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Former Montana Quarterback Jordan Johnson Acquitted of Rape Charges

ABC News(MISSOULA, Mo.) -- Former University of Montana star quarterback Jordan Johnson hopes to return to the sport he loves after being acquitted of sexual assault charges, the football player's family said on Saturday.

"I think he plans on staying here and playing football. That's why he came. You know, so I'm hoping things get back to normal real quick," Johnson's uncle, Lane Johnson, told ABC's Good Morning America.

Johnson was suspended and eventually kicked off the team as the case progressed, but school officials said he can now appeal to be reinstated.

Despite the prosecutions' attempts to prove Johnson, 20, of Eugene, Ore., had raped a classmate and former acquaintance last February after she invited him over to watch a movie, evidence showed Johnson had consensual sex with the 21-year-old alleged victim.

Prosecutors said a medical exam revealed bruises on the accuser's body, and even played a recording of Johnson's unnamed victim alleging she was a victim of sexual assault after her night with Johnson.

"He just started pulling my body into his just again and again and again," she is heard saying. "It hurt so bad."

But the defense countered her claim with text messages the alleged victim sent to a friend, writing "I don't think he did anything wrong."


"We had consensual sex and I would never do that to anyone," Johnson testified on Thursday.

If Jordan wants to return to the Grizzlies, he would have to appeal, and school officials said the athletic conduct team would make the final ruling.

"Jordan will need to indicate that that's his desire, to return to the team," Montana University President Royce Engstrom told the Billings Gazette. "Then the athletic conduct team will listen to that and make a decision. And we'll attend to that as quickly as we can, if that's what Jordan wishes."

The case unfolded amid broad federal scrutiny of the Missoula Police Department, Missoula County District Attorney's Office and University of Montana's handling of sexual assault cases.

The U.S. Department of Justice announced in May a probe into the number of reports of sexual assaults in Missoula. During a three-year period, there were 80 reports of sexual assaults, of which 11 were at the university.

According to the DOJ, the purpose of its investigation was to determine whether the university and law enforcement agencies acted properly, adequately and fairly to protect the safety of women.

The school announced in May the NCAA had been investigating its athletic programs for undisclosed reasons.

The U.S. Department of Education, which also was looking into reports of harassment and assault allegations on campus, said last month that it had closed its discrimination complaint because the allegations were being addressed by the Department of Justice investigation.

Police and university officials have been eager to cooperate with the investigations, but Missoula County Attorney Fred Van Valkenberg opposed the investigations when they were launched last year when he denied any mishandling of sexual assault reports.

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Family of College Football Star Shot by Police Intend to File Wrongful Death Suit

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Three months after a college football player in New York was shot and killed by police during an altercation outside a bar, his family said Tuesday they intend to take the first steps towards filing a wrongful death suit against police.

"All we're looking for is the absolute truth," Danroy Henry Jr.'s mother, Angella Henry, told ABC News.

Henry, a 20-year-old student at Pace University, was killed in October as he sat in his car with his friends after a night out celebrating a homecoming game in suburban Thornwood, N.Y.

There are differing accounts of what happened. Police say they were responding to an unruly crowd outside a bar, and when officers approached Henry's car parked in a fire lane and knocked on the window, the college student tried to speed away and struck an officer. Police say a second officer, Aaron Hess of the Mount Pleasant police department which responded to the disturbance, was thrown onto the hood of Henry's car. Police say Hess then fired in self-defense.

Several eyewitnesses say the police overreacted and that Henry was trying to move his car out of the fire lane when the police opened fire.

"The path of the bullet shows that as D.J. tried to move and get out of the vehicle, the officer shot directly at him," said Michael Sussman, an attorney for the Henry family, who disputes the police account of the incident.

Sussman said the Henrys would like to see murder charges filed.

A grand jury has been convened to hear evidence in the case. The family has not been allowed to attend the grand jury proceedings, which is standard procedure. But Danroy Henry Sr. said he has been asked to testify.

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