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John F. Kennedy‚Äôs Last Rocking Chair Up for Auction

Heritage Auction House(DALLAS) -- A true piece of American memorabilia, reputedly the last chair John F. Kennedy ever sat in, is currently up for auction at Heritage Auction House.

At first glance it is just a simple wooden rocking chair, but a closer look reveals a small plaque on the back that attaches it to one of the most important moments in American history. The plaque reads “John F. Kennedy, Rice Hotel, November 21st, 1963,” the day before his assassination.

The chair, which the Heritage Auction House expects will sell for anywhere between $20,000 and $30,000, is from Kennedy’s personal suite at the Rice Hotel, which was refurbished just for him prior to his Nov. 21, 1963 visit.

The former president is officially documented as having sat in the chair in William Manchester’s book, Death of a President. According to the book, upon entering the room, “The president removed his coat and soggy shirt and sat in the rocker, leafing through a pile of newspapers.”

The Heritage Auction House website attests to its value, saying, “Given Kennedy’s itinerary for the remainder of the trip, which would last less than 24 hours, it seems certain that the Rice Hotel chair was the last rocking chair in which the president would ever sit.”

The chair will be up for live auction in Dallas on Nov. 30, 2011.

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