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New Lead in the Case of Hijacking Fugitive D.B. Cooper

FBI(SEATTLE) -- Forty years after the infamous fugitive known as D.B. Cooper parachuted out of a plane over Washington state with $200,000 in hand, never to be seen again, the FBI has a new suspect they are calling their "most promising" lead to date in the nation's only unsolved commercial airplane hijacking.

The male suspect's name was given to the FBI by a law enforcement agent, as was a piece of the man's personal property. The item is at the FBI forensic lab in Quantico, Va., where it is being checked for fingerprints and DNA.

The FBI obtained a partial DNA sample from the black JCPenney clip-on tie Cooper left on the plane before jumping off its tail end and into legend. The FBI extracted the sample in 2001, but it did not match up with any suspects.

That tie, along with the parachute he discarded, his boarding pass with the words "DAN COOPER" written in red ink, and a few deteriorated bills from the ransom money found in 1980 are the only physical pieces of evidence the FBI's Seattle office has.

The FBI has not released any further details on the man or the item.

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Bodies of Americans Killed By Somali Pirates Headed Home

USS Enterprise. Photo Courtesy - U.S. Navy(WASHINGTON) -- The bodies of the four Americans killed after Somali pirates hijacked their yacht headed home on the USS Enterprise from the dangerous waters off the Somali coast Tuesday night, military officials said.  Also on board the massive aircraft carrier were the 15 captured Somali pirates.

American officials have begun the process of determining how they will prosecute the 15 pirates who hijacked the yacht, called the Quest.

"There is an ongoing investigation into the hijacking," Navy Ensign Brynn Olson, spokeswoman for U.S. Central Command, told the Washington Examiner.

The deaths at the hands of pirates increases concern about the growing strength of piracy around the horn of Africa.

Piracy is a "top priority for NATO and there has been an increased presence," Olson said.

Jean and Scott Adam, a retired couple from California, along with their friends, Phyllis Mackay and Bob Riggle, from Washington state, were sailing the world on a Christian mission to distribute bibles when they were ambushed Feb. 18 by pirates some 300 miles off the Somali coast.

For three harrowing days, the hijacked yacht was sailing toward the Somali coast with four American hostages and 17 pirates packed on board.  President Obama had authorized Navy warships to follow the yacht and use deadly force if needed, hoping to keep the Americans safe.

Officials were negotiating with two pirates on board the destroyer USS Sterett.  In the midst of those negotiations, without warning, pirates on board the hijacked yacht fired a rocket-propelled grenade at the Sterett.  Then gunfire was heard onboard the yacht.

The Navy launched 15 Seals in two high-speed assault craft.  Some pirates appeared to surrender.

Despite the efforts of the Navy Seals, it was too late for the hostages. 

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Somali Pirates Hijack American Yacht on Indian Ocean Voyage

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(SALALAH, Oman) -- U.S. officials confirm that a yacht with four Americans aboard has been seized by Somali pirates in the waters of the Indian Ocean.

The advocacy group Ecoterra International says its monitoring of regional maritime activity off the coast of East Africa indicates four Americans aboard the yacht S/V Quest were seized by pirates 240 nautical miles off the coast of Oman.

Lt. Commander Susie Thomson, a spokesperson for the Combined Maritime Forces that patrol the waters of the Middle East, confirmed the Quest incident, but could provide no details.

A U.S. official said, "We are still looking at what the options are."

The 58-foot S/V Quest is owned by Jean and Scott Adam, who have been sailing the boat around the world for the past seven years. As they approached the notoriously hostile waters off the Horn of Africa, the Adams cut back using their radios and satellite systems so their location couldn't be tracked by pirates, but they were still found.

The Adams are members of the Del Rey Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey, California.

Pirate seizures have continued in the waters off East Africa despite the constant patrols of by the world's navies, including ships from the United States. It is believed that Somali pirates currently have 29 ships in their possession and are holding 660 crewmembers hostage.  

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