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Fragments of Evidence Suggest Solution to Earhart Mystery

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(NORMAN, Okla.) -- Researchers at the University of Oklahoma are trying to extract DNA from tiny bone fragments found on a Pacific island near where famed aviator Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, are believed to have vanished in 1937.

Earhart was trying to become the first woman to fly around the world when her plane disappeared.  New evidence including the three bone chips, along with some shoe fragments and a bottle containing traces of lanolin and oil, which could have been part of a lotion, suggests she and Noonan may have landed on a reef beside the island and survived for some time as castaways.  Other items found over the years include remnants of fish and animals prepared more as a Westerner would than a South Sea Islander, a panel that could be from a Lockheed Electra -- the aircraft the pair was flying -- and other bones.

If researchers can get mitochondrial DNA from the bone fragments, they will compare them with material from a relative of Earhart to try to determine whether there is a relationship.

The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery, in charge of the project,  is trying to manage expectations, warning the bone chip now being tested could have come from a turtle.

The Earhart mystery has fascinated many for generations after Amelia Earhart was declared dead in 1939.  Earhart was a celebrity in her time because of her exploits and her beauty.

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