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Baby Trapped in Washing Machine Emerges Laughing

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- For more than a minute, a father and mother scrambled to get their 1-year-old out of a spinning washing machine at a Camden, N.J., laundromat.

The surveillance video of the May 11 incident, which was first posted on YouTube under the name “Epic Parenting Fail At A Laundromat,” shows an unidentified man placing his son in a washing machine. After shutting the door, the machine locked and began its spin cycle, tossing the child in circles.

The parents realized the child was stuck inside the machine and began pulling on the door. The child’s mother sprinted across the laundromat to alert an employee.

The quick-thinking worker, who was identified as Kong Eng, pushed two tables out of the way, opened the back panel and shut off the power.

“I pulled the baby out and then the baby still had a life and I’m very happy,” Eng told ABC affiliate WABC.

The child had a few bruises, but was laughing, witnesses told the station.

The incident doesn’t appear to be criminal, however prosecutors said they hope the mother and father will come forward to prove the child is unharmed.

The video has received more than 6 million hits since it was posted last week.

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Newborn Baby Found After Attacker Killed Mom

ABC News(SPRING, Texas) -- The 3-day-old baby who was snatched from his mother by a woman who shot her at least six times in the parking lot of a Spring, Texas, pediatrician's office, has been found alive, officials said.

The Montgomery County District Attorney's office told ABC station KTRK-TV in Houston only that the boy, Keegan Schuchardt, had been found alive. They did not say where the infant was found, or anything about the progress of the search for the suspect in the case.

Police said the incident began when Kayla Marie Golden, 28, was standing by her pickup truck outside the pediatrician's office at around 2:40 p.m., and a car with a man and woman inside pulled up and there was some kind of argument.

The woman got out and shot the mother repeatedly with what was believed to be a 9mm pistol, then took the baby, Keegan, who was in his car seat, from the mother's pickup truck, police and witnesses said.

"She was laying on the ground. She wasn't moving for nothing," witness Joshua Jesson told KTRK. "But then I saw a blue Lexus drive off in that direction."

"The child was being put into the suspect vehicle and that's when the mother tried to get into the car," Lt. Dan Norris with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said. "The car sped away, knocking the lady to the ground."

The mother was rushed to a hospital but died there, police said.

Authorities have detained one person of interest in the investigation, according to Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon.

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Missing Baby Lisa: FBI and Police Search Landfill

Hemera/Thinkstock(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) -- The search for missing baby Lisa Irwin moved to a Missouri landfill Friday just hours after the girl's mother said police have accused her of doing something to her daughter.

Kansas City police and FBI agents began combing through the Johnson County landfill known officially as Deffenbaugh Industries.

"We were out there searching the landfill today," Bridget Patton, spokeswoman for the FBI's Kansas City Division, told ABC News.

When asked if the search was related to the disappearance of 10-month-old Lisa Irwin, Patton said, "Yeah, it's related to that."

Patton said this was the second time this week the FBI has searched the landfill,

Earlier Friday, Lisa's mother said that police accused her of having done something to her child.

"From the start when they've questioned me, once I couldn't fill in gaps, it turned into 'You did it, you did it,'" Deborah Bradley told ABC’s Good Morning America. "They took a picture down from the table and said, 'Look at your baby! And do what's right for her!' I kept saying I don't know ... I just sat there. I didn't even ask to leave. I just let them keep asking questions."

Bradley also said police accused her of failing a polygraph test. Police said they could not comment on this claim, but said Bradley is "free to say whatever she wants."

The child vanished from her crib four days ago and police have said they literally do not have a clue about where Lisa is or who took her.

Bradley, who sobbed through her interview with GMA, spoke out after Kansas City police said Bradley and the toddler's father Jeremy Irwin had stopped cooperating.

The parents told GMA they have not ended their cooperation with police.

Anyone with information on Lisa's disappearance should call the Kansas City Police Department hotline at 816-474-TIPS.

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Missing Missouri Baby: Amber Alert Cancelled as Search Continues

Kansas City Police(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) -- Police have cancelled an Amber Alert for a missing 10-month-old infant believed to have been abducted from her crib in Kansas City, Mo., though the investigation and search for her continues.

Over 100 Kansas City police officers and FBI agents are searching for Lisa Irwin, the missing infant who was last seen at 10:30 p.m. on Monday asleep in her crib at her parents' home.  The massive search has also included canines, mounted patrol, a fugitive unit, and a narcotics and vice unit.  Police issued the alert for Lisa Irwin early Tuesday morning.

