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NASA's Glory Mission Fails to Reach Orbit

NASA(VANDERBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif.) -- NASA's launch of the multi-million dollar Glory mission was a washout Friday when the Taurus XL Rocket -- headed to space on a science mission -- failed to separate and the satellite didn't make orbit.

"We did not have a successful fairing separation from the Taurus," said NASA launch commentator George Diller. "There was insufficient velocity with the fairing still on for the vehicle to be able to achieve orbit."

At a news conference at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, NASA launch director Omar Baez said officials have tentatively located the rocket.

"All indications are, the satellite and rocket are in the southern Pacific Ocean somewhere," Baez said.

NASA says it is "devastated" by the launch failure.

"We will recover and the team will bounce back because we're all professionals," said Ron Grabe, general manager of Orbital's Launch Systems Group. "Orbital will bounce back with the Taurus vehicle."

The mission was intended to improve understanding of how the sun and some atmospheric particles affect Earth's climate.

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