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Police: Arkansas Escaped Inmate's Mother, Brother Helped in Jailbreak

Quincy Vernard Stewart (L) and Cortez Rashod Hooper (R). Miller County Sheriff's Office(TEXARKANA, Ark.) -- An Arkansas inmate who sawed through jail bars and escaped with a friend Monday received help from his mother and brother, who furnished him with a hacksaw and cellphone, according to police.

The mother of Quincy Stewart, Charlene Stewart, 55, was arrested and charged Tuesday with furnishing prohibited articles into a detention facility and furnishing implements of escape, following an investigation that led police to believe she supplied her son with the hacksaw and phone.

Quincy Stewart, 36, and Cortez Hooper, 23, are believed to have used the saw's blades to cut through bars on the jail's windows, and then use a mattress cover to lower themselves to the ground before scaling fences and escaping into the woods.

Quincy Stewart's brother, Edward George Dailey, 34, was arrested Wednesday evening and charged with furnishing implements of escape.

"Both of them conspired and did pass on a cellphone and hacksaw blades to Quincy Stewart," Miller County Sheriff's chief deputy Duke Schofield said on Thursday.

Police and the U.S. Marshals Service are still combing the area, following leads and interviewing acquaintances of the two men to try and locate them.  Authorities believe they were picked up by a vehicle near the jail after they escaped and are still in the Texarkana area.

"Anybody found in the company of either one of these two will go to jail," Schofield said.

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