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Cemeteries Refuse to Bury Body of Boston Bombing Suspect

Photo by Glenn DePriest/Getty Images(BOSTON) -- Cemeteries across the Northeast are refusing to bury the body of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev as his official cause of the death was released.

Authorities determined Tsarnaev died of gunshot wounds and blunt trauma to the head and torso after he was run over by his brother, Dzhokhar Tsarvaev, following a firefight with police.

Peter Stefan, a funeral home director in Worcester, Mass., told Good Morning America that he has already looked for plots in New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts to bury Tsarnaev, but has had no luck.

"Is he a terrorist? Sure he is a terrorist, but I can't control what he did. But the person is dead, and burying a dead body, that's all it is," Stefan said.

Residents of Worcester, Mass., where Stefan's funeral home is located, are furious that the body of alleged Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev remains in the city.

"What do you mean just leave it? They don't do that in this country and we bury the worst of the worst here," Worcester resident William Breault told GMA.

Meanwhile, investigators search for more clues into where the Tsarnaev brothers built the bombs used in Boston Marathon attack.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev allegedly told investigators that his brother was the leader and author of the bombing plot, and that the siblings made the bombs in the apartment Tsarnaev shared with his wife, Katherine Russell.

Russell's attorney said she was shocked by the bombings, but had no prior knowledge of the attacks being planned.

While ABC News has learned that the female DNA found on one of the bombs did not match Russell's, the FBI is looking into what her husband may have said to her in a phone call just days after the bombings.

In addition, the father of Azamat Ismagulov, one of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's friends who was arrested and charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice for taking his laptop and allegedly trying to dump a backpack full of fireworks, told ABC News he could not believe his son was implicated in the crimes.

"From the beginning, I did not believe and I do not believe right now that my son is guilty," Azamat's father Amir Ismagulov said. "I don't believe it."

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Police Using Abandoned Newborn's Tooth in Search for Parents

Comstock/Thinkstock(CYPRESS, Texas) -- Authorities are using the bottom tooth of the week-old infant abandoned in a plastic bag outside an apartment complex in Cypress, Texas as a clue in the search for her parents.

The newborn's early tooth, seen in just one of 2,000 births, is a unique genetic trait that may prove to be a link to her family history, according to investigators.

The baby, named Chloe by rescuers, weighed just four pounds when she was found by a woman walking her dogs near the apartment complex.

"More than likely her mother didn't have any type of prenatal care," Estella Olguin, spokeswoman for Texas Child Protective Services, told ABC's Good Morning America.

To aid in their investigation, police commissioned Texas sketch artist Lori Gibson to create a rendering of what her parents might look like by studying the newborn's features.

"The people would recognize that smile," Gibson told Good Morning America, "It's a ready smile, and then all I had to do was put teeth."

Authorities said they are hoping Chloe's mother or other relatives come forward to claim the baby, or officially allow another family to take custody of the newborn. They plan to charge the parents if they can find them, police said.

Texas has an infant safe haven law, which allows mothers to anonymously give up their babies to designated locations where they can receive care until they are placed in a permanent home.

Texas was the first state to enact an infant safe haven law, which was passed in 1999. The laws, now adopted by many other states and known as "Baby Moses laws," are meant to provide mothers with an incentive not to abandon unwanted children, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Meanwhile, Harris County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Christina Garza said once custody issues are resolved, "[Chloe] will be placed in a loving home."

"There is no shortage of people who want her," she said.

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Warren Jeffs' Niece to ABC News: Uncle 'Needed To Be In Prison'

ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- The niece of polygamist religious leader Warren Jeffs said Wednesday that she is pleased that her testimony about how her uncle molested her helped send him to prison for life.

"I feel a lot stronger now that I've put the man that needed to be put in prison in prison," Jerusha Jeffs told ABC News.

Jerusha's testimony against her uncle revealed for the first time that she too was sexually assaulted by Jeffs, the leader of a radical polygamist sect of Mormonism known as the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (FLDS).

Jerusha, who grew up in the FLDS church, revealed in court for the first time that Jeffs raped her when she was a 7-year-old, second-grade student in the Utah elementary school where he served as principal.

"Warren told me to come sit on his lap and I didn't know why," she tearfully recalled to ABC News. "He said, 'You're a special girl' and that he would help me to go heaven. And he had a certain way of making me feel like I was special and he told me I'll go to heaven if I, for sure, just don't tell anybody."

