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Alleged Killer Couple Linked to Fourth Murder

Oregon State Police Handout(EUREKA, Calif.) -- The white supremacist couple accused of three grisly murders is now being linked to a fourth killing, that of a black man in Eureka, Calif., as part of a spree that police now say may have been sparked by anger over alleged sexual assaults by the father of the male suspect.

David Joseph "Joey" Pedersen, 31, of Everett, Wash., and Holly Grigsby, 24, of Portland, Ore., who have both been identified as having white supremacist affiliations, were arrested last week for the murder of Pederson's parents, whom Grigsby said they killed because of his alleged sexual molestation of Pederson's sister and cousin.

Police from Washington, Oregon, and California met Monday to piece together evidence from the multi-state crime spree, including testimony from Grigsby, who police say admitted to the planning and execution of at least two of the murders.

Pedersen, who sports a white supremacist tattoo across his neck that reads "SWP" -- for Supreme White Power -- and has been in and out of prison since he was 16, allegedly plotted to kill his father, David Jones "Red" Pederson, while Red drove him and Grigsby to the train station, according to what Grigsby told investigators.

"Holly said the plan was to kill Red as he drove them to the Everett Transit Station to catch a bus. Joey was to sit behind Red and shoot him from behind while Holly took control of the vehicle, bringing it safely to a stop. The suspects allegedly made good on this plan," Everett police Sgt. Robert Goetz said in a statement.

Police noted that the sexual assault allegations against the elder Pedersen had not been substantiated.

Grigbsy, who has also been in prison twice and had a history of heroin and methamphetamine addiction, told police that she and Pedersen followed the plan to kill Red and then returned to the Pederson home to kill Red's wife. Grigsby told police they wanted to kill Joey's stepmother for her knowledge of the molestation and her failure to do anything about it. Grigsby also told police how she killed Leslie using two knives, according to Goetz.

The couple then left in the Jeep with the deceased Red still inside and fled to Oregon, he said. They used the Pedersens' credit cards to pay for food and other necessities along the way, he said.

In Oregon, the couple came across 19-year-old Cody Myers, who was attending a jazz festival in Newport by himself. Police said that the couple met Myers in Newport, where the jazz festival was located, and then proceeded with him to a second location, near Toledo, Ore. There, they allegedly killed Myers, and then transported the body to where it was eventually found by police, near Pioneer Mountain.

Oregon police could not yet identify a motive for the killing or a timeline for how and when the three individuals met.

Following their alleged third murder, the couple fled again, this time in Myers' vehicle, police said. Between Oct. 1 and Oct. 5, they allegedly killed a fourth man, Reginald Alan Clark, 53, of Eureka, Calif.

Police were alerted to a suspicious vehicle by a friend of Clark's, who said Clark hadn't been seen in a few days. Police entered the vehicle and found Clark, deceased, beneath a pile of clothes, according to the police statement. It was later determined that Clark had been shot. Police have not yet determined a motive, and would not say whether the murder was considered a hate crime.

On Oct. 5, California highway patrols saw Myers' vehicle and recognized it, pulled the car over, and arrested Pedersen and Grigsby without incident. They are being held in California on $1 million bail and are awaiting extradition to Oregon and Washington, police said Monday.

On Oct. 8, police found Red's vehicle, containing his body, in a steep embankment near a mountain in Oregon. Police are unsure of the timeline of events as to when the couple ditched the vehicle there.

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SUV Body Tied to Boyfriend-Girlfriend Murder Suspects

Giorgio Fochesato/Vetta/Getty Images(EVERETT, Wash.) -- A third body possibly tied to a fugitive boyfriend-girlfriend duo captured this week has been found in a missing man's SUV in Oregon, police said.

The unidentified white, adult male's body was recovered Saturday from a black 2010 Jeep Patriot owned by David Jones Pedersen, the missing husband of a woman found stabbed to death in Everett, Wash., and the father of David Joseph Pedersen, arrested Wednesday in California with his girlfriend, Holly Grigsby.

The body remains unidentified pending an autopsy tentatively scheduled for Monday, according to a news release by the Oregon State Police.

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'Dangerous' Boyfriend-Girlfriend Duo Wanted for Murder Arrested 

Oregon State Police Handout(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) -- A boyfriend-girlfriend duo allegedly linked to a brutal murder and two disappearances was apprehended by a highway patrol officer Wednesday afternoon north of Sacramento, Calif., after a police officer recognized the car the couple was driving.

Earlier Wednesday, a manhunt for the couple had led cops to Willamette Valley, Ore., where they found the body of a young man.

The unidentified body was discovered near where the suspects, David Joseph Pedersen, 31, and Holly Grigsby, 24, were seen over the weekend.

When spotted, the suspects were believed to be driving a 1999 white Plymouth Breeze that belonged to a man named Cody Myers. Myers, 19, was last seen on the morning of Oct. 1 when he left his home in Lafayette, Ore.

"We can't say for certain at this time that [the body] is Cody. However, his family has been warned," said Don Thomson, public information officer for the Marion County Sheriff's Office. "It's clear the death was not accidental."

Pedersen and Grigsby have been on the run since Sept. 28, when Pedersen's stepmother, Leslie Pedersen, 69, was found stabbed to death in her Everett, Wash., mobile home.

Leslie Pedersen was found in bed, her hands bound with duct tape and her head wrapped in a pillow soaked with blood. A sword lay nearby.

"We have detrimental evidence that gives us probable cause to arrest David Joseph Pedersen and Holly Grigsby," said Sgt. Robert Goetz of the Everett Police Department.

He declined to elaborate, but added, "Mrs. Pedersen was killed in a very brutal way."

Police are still looking for Leslie Pedersen's husband, David Jones Pedersen, 56. They do not consider David Pedersen a suspect, but he has been missing since his wife's murder.

"It's extremely troubling to us. We haven't heard from anyone or had any clues to his whereabouts," said Goetz. "We consider him endangered at this point."

A 2010 Black Jeep Patriot was missing from Pedersen's home.

The pair was seen in Willamette Valley, Ore., several times this past weekend in Myers' Plymouth Breeze, police said.

Earlier this week, Grigsby attempted to use a stolen credit card in a Salem, Ore., convenience store, while surveillance footage captured the distinctive looking Pedersen, who has extensive tattoos, waiting in the car, according to authorities.

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