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NH Home Invasion Leaves Doctor and Wife Hospitalized

Comstock/Thinkstock(MANCHESTER, N.H.) -- Authorities are combing through a million-dollar New Hampshire mansion for clues to determine who brutally assaulted a local doctor and his wife before leaving them for dead last week.

Police responded to the home of Dr. Eduardo Quesada, 52, and his wife Sonia after they were attacked Saturday night in an apparent home invasion.

Police investigators, assisted by the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration, have said that the house is still an active crime scene as they dust for fingerprints and search for any evidence to explain what happened in the $1.4 million suburban Manchester home.

"The homeowners were obviously confronted by a person or persons of interest," Chief John Bryfonski of the Bedford police said.

There have been no arrests but police say they are seeking a person of interest.  Investigators also say they have some leads, but none specific enough at this point to be helpful.  They are waiting to do more intensive interviews with the couple.

Meanwhile, Dr. Quesada, a respected anesthesiologist at the Elliot Hospital Pain Management Center in Manchester, clings to life in the same facility where he works.

Police say the couple were attacked Saturday night in the home, which was up for sale.  Quesada's wife was able to escape during the attack.  Covered in blood, she knocked on the door of a neighbor's house, where police found her shortly after someone called 911.

"It could have potentially been a hostage situation," Bryfonski said.  "That was a consideration, that was part of the plan, but the overarching concern was the safety of the homeowner and the child."

Police who stormed the house found the couple's 2-year-old child unharmed, and no sign of intruders.  Dr. Quesada, however, was so battered that police said they thought he was dead.

Police have not released details of his injuries or what caused them.  His wife is still in the hospital but the extent of her injuries is unclear.

"The focus of this case was the couple and maybe, in particular, the doctor and they went there with intention to perhaps steal something but perhaps harm the doctor," Brad Garrett, a former FBI agent and ABC News consultant, said.

Dr. Quesada was reportedly arrested at the house last year after a domestic disturbance call.  The charges were reportedly dropped, and police won't say whether the two incidents are related.

Authorities will not say whether the family was targeted, or whether anything was stolen.

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Petit Home Invasion: Taped Confession of Joshua Komisarjevsky

Connecticut State Police(NEW HAVEN, Conn.) -- An accused killer's recorded confession gives a horrifying glimpse into how an almost casual plan to rob people at ATMs escalated into a night of rape, murder, and arson that left a mother and her two daughters dead in a suburban Connecticut home.

The taped confession of Joshua Komisarjevsky, publicly released Monday, details the attack on the home of Dr. William Petit, and the murders of his wife, Jennifer Hawke-Petit, 48, and his daughters Michaela Petit, 11 and Hayley Petit, 17.

Towards the end of the audio taped confession, Komisarjevsky, 31, implied that he agreed to tell his story to the police in the aftermath of the triple murder because "I feel they deserved it, you know. They earned this and uh I just f**d up."


Much of the tape has been played for the jury in court, but this is the first time the public has had a chance to hear the voice of Komisarjevsky who, in a virtually unbroken monotone, described what he said happened in the Petit house in the early morning hours of July 23, 2007.

Komisarjevsky, together with his accomplice Steven Hayes, were looking for a quick score of cash that night. They first considered robbing people withdrawing money from ATMs, but they decided instead on breaking into the Petit house.

Hayes and Komisarjevsky met after both had served time for other offenses. Hayes was tried for his role in the triple murders last year. He was convicted and sentenced to death and is currently on Connecticut's death row.

The chaos of that night was underscored by Komisarjevsky's admission to Cheshire, Conn., Detective Joe Vitello, who recorded Komisarjevsky's statement, that so little planning went into the crime that night that they didn't even have proper disguises. Komisarjevsky ended up using a torn shirt as a mask. "We really did it on the fly...There was no planning or anything."

The two men gained entry in the house and discovered Dr. William Petit sleeping on a sunroom porch. They argued about who would attack him, and finally Komisarjevsky describes how he picked up a baseball bat and took a swing at Dr. Petit.

"He let out this, this unearthly scream...I couldn't take the screaming," Komisarjevsky said. When asked by Vitello asks if Petit was bleeding, he said, "Yes, he was bleeding profusely."

Hayes and Komisarjevsky then walked upstairs and "gently shook" Jennifer Hawke-Petite and her daughter Michaela awake. Michaela had fallen asleep watching television with her mother in bed. Komisarjevsky described all the women as remarkably compliant.