A Texas jury found Jeffs guilty Aug. 4 of forcing two teenage girls into "spiritual marriage," and fathering a child with one of them when she was 15.

He was sentenced on Tuesday to life in prison with no chance of parole for 45 years. Jeffs, 55, must serve at least 35 years of a life sentence on one of the child-sex charges, and at least 10 years on the other.  

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Exclusive: Dominique Strauss-Kahn's Accuser Speaks Out

In an exclusive interview ABC News' Robin Roberts speaks with the hotel employee who alleges she was sexually assaulted by former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn. (ABC News)(NEW YORK) -- The hotel maid who has accused former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn of trying to sexually assault her in a New York City hotel room is ending her public silence in an exclusive broadcast interview with ABC News.

"I want justice. I want him to go to jail," Nafissatou Diallo told ABC's Robin Roberts. "I want him to know that there is some places you cannot use your money, you cannot use your power when you do something like this."

Strauss-Kahn may not go to jail. Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance is considering whether to drop the charges amid "concerns" he has said he has about Diallo's credibility.

Diallo was asked about the instances that caused prosecutors to "reassess the strength of the case." Diallo acknowledged "mistakes," but also said they should not preclude Vance's office from going forward.

"God is my witness I'm telling the truth. From my heart. God Knows that. And he knows that," she said.

The woman whose accusations upended the politics of France and the workings of one of the world's most prominent banking institutions was unequivocal in her assertion that Strauss-Kahn attacked her inside room 2806 at the Sofitel Hotel.

"I never want to be in public but I have no choice," Diallo told ABC News, adding "Now, I have to be in public. I have to, for myself. I have to tell the truth."

She reenacted moments of the alleged assault, at one point kneeling on the floor to describe how she says Strauss-Kahn tried to force her to commit a sex act.

"I turned my head, he comes to me, and grab my breasts," she said. "I said, 'Stop! Stop! I don't want to lose my job.'"

Diallo said she did not know who Strauss-Kahn was prior to the encounter May 14. Once she learned his identity she said she thought she would be killed.

"And then they say he's going to be the next president of France. And I say, oh my God! And I was crying. I said, 'they're gonna kill me.'"

Until now Diallo's identity had been protected. She said she is coming forward now to defend her story and her reputation, which has been besmirched by tabloid headlines calling her a prostitute.

"I'm not," Diallo said.

Defense attorneys for Strauss-Kahn categorically deny any criminal wrongdoing occurred. They have suggested what happened inside the hotel suite was consensual and, in a statement, they called Diallo's interview an "unseemly circus."

"Its obvious purpose is to inflame public opinion against a defendant in a pending criminal case," William Taylor and Benjamin Brafman wrote in a statement.

The Manhattan District Attorney's office declined to comment on the interview.

"This is a pending criminal case," DA spokeswoman Erin Duggan said. "To protect the integrity of the criminal justice system, the rights of the victim, and the rights of the accused, we will not discuss the facts or evidence in what remains an ongoing investigation."

The interview took place in the Manhattan office of Diallo's attorney, Kenneth Thompson. He told ABC News he plans to file a civil lawsuit against Strauss-Kahn on his client's behalf within days.

"There's no mystery. There's no hiding the fact. This man attempted to rape her," Thompson said.

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Panda Cow: New Breed of Cow Born in Miniature Farm

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(CAMPION, Colo.) -- An extraordinary New Year's Eve newborn brought joy to a northern Colorado family when Chris and Pam Jessen welcomed a rare panda cow to their farm.

The panda cow -- an uncommon cross-breed -- was worked on for 44 years by Richard Gradwohl, a Covington, Wash., farmer who used eight different miniature cows to create the new breed. His work brought about Ben, who is the latest addition to the Jessen's Campion, Colo., farm which houses other miniature cattle and a miniature kangaroo.

Ben is one of only 25 panda cows in the world, which are typically kept as pets or show animals.

"Miniatures range from about 44 inches tall on their tail side, on their hox, but he can get up to 1000 pounds though -- so a pretty good-sized animal," Chris Jessen told ABC News.

Miniature cattle are valued at approximately $25,000, and the Jessens say they plan to eventually sell Ben.

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