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Suspect in Hit-and-Run That Killed Parents, Baby, Has Recent DWI Arrest

Comstock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Julio Acevedo, the suspect identified Monday in a hit-and-run accident that killed a young couple and their baby was arrested on a charge of driving while intoxicated just last month, according to New York Police Department investigators.

The parents were killed in the Sunday morning crash, and the unborn baby, who was delivered by surgery in an attempt to save its life, died last night.

Acevedo, 44, is still at large, the New York Police Department reports. Cops say he was driving the BMW that smashed into a livery cab carrying the expectant parents to the hospital early Sunday. When they traced his identity, they said they found he also served 10 years in prison on a 1989 manslaughter conviction.


Nachman and Raizy Glauber, both 21, were killed early Sunday morning in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a tight-knit neighborhood made up largely of Orthodox Jews. Emergency workers at the scene of the accident managed to rush Raizy Glauber to a nearby hospital where doctors performed a Cesarean section to deliver the baby, according to WABC-TV.

Isaac Abraham, a community leader in Brooklyn and a neighbor of the dead couple, confirmed the death of the baby Monday morning. The baby died from injuries overnight at New York's Bellevue Hospital. The baby, who weighed about three pounds, sustained brain and other internal injuries, Abraham said.

Police are searching for Acevedo, the suspected driver of the BMW, and a female passenger; they both fled on foot after the accident.

Meanwhile, police have charged a woman who had co-signed the vehicle's lease with insurance fraud.

The woman has been charged with allowing a third party to use the vehicle without notifying the insurance company.

Glauber, who was six months pregnant with the couple's first child, was not feeling well Saturday night. Her husband called a car service and they were en route to the hospital when the accident occurred after midnight Sunday morning.

The engine of the livery car ended up in the backseat, where the pregnant woman was sitting before the crash, Abraham told WABC-TV. Abraham said he lives two blocks from where the crash happened.

The driver of the livery cab, Pedro Nunez Delacruz, was also taken to the hospital and was released after being treated for minor injuries.

"I feel very sorry for that beautiful family," Delacruz told WABC-TV.

Jewish law calls for burial of the dead as soon as possible, and hours after their deaths, the Glaubers were mourned by at least 1,000 people, many with anger toward the two people in the BMW.

"Give yourself up. Make the pain a little easier, and at least we'll know you're not a coward," Abraham said.

A succession of men and women delivered eulogies in Yiddish, sobbing as they spoke into a microphone about the young couple.

"I will never forget you, my daughter," said Yitzchok Silberstein, Raizy Glauber's father, according to WABC.

The Glaubers were married about a year ago, according to friends and family.

"Just two amazing people, two lovely people," Nachman Glauber's cousin Sarah Gluck told WABC. "We lost two lovely people."

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Caught on Tape: Arizona Man Hit by Truck Survives

Comstock/Thinkstock(CHANDLER, Ariz.) -- Police in Chandler, Ariz., are looking for two teenage girls who they say are responsible for a hit-and-run that injured a 26-year-old man.

Luckily, Steven Bright only suffered a broken right hand and bruised ribs from the incident, something he thinks is “amazing.”  At the time of the hit-and-run, Bright thought his life was over.

“I remember thinking in my head this is it pretty much.  I’m going be thrown off this truck and I’m done,” Bright told ABC News.

Bright and his brother were walking near Carson Elementary School on Aug. 4 when they say two girls in a white pickup truck started throwing water balloons at them.  Bright said that at first he thought they were throwing rocks.

That’s when Bright and his brother crossed in front of the truck to get out of the line of fire when the driver stepped on the gas.  Bright’s brother was able to escape, but the truck snagged Bright’s shirt and dragged him under the tires.

“I could hear the girls screaming in the car.  I actually saw the two girls in the vehicle when I was flying over the front driver side of the truck,” said Bright.  “I was yelling ‘Hey, stop.  Stop.  Stop’ and they just would not stop.”

As for the driver, police have the incident on tape thanks to surveillance video that Carson Elementary captured.  Police say the driver could face charges of aggravated assault.

“It’s a very serious incident.  What’s more important is the fact that we are really seeking these two individuals out so we can really hear their version of what happened,” said Det. Seth Tyler of the Chandler police department.

Bright is putting up $2,000 of his own money for information leading to the arrest of the driver, according to ABC News affiliate ABC 15.

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Amy Senser Sentenced to 41 Months in Hit-and-Run Death

Hemera/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Amy Senser, the wife of former Minnesota Vikings player Joe Senser, claimed to be deeply remorseful after receiving her 41-month prison sentence for killing Anousone Phanthavong in a hit-and-run accident last year.

"I'm sorry...I hope you can believe me.  I never saw your son that night, and if I had, I would have stopped to help him," Senser, 45, told Phanthavong's family at her sentencing Monday.

Senser hugged Phanthavong's mother and told her that she tattooed her late son's name on her wrist.

"We felt a relief to [hear her] actually speak for herself and just hear her apology," said the victim's niece, Cindy Phanthavong.