At 7:30 p.m. Tuesday police pulled the Amber Alert, which is meant to immediately inform the public of a missing minor who is believed to be at risk of serious injury or death.

"Although the investigation and search for Lisa Irwin continues, an active Amber Alert is no longer necessary in this case.  Lisa Irwin is still considered a missing/endangered juvenile," police Sgt. Stacey Graves said in a news release.

Kris Ketz with ABC's Kansas City affiliate KMBC-TV reported late on Tuesday that the K-9's were finished searching for the night and that the police search will continue Wednesday morning.

In a news conference Tuesday afternoon, police Capt. Steve Young said that police have exhausted everything possible at the original scene.  Young also said that there have been no indications at this point that the parents' story is "hinky" or problematic.  Lisa's mother was taken to police headquarters earlier on Tuesday for questioning and her father was not, but Young could not say why.

"You can say they are being held, but you can also say they are being cooperative," Young said.  "They're an essential part of the investigation, and we're continuing to talk to them."

Young confirmed that a neighbor said they saw someone walking down the street at night with a baby in a diaper, but he did not know if this tip had led investigators to any more information.  He said investigators do not have any "hard leads" or suspects yet.

Lisa's mother put her down to sleep at approximately 10:30 p.m. Monday night, according to police.  When Lisa's father arrived home from work at around 4 a.m., he went into her room to check on her and discovered she was missing.  The parents immediately called police.

"They saw the window and the screen appeared that it was tampered with," Officer Darin Snapp, public information officer for the Kansas City Police, told ABC News.

Authorities believe Lisa has been abducted and that the suspect entered and exited through the bedroom window. Police said there is no indication that anything else was taken from the house.

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Amber Alert: Kansas City Infant Missing from Crib

Kansas City, Missouri Police Department(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) -- Kansas City Police have issued an Amber Alert for Lisa Irwin, a missing 10-month-old infant they believe may have been abducted from her crib in Missouri. The FBI has joined the Kansas City Police in the investigation.

Lisa's mother put her down to sleep at approximately 10:30 p.m. Monday night, according to police. When Lisa's father arrived home from work at around 4 a.m., he went into her room to check on her and discovered she was missing. The parents immediately called police.

"They saw the window and the screen appeared that it was tampered with," officer Darin Snapp, public information officer for the Kansas City Police, told ABC News. Authorities believe Lisa has been abducted and that the suspect entered and exited through the bedroom window.

"We are conducting an area canvas, knocking on doors and talking to anyone that was in the area that night," Snapp said. Canines are searching a wooded area behind the family's house.

Both parents were on the scene Tuesday and cooperating with police, according to ABC's Kansas City affiliate KMBC.

"We are interviewing family and friends just to eliminate everyone's that close to the family as suspects," Snapp said. Police do not have any witnesses or suspects at this time. Snapp described the family's neighborhood as a "middle class, very quiet neighborhood."

Police are asking for the community's help in finding the little girl.

"We have no eyewitnesses and a six-hour time frame when the child could have been abducted," Snapp said. "We need any help at all."

Lisa has blue eyes, blonde hair, is 30 inches long and weighs between 26 and 30 pounds. She was last seen wearing purple shorts and a purple shirt with white kittens on it. She has two bottom teeth, a small bug bite under her left ear and a beauty mark on her right outer thigh. She also has a cold with a cough.

"We are pleading that if anyone saw anything, to contact us," Snapp said. "It might be that small piece [of information] that puts everything together."

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Police, FBI Search for Michigan Infant Believed to Be Kidnapped by Father

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(LUDINGTON, Mich.) -- An intense search is underway in Michigan for Katherine Shelbie-Elizabeth Phillips, a baby girl missing since Wednesday afternoon.

Sean Phillips, 21, the four-and-a-half-month-old's father, is suspected of kidnapping his daughter.

"He did not say where she was, and he did not say he knew where she was," Mason County prosecutor Paul Spaniola said at a news conference Thursday afternoon.

Phillips, a National Guardsman, was set to deploy to Afghanistan but instead faces a kidnapping charge at home and is being held on a $500,000 bond. If convicted of kidnapping, he would face a potential penalty of life in prison.

Katherine's mother, Ariel Courtland, 19, identified Phillips as the alleged kidnapper. The couple also has an older child.

