbage disposal and turned the disposal on.

After cutting off his penis, Becker eventually called 911 to ask for medical assistance. When firefighters and police arrived on scene, Becker told officials that her husband "deserved it," said Nightengale.

Police found the man, who remains unidentified, tied to the bed and "bleeding profusely."

Her husband was rushed to University of California at Irvine Medical Center for treatment.

"Police were able to recover portions of the penis from the garbage disposal," Nightengale said, but it was unclear whether doctors would be able to reattach them.

"He is in amazingly good spirits considering what happened," said Nightengale on Wednesday.

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Brooklyn Boy's Alleged Killer Is Hearing Voices, Lawyer Claims

Digital Vision/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- The suspect in the murder and dismemberment of an 8-year-old Brooklyn boy is hearing voices, his lawyer said, and has been placed on suicide watch following his arraignment Thursday on a first-degree murder charge.

Levi Aron, 35, entered a not guilty plea at Brooklyn Criminal Court in the murder of Leiby Kletzky.

Aron's attorney, Pierre Bazile, asked for a psychiatric exam for his client, saying, "I have some serious concerns about the defendant's mental state."  He said that Aron said he was hearing voices.

Aron looked down and was stony-faced and silent during the proceeding.  The attorney asked for his client to be placed on suicide watch, saying, "I'm very concerned for his well-being."

Earlier, when police took Aron out of the precinct house, he ducked as an angry crowd screamed, "Murderer!"

Kletzky was abducted on his way home from camp on Monday.  The child struggled for his life before he was apparently suffocated to death, New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said on Thursday.

Kelly said the medical examiner has not yet established a time of death or definitive cause of death, but that tentatively "it's a result of suffocation."  There is no indication so far of molestation, Kelly said.  There appears to be a ligature mark on the boy's body, suggesting he was tied up.

In his confession, Aron allegedly said he suffocated Kletzky with a towel and then cut up his body.  Kelly indicated that police believe the confession is largely true.

"He has been reasonably forthcoming.  The bulk of what he's said is believed to be correct," he said.

In the confession, Aron talks about finding the boy on the street and asking him if he wanted to come to a wedding and taking him for a ride, Kelly said.  He said the child was in the abductor's custody by 5:40 p.m. on Monday.

Kelly confirmed that Aron went to a wedding in Monsey, an Orthodox community in Rockland County north of New York City, on Monday night, although he could not "say definitively if the boy was with him."

Aron went to work on Tuesday for his usual shift ending at 4:45 p.m. at a hardware store in his Brooklyn neighborhood, Kelly said.  In the confession, Aron said the boy was still there when he returned home, and he made him a tuna sandwich, then panicked when he realized the extent of the search for the child and suffocated him with a towel before dismembering him.

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Murdered Girl's Father: Wife Elisa “Biggest Mistake of My Life”

Elisa Baker is accused of murdering and desecrating the body of her stepdaughter, Zahra Baker. Photo Courtesy - CatawbaCountyNC [dot] gov(HICKORY, N.C.) -- Zahra Baker's father has maintained his innocence in the death and dismemberment of his daughter after prosecutors Monday charged his wife, Elisa Baker, with the girl's death.

Adam Baker, speaking to North Carolina TV station WBTV, said he had “no involvement” in his daughter’s death or dismemberment and called Elisa Baker “the biggest mistake of my life.”

After the initial report of Zahra's disappearance in October, Elisa Baker wrote in jailhouse letters that her husband did something "horrifying" to Zahra after she was dead. But Catawba County District Attorney James Gaither Jr. said Monday "the state has no credible evidence to suggest anyone other than Elisa Baker was involved," apparently ruling out possible charges against the girl's father.

Elisa Baker, 42, is accused of abusing, murdering and desecrating the body of stepdaughter Zahra, Gaither said.

The head of Zahra has never been recovered. Gaither declined to discuss the cause of death and the coroner's report stated only that Zahra died as a result of "undetermined homicidal violence." Two different kinds of tool marks were found on many of the bones, indicating that she was dismembered after she died. The bones also indicate her flesh was scavenged by animals.

Zahra, who lost a leg and much of her hearing in a childhood battle with bone cancer, was reported missing Oct. 9, but police believe she had disappeared weeks before that date.

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