"All that they've wanted in this criminal proceeding was for justice to be served and they're thankful that that was accomplished," said James Ballentine, attorney for the Phanthavong family.

Senser testified in May that she knew she had hit something on the night of August 23, but said she believed it was a pothole or construction cone.  She said she didn't see 38-year-old Phanthavong.

When asked to describe what the feeling of the impact was like, Senser said, "I've never been in an accident so I wasn't quite sure if I'd hit a pothole or one of those construction signs."

Phanthavong, a restaurant cook, was fatally struck by Senser's sport utility vehicle as he refueled his stalled car on an Interstate 94 ramp in Minneapolis.

The highly charged case was taxing on the Senser family as it pitted stepdaughter against stepmother.

Senser's stepdaughter, 28-year-old Brittani Senser, said she coaxed her stepmother to admit her role in the accident more than a week after the crash.  Brittani Senser, an aspiring pop singer, testified that she was angry after media reports linked her to the accident.

Brittani Senser discussed her role in the situation on ABC's Good Morning America Tuesday.

"I don't feel like I forced her," she said.  "I was under the impression that my family was in complete compliance with authorities.  When the news broke and there wasn't a driver identified [there was] speculation that it could have been any of us.  I told them, because I knew … that she had to take responsibilities for what she'd done."

Brittani Senser also said that she is unsure how truthful her stepmother has been throughout the trial.

"I [do] believe that she is remorseful," she told Robin Roberts on GMA.  "But I kind of believe the judge.  It's hard to believe that you didn't know you hit something.  I don't know if she knew she'd hit a person.  It's hard to believe from the evidence that she didn't know she hit something."

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Cops: US Commerce Secretary Involved in Calif. Hit-and-Run Accidents

Brendan Smialowski/Getty ImagesUPDATE: The Commerce Department announced Monday morning that its secretary, John Bryson, suffered a seizure over the weekend when police say he was involved in several hit-and-run car accidents in California.

(LOS ANGELES) -- U.S. Secretary of Commerce John Bryson was involved in several felony hit-and-run car accidents last Saturday in California, according to a news release from the San Gabriel Police Department.

The report says that Bryson, who was confirmed by the Senate last October to replace Gary Locke, was traveling in a Lexus when he first rear-ended a Buick in the City of San Gabriel, and after speaking with the males in the car, got back into his Lexus and struck their Buick again.

The men in the Buick then notified police while following Bryson’s car, according to the police report.  It was when Bryson reached the city of Rosemead that police said he struck another vehicle, a Honda Accord.

Cops then found Bryson passed out unconscious in his car.  He was first treated by paramedics and then taken to a hospital for examination.  He sustained no injuries and has since been released, according to Jennifer Friedman, a spokeswoman for the Commerce Department.

While the investigation into the incidents is still in the preliminary stages, neither drugs nor alcohol apparently played a role in the collisions.

"They have ruled out alcohol and drugs at this time and also information was given that he suffers from a preexisting medical condition," Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Pope told ABC News Radio.

Meanwhile, two of the men in the Buick and the passengers in the Accord complained of pain, although they did not appear to suffer major injuries.

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Hit and Run Trial Pits NFL Star's Daughter Against His Wife

Hemera/Thinkstock(MINNEAPOLIS) -- The daughter of a former NFL star testified in court Wednesday against her stepmother, who is on trial for a hit-and-run incident that left a man dead on a Minneapolis interstate ramp last summer.

Brittani Senser, an aspiring reality television star and singer, faced off against her stepmother Amy Senser in a Minneapolis courthouse Wednesday, where the wife of former Minnesota Vikings tight end Joe Senser is accused of the fatal hit-and-run.

Anousone Phanthavong, 38, was struck and killed by a sport utility vehicle as he refueled his stalled car on an Interstate 94 ramp in Minneapolis on August 24.  Last September, an attorney for the Sensers said that Amy Senser was driving the vehicle that struck and killed Phanthavong.

Amy Senser, who faces three felony counts of criminal vehicular homicide, pleaded not guilty to the charges.

In emotional testimony Wednesday, Brittani Senser detailed how she forced her stepmother to admit to the crime.  While testifying, Britanni said she was angry after media reports linked her to the accident; reports that the vehicle involved in the accident was registered to Joe Senser had surfaced immediately after Phanthavong's death.

Brittani was concerned, she told the court, because she and her fiancé knew Phanthavong's brother, and people began to ask her if she was involved in the man's death, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

"I wanted my dad to stand up for me and say I didn't do it," she told jurors, adding, "for people to think I killed someone made me angry."

Amy Senser's defense lawyers countered that Brittani was actually angry that the hit-and-run had caused damage to her career -- saying that the 28-year-old was more upset about losing a charity singing gig than Phanthavong's death.

Late Wednesday, Joe Senser testified that his wife was not drunk the night of the crash.  He told the jury that his wife was on antibiotics for a sinus infection.  He said that when he asked her about the damage to their Mercedes-Benz the morning of Phanthavong's death, she told him she thought she had hit a traffic cone.