On the tape, Komisarjevsky repeatedly depicts himself as being solicitous of the women he had kidnapped, particularly Michaela. Komisarjevsky said he was careful not to restrain Michaela's feet too tightly.

"I had noticed that she had eczema and I, I suffer from that myself," he told the detective.

A short time later Komisarjevsky said he noticed Michaela was "stressed out" after being separated from her mom. "I untied her hands and um, uh I asked if she wanted something to drink," he said.

Komisarjevsky said even though the men put pillowcases over the girls heads so they would not be able to identify their captors, he added he made a point to "roll up, to roll it back up, like put it over their head but roll it back up" so that they wouldn't get too hot .

Despite his claims of sympathy and care for Michaela, he also confessed to the cop that he molested the girl, and when the house was set on fire, it didn't occur to him to untie Michaela and Hayley from their beds.

The two men tied up Dr. Petit in the basement. The mother was brought downstairs to make some phone calls and later taken to a bank to withdraw some cash.

After Hawke-Petit returned from the bank with $15,000 the men demanded, Hayes raped and strangled her, according to testimony in Hayes' trial. The two men begin to discuss killing the family and burning the house down to avoid leaving behind any DNA evidence.

On the tapes, Komisarjevsky puts the blame squarely on Hayes.

"He began ranting and raving about DNA, and he was mad at me because I had on several occasions accidentally used his name in front of the occupants in the house, um, and I all of a sudden you know got to kill them," Komisarjevsky said.

"We go to kill the whole family and burn the house down on top of them. Um, that was not, that was not the plan. I'm, I'm not killing anyone," Komisarjevsky said.

He claims he argued with Hayes over the plan to kill the family, particularly the girls.

"I was like you can't seriously, be, be contemplating burning these, these two girls alive…I was just like that's unconscionable," he said on the tape.

But within the hour Hayes began pouring three or four containers of gasoline in the house and after three attempts to light a match, he ignited the inferno.

The two men were arrested just outside the house a short time later.

In one of the final minutes of his audiotaped confession, Komisarjevsky seems to be particularly struck by the death of the two girls.

"They did every, they did, they did what they were supposed to do. There was no reason for them to die. They were compliant the entire way, both you know, very bright young ladies," he said.

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Burglar Calls 911 on Homeowner, Locks Himself in Bathroom 

Multnomah County Sheriff's Office(PORTLAND, Ore.) -- A man called 911 to say there was a burglary in progress and he wanted police to come protect him. The caller, however, was the alleged burglar.

Timothy James Chapek, 24, had allegedly broken into a home in Portland, Ore., and was taking a shower in the burgled house when the homeowner returned and caught him at 7:07 p.m. Monday, according to police.

The homeowner, accompanied by his two German Shepherds, asked Chapek why he was in the home, police said. Chapek quickly locked himself in the bathroom and called 911.

The homeowner, who police are not identifying, also called 911 to report the intruder.

It's unclear if Chapek was intoxicated at the time.

Chapek, who has an extensive criminal record for non-violent crimes, was booked into the Multnomah County Jail Monday night and was released Tuesday. He will be charged with a misdemeanor for criminal trespassing, police said.

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Border Vigilante Shawna Forde Sentenced to Death for Home Invasion Murders

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(TUCSON, Ariz.) -- Shawna Forde, a border vigilante, was sentenced to death Tuesday for the murders of a nine-year-old Arivaca, Ariz., girl and her father in a home invasion she orchestrated to rob the family.

The jury deliberated only a few hours before coming to the decision, but the one juror who spoke to reporters said the deliberations were difficult.

"We chose death because that's what seems fair," juror Angela Thomas told ABC affiliate KGUN-TV in Tucson.

"While Shawna Forde gets to delight in the picture of her brand-new grandson, there's another person in this equation who never will. There's another person in this equation who'll never get to wear her first pair of high heels or have her first kiss or go to prom or graduation," Thomas said. "There's a little girl in this equation who's father won't be able to walk her down the aisle."

She said the trial, which included graphic, detailed testimony about how Raul "Junior" Flores, 29, and his young daughter were gunned down in their own home while Flores' wife, pretending to be dead, watched, was extremely painful.

Forde, 43, founder of Minutemen American Defense, showed no emotion when the verdict was read, but her attorney, Eric Larsen, said he did not expect the jury to come back with a death sentence.