Courtland and Phillips had run an errand near their home in Ludington, Mich., about 80 miles west of Grand Rapids, Mich., police said. They evidently got into an argument and Phillips allegedly took off with the child.

"Baby Kate," as her mother calls her, is teething. She has no hair, blue eyes and was dressed in a white one-piece outfit with black polka dots and black and pink flowers.

Courtland said she never suspected Phillips would hurt their daughter and does not think he would leave the child with someone else. "I think, if anything, he just left her somewhere," she said.

Now that he's been arrested, she said she feared he would keep the baby's location a secret.

Phillips was arrested at his parents' home late Wednesday afternoon, but police found no trace of baby Katherine.

Officials are operating under the assumption Katherine will be found alive, Ludington Police Chief Mark Barnett said, but time is of the essence.

Police believe Phillips may have taken his daughter to a local Wendy's restaurant sometime between 1 and 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. They are looking for anyone who may have seen one or both of them there.

Authorities have issued an Amber Alert for the baby. Police are urging anyone with information to call (231) 869 5858 or to leave anonymous tips on their Silent Observer Hotline, 888-786-7274, or on the website

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Texas Parents Charged After Infant Dies in Their Bed

Courtesy Angelina County Jail(HUDSON, Texas) -- A Texas couple has been indicted for endangering a child after two infants died within a year of each other while sleeping in bed with the adults.

The first death was ruled an accident, but the second death happened because Mark and Vanessa Clark "intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, or with criminal negligence" put the child at risk of "imminent danger of death, bodily injury, or physical or mental impairment, by sleeping with said child in the same bed when said child that was less than four months of age."

Vanessa Clark's indictment also includes an enhancement that notes that she was convicted of a felony for aggravated assault in November 2000.

Mark and Vanessa Clark have had trouble with the law in the past. Mark Clark was charged with driving while his license was suspended, but Vanessa Clark has been convicted of more serious crimes and has served jail time on multiple occasions. Her charges include aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, theft, trespass, and assault to a family member in 1998.

The couple lost their first child in May 2009, but no charges were filed. The baby boy was 39 days old.

Hudson Police Chief Jeff Burns investigated the first case and told that medical examiners determined that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome was the cause of death for the 2009 incident.

"There were no charges, no trauma, no forensic evidence that indicated criminal activity," Burns said. He said there was "no thought" in his mind that this would happen again when he investigated.

"I am not aware of any plans to investigate the first case, but by necessity, it would seem that some of the information might come to play in the current case," Dale Summa, the assistant district attorney in Angelina County, told ABC News.

Summa said that endangering a child is a state jail felony and, if convicted, the couple could face six months to two years in a state jail and $10,000 in fines. The arraignment is scheduled for July 25.

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California Baby Survives Toilet Birth

BananaStock/Thinkstock(BAKERSFIELD, Calif.) -- A mother due to have her baby in two weeks got the surprise of her life when she delivered a baby boy in her California bathroom. And she has a calm and collected friend and 9-1-1 dispatcher to thank for helping her through the process.

The Bakersfield mom-to-be was 38 weeks along when she had to go to the restroom Thursday. Moments later, she delivered her baby in the toilet of the bathroom.

Fortunately, a quick-thinking friend was visiting at the time of the unexpected delivery. The friend immediately called 9-1-1, beginning a step-by-step process that developed into a touching dialogue between the 9-1-1 operator and the friend.

"She's sitting on the toilet and the baby's in the toilet," the friend said.

Without missing a beat, the dispatcher instructed the shocked caller on what to do next. "Oh, get her off the toilet," she said. Soon thereafter, the baby's first cry can be heard. "OK, listen carefully," she said. "I have help on the way. I'm going to tell you exactly what to do next."

The dispatcher then instructs the friend to find a shoelace or string in order to wrap the baby's umbilical cord, encouraging the caller the entire time. "You're doing a great job, OK?" the 9-1-1 dispatcher said. The dispatcher's caring manner continued through the call as she guides the caller through tying the cord. "Around the umbilical cord, about six inches from the baby, but don't cut it," the dispatcher said.

The dispatcher even remained on the line after emergency medical responders arrived and continued the touching conversation. "So cute. Does he look full size?" the dispatcher asked.

"He, he looks pretty big," the caller said.

"He's still breathing," the friend said.

"How exciting," the dispatcher responded.

The mother and her baby were taken to a local hospital but there's no word on the condition of either.

Neither the mother nor dispatcher has been identified.

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