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A ‘Ruff’ Life for Casey Anthony’s Adopted Dog

Red Huber-Pool/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Casey Anthony was being lampooned by “Saturday Night Live” and vilified by detractors again, this time for adopting a pet dog.

New photos that appear to show Anthony, 25, cuddling with a small dog surfaced over the weekend. The woman acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee first mentioned the dog in a personal video diary that her attorneys say was illegally obtained and leaked online.

“This [video diary] has just been such a blessing in so many ways and now I, in some ways, have someone to talk to when I’m by myself so I’m not bothering the poor dog who I’ve adopted and I love,” she said in the video.

A Facebook group called “Save Casey Anthony’s Dog” already has hundreds of supporters.

On Saturday night, the pup made news with a “cameo” on SNL. Actor Daniel Radcliffe dressed up as a Yorkshire terrier and appeared as “Casey Anthony’s dog” on Weekend Update.

In the sketch, the bitter pup talks about life with Anthony and “living on a razor’s edge.”

“I think that perhaps the dog adoption screening process could be slightly more diligent,” the dog says. “For instance, when someone comes in to adopt a dog, you could ask, ‘Who are you?’ And if they say, ‘I’m Casey Anthony,’ or perhaps more tellingly, ‘I’m not Casey Anthony,’ you could say, ‘We’re out of dogs.’”

The dog also joked that he checked Anthony’s computer searches from two days prior and found a number of searches that were variations of “How to kill your dog.”

Others were outraged that Anthony has adopted a pet. Comments left on were typical of their anger.

“How can anyone get her to care for a dog when she couldn’t even take care of her own flesh and blood?” one reader wrote.

Another person wrote, “You don’t deserve to have anything of your own again. You don’t deserve to have a good night’s sleep. You don’t even deserve that dog who I feel sorry for because he’s in bad company.”

After about six months under the radar, Anthony made headlines several times in the past few weeks with leaked videos, photos and hundreds of pages of unsealed psychiatric evaluations from when she was in prison.

In July, a Florida court acquitted Anthony of murder charges in the death of her toddler daughter. She is currently serving out one year of probation in Florida for being convicted on four counts of giving investigators false information.

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Rescued California Hiker: ‘Thought I Was Going to Die’

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- The California hiker who clung to the side of a cliff for more than 90 minutes before being rescued Thursday said he thought he was going to die.

“When I was going halfway down, that’s when I thought that was the end for myself,” Ivan Salas, 19, said Friday on Good Morning America. “I was going too fast and I couldn’t stop.”

Salas, his father and two dogs were hiking along a 300-foot-high ridge in the northeast San Fernando Valley outside of Los Angeles Thursday afternoon when his father threw a water bottle off the cliff’s edge.

Salas’ 1-year-old German Shepherd mix, Lola, chased after the bottle but lost her balance and tumbled over. Salas tried to rescue her, but instead became trapped, clinging for life alongside Lola, 100 feet down the steep hillside.

“Once I was sliding down, I was just trying to hold onto whatever I could,” said Salas, who appeared on GMA with Lola and two of their rescuers from the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Firefighters quickly arrived on the scene, alerted by 911 callers and a police helicopter. A first attempt at a helicopter rescue had to be diverted because of loose dirt and debris on the cliff.

“When the helicopter didn’t rescue me, that’s when I thought I was going to die because the dog was getting nervous,” Salas said. “She was shaking a lot and I was sliding down as well.”

Firefighters instead went with what they termed their “Plan B” option of using an on-the-ground rescue team to help. Two firefighters rappelled down the cliff and used a rope and harness to lower Salas and Lola, both uninjured in the fall, to stable ground.

The entire rescue took about 90 minutes.

“To be honest, maybe 20 minutes more,” Salas said of how much longer he could have held on to the nearly vertical face.  “I was tired and exhausted.”

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Hiker, Dog Saved in Dramatic Cliff Rescue

ABC News(LOS ANGELES) -- The Los Angeles Fire Department has just engineered the dramatic rescue of a hiker and his dog who were trapped on a sheer cliff.

The hiker, reportedly an 18-year-old student, and his dog, Lola, slid off a trail in the Lakeview Terrace area and were trapped 100 feet down the steep hillside around 1 p.m. West Coast time Thursday.

