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FBI, DHS Issue Bulletin for Law Enforcement Warning of Lone Wolf Domestic Terrorism

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- The FBI and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security have issued a bulletin to local law enforcement agencies around the nation, warning of the threat of lone-wolf domestic terrorists.

The bulletin referenced the Austin, Texas, shooting spree last month in which Larry McQuilliams fired over 100 rounds at a number of buildings, including a federal courthouse, a bank, the Consulate General of Mexico and the Austin Police Department headquarters. Law enforcement ultimately shot and killed McQuilliams.

According to the bulletin, McQuilliams "was at least partially inspired by the Phineas Priest ideology -- which advocates lone offender action." That ideology, expressed in a 1990 book titled Vigilantes of Christendom: The History of the Phineas Priesthood, was interpreted from the story of Phineas in chapter 25 of the biblical Book of Numbers to justify white supremacist violence, the bulletin says. The book was found in a rented van used by McQuilliams during his spree, along with a handwritten note in which he described himself as a member of the "priesthood."

Law enforcement agencies are warned about the difficulty to identify and track followers of the idology, as they do not rely on "collective resources of an organization with centralized leadership, formal membership, or a coordinating body that can be tracked or monitored by law enforcement."

The bulletin cites other examples of criminal and terrorist incident tied to believers of the ideology. It also provides law enforcement with some things they can look out for.

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