"No I did not," Larsen told KGUN-TV. "I fully expected that this community valued human life greater then this jury did."

Forde was convicted Feb. 14 of two counts of murder for orchestrating the home invasion. Prosecutors said she planned to rob Flores, who she thought was a drug dealer, to fund her border watch group.

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'Minutemen' Vigilante Shawna Forde Guilty in Deadly Ariz. Home Invasion

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(TUCSON, Ariz.) -- Shawna Forde, a border vigilante, was convicted Monday of two counts of murder for orchestrating a home invasion that left a nine-year-old Arizona girl and her father dead.

Prosecutors said Forde planned the home invasion to rob Raul "Junior" Flores, who she thought was a drug dealer, to fund her border watch group. There were rumors that Flores, 29, had a stash of $4,000 in cash in the house.

Flores and his daughter Bresenia were both killed in the May 2009 attack at their Arivaca, Ariz., home. His wife, Gina Gonzalez, was shot three times but survived by playing dead.

In addition to the first-degree murder charges, Forde, 43, founder of Minutemen American Defense, was found guilty of one count of attempted first-degree murder; one count of burglary in the first-degree; one count of aggravated assault, serious physical injury; one count of aggravated assault, deadly weapon/dangerous instrument; one count of armed robbery and one count of aggravated armed robbery.

The Pima County Superior Court jury came back with a verdict after it deliberated for seven hours over two days.

The sentencing phase of the trial begins Tuesday. Forde could face the death penalty.

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Home Invasion Suspect Allegedly Kills Two Little Boys

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga.) -- Georgia police have arrested a man accused of a gruesome killing, allegedly stabbing to death two young children and seriously wounding another child and their father.

Antonio Cardenas Rico, 28, was arrested by Gwinnett County police early Thursday morning and charged with two counts of murder, after a heart-rending 911 call made by Elvis Garcia, the father or stepfather of the children.

Police say Rico knew the Garcia family, but they did not yet know the nature of their relationship.

Police say Garcia entered the family's basement apartment and allegedly stabbed to death two little boys, Edward Garcia, 1, and Bradley Garcia, 3.

After the attack, around 6:30 p.m., Elvis Garcia, 23, bleeding from a stab wound to his chest, called 911 from a cell phone and ran outside to a neighbor, police said.

"He killed my children," Garcia told neighbor Lewon Thomas, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

"He wanted me to go back and see what happened," Thomas told the paper. "It was horrific."

Thomas said Elvis told him that Rico was the boys' mother's ex-boyfriend.

Police, however, could not confirm how Rico knew the family.

"He knew the family, but we don't know the exact nature of their relationship," Cpl. Jake Smith said.

Two of the children were declared dead at the scene, but another unidentified 3-year old boy was evacuated to a children's hospital in Georgia. Elvis Garcia was taken to the hospital by ambulance and is in "serious condition," Smith said.

Police have not identified the boys' mother, but said she was not at home at the time. She is, they said, being questioned by police.

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Daughter, Two Others Charged in Fatal Attack of Michigan Parents

Paul Skinner, of Yale, Mich., was killed defending his wife, Mara, when two intruders broke into their home and attacked them as they slept, police said. Photo Courtesy - ABC News(YALE, Mich.) -- A Michigan couple's 17-year-old adopted daughter and two other people were charged Sunday in connection to Friday's brutal attack on the couple. Police are still investigating the incident that left the father dead and the mother in critical condition, according to officials.

Jonathan Aaron Kurtz, 18, James Leslie Preston, 18, and Tia Marie-Mitchell Skinner, 17, where charged with open murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder, according to Sgt. Daniel Drake of the Michigan State Police.

Paul and Mara Skinner were in bed around midnight Thursday when two people in Halloween masks broke into their Yale home through a bedroom window and began stabbing them as they slept, police said. Paul Skinner, 47, was able to rouse himself to fight with the attackers, and was eventually able to drive them out of the house.

The couple's son, who was sleeping in the basement at the time of the attack, heard the commotion as his father was fighting the attackers out of the house and came to help, but too late, police said. Skinner's son tried to revive him, but was unable to.

Mara Skinner, a 44-year-old junior high school teacher, was stabbed more than 20 times, but was expected to recover, police said.

Michigan State Police Det. Pat Young said the Skinners had disapproved of a relationship their adopted daughter, who is their niece, was having, and that "may have been a factor" in the attack.

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