The dog had run after a bottle that was tossed off the cliff, and the hiker followed, according to local reports.

Firefighters first considered a helicopter rescue but feared it was too dangerous. They then switched to a rope rescue, secured the hiker, and got a harness to rescue the terrified dog.

The hiker was lowered to stable ground and was then able to walk down the hill to flat ground. The dog was also unhurt, according to local press reports. The rescue finished in about 90 minutes.

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Puppy Eats California Woman's Inheritance Checks

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock (file photo)(SANTA CLARA, Calif.) -- While dogs are sometimes blamed for eating homework, it's rare they eat an inheritance.  But that was the case with a Scottish terrier puppy named Jack.

In a story that's just coming to light now, it seems back in March, the dog helped himself to a pair of checks belonging to a California woman that were worth nearly $50,000.

Jack's owner, Roberta Kemnitz, was so embarrassed about the situation that she didn't tell Bank of America, figuring she'd just declare the checks from her mom's estate lost and wait the mandatory 90 days to get her $49,000 back, reports ABC News' San Francisco affiliate KGO-TV.

However, the checks weren't re-issued, and Kemnitz panicked when she got the runaround from the bank, until KGO's "7 on Your Side" segment managed to cut through the red tape for her.  Two months later, she got her money -- but this time she kept the checks away from Jack.

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Alaska Woman Punches Black Bear in Nose to Save Dog

Design Pics/Philippe Widling/ Thinkstock(JUNEAU, Alaska) -- Brooke Collins let her animal instincts take over last week when she lunged at a black bear that had scooped up her dog and popped it on the nose.

"I was screaming to startle the bear and ran up to it thinking if I got close to it, it would run off, but I got within inches and it still wouldn't go, so I punched it in the nose," Collins said.

Collins, 22, of Juneau, Alaska, had just let her two dogs out to play in her backyard Sunday evening when she began to hear frantic barking.  A black bear that had been seen in the neighborhood recently -- especially on trash pick-up days -- had scooped up her daschshund, Fudge, in its paws, and had it pinned to the ground, she said.

"I remembered hearing that if you punch a shark in the nose it'll go away, and so I punched it in the nose," she said.  "I love my dog.  Nobody could watch their pet die."

She scooped up Fudge, who is 12, and ran inside, but not before the frantic dog bit her on the chin and the bear cut her finger.

"I don't know whether it was the claw or a tooth or what, it just happened so fast," she said.

Collins' boyfriend said the bear was shaking its head, seemingly shocked, after the confrontation.  He then chased it off into the woods, she said.

Friends and family told Collins she was crazy for confronting the bear, but she said others have left her Facebook messages saying her actions to save her dog were heroic.  Fudge is also receiving post-attack attention.  Collins says she's been treating it to bacon and sausages as it recovers from the ordeal.

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Fallen Navy SEAL’s Loyal Dog Gets a New Home

Hawkeye shown here next to his fallen master and Navy SEAL's casket. Courtesy: Lisa Pembleton/Facebook(RICKFORD, Iowa) -- Hawkeye, the loyal Labrador retriever who refused to leave his best friend and fallen Navy SEAL’s side, is going to a good home.

Navy SEAL Petty Officer Jon Tumilson, 35, was killed Aug. 6 in Afghanistan, after his Chinook was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade -- an attack that took the lives of 30 Americans, many of them members of the elite SEAL Team Six that captured and killed Osama Bin Laden.

At his Aug. 19 funeral in his hometown of Rockford, Iowa, Hawkeye had lain down by his coffin, refusing to budge.  Tumilson’s cousin Lisa Pembleton snapped a shot of the heart-wrenching scene, which promptly went viral online, touching Americans across the nation.

The Daily Mail reports that Hawkeye will be going to one of Tumilson’s good friends, Scott Nichols, who took care of him whenever Tumilson was deployed.

According to various news reports, Hawkeye may commemorate his master and all those fallen at an Iowa Hawkeyes game, by leading the college football players onto the field at one of two home games in November.

There is a Facebook page devoted to the memory of Tumilson, now filled with comments on the unbreakable bond between the two best friends.