He said he became much more concerned when he saw a news report on Phanthavong's death, which indicated that parts found at the scene were of the similar model to their luxury vehicle.

"I said, 'Margaret is this you?  Were you in this area?'" Senser told the court he asked his wife -- referring to her by her middle name.  "She said, 'I had exited that ramp.'  I questioned her again.  I said, 'Are you sure you hit a construction barrel?'  She was adamant about it.  I said, 'There was someone struck here fatally, Margaret.'  She said there was no way."

"She said, 'I think you're going to be mad, but I think I hit a cone, a construction barrel,'" he told the court.

The 55-year-old former NFL star added that his wife didn't turn herself in until his daughter threatened she would go to the police.

Testimony resumes on Thursday. 

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Man Adopts Girlfriend as His Daughter Amid Civil Suit Over DUI Death

Palm Beach Sheriff's Office(WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.) -- A wealthy Florida polo club founder has adopted his longtime adult girlfriend in what attorneys believe may be a legal maneuver to protect his financial assets – which he estimates as "several hundred million dollars" – as he faces a trial for a drunk-driving incident that killed a 23-year-old.

John Goodman, 48, formally adopted Heather Laruso Hutchins, 42, in October 2011. The couple started dating in 2009. Goodman is the founder of the International Polo Club Palm Beach in Wellington, Fla.

West Palm Beach Judge Glenn Kelley wrote in a court order that the twists in the case "border on the surreal and take the Court into a legal twilight zone."

"The Defendant has effectively diverted a significant portion of the assets of the children's trust to a person with whom he is intimately involved at a time when his personal assets are largely at risk in this case," the judge wrote.

Goodman is being sued by Lili and William Wilson for the wrongful death of their son Scott Patrick Wilson, who had come home from college for his sister's birthday and died in a car crash on Feb. 12, 2010. 

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According to police, Goodman, who was driving a Bentley, ran a stop sign and slammed into Wilson's car. Goodman did not call police or an ambulance, and left the crash scene on foot, police said. It was determined that Goodman's blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit.

Goodman's civil trial is set for March 27, and his criminal trial for charges of DUI manslaughter, vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of a crash is on March 6. He faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted.

Neither of Goodman's two biological children have reached the age of 35, the pre-determined age at which they can control their trust funds. Since Hutchins is over the age of 35, her adoption entitles her immediately to a one-third beneficiary interest in the trust.

The court had previously ruled that the assets owned by Goodman's children could not be considered part of his net worth in the calculations for assessing punitive damages for the Wilson family, but the family thinks the adoption should change the ruling.

Goodman established the trust for his children in 1991 with $1.5 million. Within seven years, that trust had grown to more than $100 million and is currently worth "several hundred million dollars," according to his attorney.

"Nothing in this arrangement with Ms. Hutchins is illegal," Goodman's attorney Daniel Bachi said in a statement. "Everything that has been done by Mr. Goodman was done with the intention to preserve and grow the assets of the Trust for his two minor children, even should he personally be unable to continue his historical role in achieving these goals."

The judge wrote that a probate court with jurisdiction over the trust will determine whether the adoption is a "sham," as it relates to the children's trust.

On Jan. 25, a Palm Beach County judge denied Goodman's request to move the trial to Miami due to the negative publicity and attention he has received in the Palm Beach area since the accident.

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Georgia Mom Faces Charges Again in Son's Traffic Death

Hemera Technologies/Thinkstock(MARIETTA, Ga.) -- A Georgia mother whose son was killed in a tragic hit-and-run accident will once again face charges in his death.  

A Cobb County, Ga., state court judge has ruled that Raquel Nelson, 30, will stand trial on charges of vehicular homicide and criminal jaywalking in the death of her 4-year-old son, A.J. Newman.

Nelson was convicted of the charges in an earlier trial this year, and faced up to three years of jail time -- a longer sentence than the hit-and-run driver who killed her young son.

In July, State Court Judge Katherine Tanksley sentenced Nelson to probation instead of jail time, but the judge also offered her a deal.  Nelson could undergo a new trial, and if acquitted, her record would be cleared.  Nelson accepted the offer.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, earlier this month, Nelson’s attorney asked the judge to dismiss all charges against his client.  The judge did dismiss a charge of reckless conduct, but determined that Nelson would stand trial again on the other two charges.  The trial will begin on Oct. 25.

Nelson’s son was killed as she and her three children were attempting to cross a busy street, heading from a bus stop to their home across the road.  Nelson was charged with vehicular homicide because she was not crossing the street at the crosswalk in Marietta, Ga., at the time of the accident in April 2010.

A jury convicted Nelson, and there was an outpouring of support for the single mother as she headed back to court in July to learn whether she would be sentenced to jail time.  Tanksley sentenced her to 12 months probation and 40 hours of community service instead.

The driver of the car was given six months in jail for hitting Nelson, one of her daughters and her son last year, and then fleeing the scene.

Nelson was originally charged with reckless conduct, improperly crossing a roadway and second-degree homicide by vehicle.

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