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FBI Releases New Details on Metro Bomb Plot

Courtesy - U.S. Marshal(WASHINGTON) -- The search warrant and FBI affidavit filed in the Metro bombing sting operation have been unsealed, revealing new information about a Virginia man who wanted to kill military workers en route to the Pentagon and areas in Virginia.  The affidavit notes that Farooque Ahmed has been living in the U.S. since 1993 and that in January 2010 Ahmed and an associate were making efforts to link up with a terrorist group to fight coalition forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The affidavit, written by FBI Special Agent Charles Dayoub, notes, “in January 2010, the FBI learned that Ahmed and an associate were inquiring about making contact with a terorrist organization in order to participate in jihad by traveling overseas to fight coalition forces in Afghanistan and/or Pakistan.” The FBI then intervened in the situation to set up their sting operation and sent Ahmed and the unnamed associate an email in April 2010 on how they could meet a purported member of al Qaeda at a hotel near Dulles airport.

It is unclear if the associate was flipped and was working with the FBI as an informant. One federal official told ABC News that officials became aware of Ahmed after he was “mouthing off,” about some of his desires and intentions. According to the FBI affadavit Ahmed and the associate conducted several of the surveilence trips to case Metro stations in Arlington Virginia together in July and August 2010.

Much of the affadavit reflects details in Wednesday’s indictment that Ahmed was captured on FBI surveilence tapes meeting in hotels with at least two undercover operatives posing as members of al Qaeda where they discussed their plans to bomb the Metro stations sometime in 2011. It was during these meeting thart Ahmed gave the operatives memory sticks with pictures that he had taken of the Metro stations in Arlington, and provided sketches on where to place explsoves to kill the most people.

New details about Ahmed revealed in the indictment show that Ahmed was allegedly planning to travel overseas to engage in fighting overseas by undertaking firearms practice. Accorindg to the affadavit Ahmed purchased or attempted to purchase firearms in May 2008 and February 2009. The FBI agent’s affadavit notes, “I believe that that Ahmed is using his firearms to train for his ultimate goal of traveling to of Afghanistan to fight and kill Americans.”

Last month during a meeting on September 28, 2010 accoridng to the affadavit “Ahmed told [the operatives] that he was attending the Hajj this year and that they should all go in order to complete the five pillars of Islam before making the ‘top mark’ – by which I believe Ahmed meant by, ‘becoming a martyr.’”  

According to the affadavit Ahmed also told undercover operatives posing as al Qaeda members that he has wished to provide financial support to the terror group by sending payments of $1000 from his bank account. A database search yesterday revealed that Ahmed had numerous financial issues with his credit cards in the past, the FBI sought access to his bank account to look for possible money transfers and is seeking forfeiture of the funds.

Ahmed is scheduled to have a detention hearing Friday afternoon at the District court in Alexandria, Virginia. 

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