“My heart is so heavy and filled with sadness,” wrote Michelle Praetorius Ovens.  “Thank you Jon for you service and ultimate sacrifice, you and all of the men that perished that day are true American Heroes.  I pray for comfort for your family and friends during this terribly difficult time."

“The picture of your beloved Hawkeye lying by your casket puts a lump in my throat and brings tears to my eyes," she went on to say.  "RIP and thank you again for your service.”

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Slain Navy SEAL's Dog by His Side at Funeral

Lisa Pembleton(ROCKFORD, Iowa) -- They say that a dog is a man's best friend, and for Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson, 35, and his beloved and loyal dog Hawkeye, not even death could break this powerful bond.

At Tumilson's funeral in Rockford on Aug. 19, his beloved canine lay at the foot of the casket throughout the ceremony, barely moving as Tumilson's family and friends eulogized him. Tumilson's cousin Lisa Pembleton took the heart-wrenching photo of the devoted dog, known to Tumilson's family and friends as his "son."

"I took this picture and that was my view throughout the entire funeral. I couldn't NOT take a picture," Pembleton said. "It took several attempts since every time I wasn't crying and could focus on taking it, there was a SEAL at the microphone and I didn't want to take a picture with them for security and respect reasons. Our family is devastated to say the least."

Petty Officer Tumilson, from Rockford, Iowa, was one of 22 Navy SEALS who died when their Chinook helicopter was shot down by Afghan insurgents, claiming the lives of 30 Americans.

More than 50 SEALs were in attendance at the funeral. Though the funeral was taped, most of it was only audio so as not to disclose the identity of the SEALs.

"From a young age, J.T. wanted nothing more than to be a SEAL," said an attendee, possibly a SEAL, in a speech at the funeral. "I didn't realize the depth of his desire until I stepped into his bedroom at his parent's house for the first time. His room was a, paintings, books and videos all related to being a Navy SEAL."

Tumilson joined the Navy in 1995 and was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart and Defense Meritorious Service Medal, in addition to numerous medals he won throughout his service. He is survived by a large family, including his parents, two sisters and many extended relatives.

"Even though you were the baby of the family, I want you to know how much I looked up to you," said one of his sisters, speaking through tears at the funeral. "You always showed so much strength, courage, determination and selfless love."

In a statement, Tumilson's family said that he "died living his dream as a Navy SEAL."

"Jon was a Navy SEAL and he was proud to die this way -- for his country and for the people he loved so much," his family wrote. "We respect the nature of their jobs and the need to protect these men and women so they can continue to serve our nation; therefore, we will not provide details of Jon's military service."

Hawkeye, Tumilson's faithful dog, is being cared for by one of the SEAL's friends.

Tumilson's family has started a memorial fund and contributions can be made to Frogman 238 Memorial Fund, First Security Bank and Trust, 201 West Main Ave., Rockford, IA 50468.

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Dog Swallows $10,000 Worth of Diamonds

Honey Bun the dog has a taste for the finer things in life. (WABC/ABC News)(ALBANY, Ga.) -- Forget puppy chow. One pampered pooch treated himself to a $10,000 snack of diamonds in his owner's jewelry store.

Honey Bun, the dog who greets customers with a wag of the tail at John Ross Jewelers in Albany, Ga., swallowed the diamonds two weeks ago, said the store's co-owner Chuck Roberts.

Roberts told ABC News affiliate WALB that he left four packets of diamonds on his desk when he got up to wait on a customer. Honey Bun, a pint sized pet, was able to jump on Roberts' chair and then onto the desk, gobbling up the gems.

"We looked all over and there weren't any diamonds, so immediately I knew he'd eaten them," Roberts told WALB.

He took Honey Bun in for an X-Ray, where two blanks spots were revealed in the dog's stomach. Since carbon doesn't show up in X-rays, they figured the spots were the diamonds.

Honey Bun, and Roberts, were lucky. Nature simply took its course the next day. After Honey Bun did his business, his relieved owners found the gems, cleaned them and sent them back to the manufacturer, Roberts told WALB.

"Dogs are not known for dietary discretion,” veterinarian Marty Becker told ABC News. "They are scavengers by nature."

Becker said he has removed everything from toy sharks to diamond rings from dogs. But the number one item he has removed? Women's underwear.

"It doesn't matter if it's the contents of the litter box, dirty diaper, women's underwear or diamonds. They just swallow it now and think about it later," Becker said.

It's so common that Veterinary News and Sound-Elkin, an animal imaging company, run an annual contest where veterinarians send in X-rays of the craziest items they've seen an animal swallow. Last year's winner was a 2-year-old hound mix who ingested an astounding 309 nails left over from a construction project. Honorable mentions included a Labrador with a 5-inch paring knife in his stomach and a retriever mix who swallowed an old telephone cord.

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Pit Bull Kills Pregnant Owner in California Home

Michael Jang / Getty Images(PACIFICA, Calif.) -- A pit bull attacked and killed his pregnant owner in a Pacifica, Calif. home.

Darla Napora, 32, was attacked by her unneutered, 2-year-old male pit bull Thursday. Her husband, Greg Napora, found her bloody body in the couple's living room with the pit bull, named Gunner, hovering over her.

"When we arrived, what we found was the victim lying in her front room. She was non-responsive, not breathing and suffering major trauma to her upper body," said Pacifica Police Capt. David Bertini.

Greg Napora told police that he had corralled the dog in a back room. The back room led into the backyard and the brindled pit bull managed to escape into the backyard.

The dog began to approach the police and first responders.

"He was just covered in blood," Bertini said. "There were also bystanders in the area. We were going to take no chances with that dog."

Police shot and killed the dog.

An autopsy is underway to determine how exactly Darla Napora died.

"We can't say whether she bled to death or she may have had a heart attack, we don't know," said Bertini.

A necropsy is being performed on the dog to determine if there's anything physically or medically wrong with the animal that would have caused the attack.

Another pit bull was present at the couple's home. Police said it didn't appear that the younger female pitbull was involved in the attack.

As a precaution, animal control took the dog. It's unclear at this time if that pitbull will be returned to the Napora family.

When reached by phone, Darla Napora's family was too overcome by grief to speak.

Police would not comment on how far along Darla Napora was in her pregnancy. The Oakland Tribune reported that she was nearly six months along.

Neighbors told ABC News affiliate KGO that the dogs appeared normal. The Naporas had a "Beware of the Dog" sign on their home.

Police said that they had received no complaints about the dogs in the past.

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Dying Man Gets Last Wish, Reunited with Dog

AbleStock[dot]com/Hemera Technologies(CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa) -- Everytime paramedic Jan Erceg thinks about Kevin McClain, she said she gets goose bumps. In more than three decades on the job, this is one patient Erceg, 54, said she would never forget.

"I've been a paramedic so long -- you get kind of hardened sometimes, and things like this make you realize you haven't seen it all and you should never lose your humility in life," she said.

McClain, who had been diagnosed with lung cancer, would later affect several others in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, his life taking on new meaning as he neared death. And it was all because of the bond he shared with his dog, Yurt, a connection Erceg said "defies explanation."

Brandi Garrett, 28, who looked after McClain at the Dennis and Donna Hospice House of Mercy, said McClain worried about where his dog would go after he died and who would take care of her. But most of all, he wanted to see her one last time.

McClain had been living in his car in a Walmart parking lot when paramedics found him unconscious in early May. McClain was very sick and was taken to a hospital, while Yurt was found to be healthy and was taken to an animal shelter.

Erceg met McClain while transferring him from the hospital to a hospice facility and she met Yurt while volunteering at the animal shelter.

Hospice arranged for Yurt to visit McClain, and Erceg drove Yurt over in an ambulance.

"This dog, I swear to God she knew where she was going. She was just freaking out -- yipping and shrieking. We got to the hospice house, and she just made a beeline for the front door," Erceg said.

Yurt headed straight toward McClain's room, where the dog jumped onto the bed that McCain was in and onto her owner. After more than an hour, Erceg gently tried to remove Yurt from the bed, but McClain grabbed his dog's head and kept stroking it.

Erceg began to cry as she remembered his final words to Yurt. "He told her 'behave. You behave.' ... That was his acceptance -- he knew that was going to be the last time he saw her."

McClain died the next day.

Yurt was recently adopted by a couple from Marion, Iowa, who say the dog has been exceptionally well-behaved, is already housebroken and "very obedient and intelligent."

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