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'Intensive Rehabilitation' Is Next for Giffords, New Doctor Says

Photo Courtesy - Bill Clark/Roll Call via Getty Images(HOUSTON) -- Rep. Gabrielle Giffords had had a remarkable recovery from her gunshot wound two weeks ago, but she faces “intensive rehabilitation” in Houston, her new doctor told ABC News Friday.

She has been on a “smooth, glide path” so far, Dr. John Holcomb said, and he hopes to continue that good fortune when she is transferred from Tucson to the Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center Friday afternoon.

“What we’ll do is make sure that she has taken this transfer okay, has no other complications that have developed that need other operations or interventions and then help coordinate the team that is caring for [her], anticipating problems, intervening early so that those problems don’t develop,” the trauma surgeon said.

Holcomb wants to get her back into rehab as soon as possible, he said.

“The key is get into intensive rehabilitation...Bringing in lots of different people from different specialties to work as a coordinated team, speech, cognitive, physical rehabilitation.  All working together under the direction of a rehab specialist,” he said.

Giffords has avoided major pitfalls including infections and brain swelling.  Holcomb said her recovery “sounds fantastic so far” and hopes that the prediction by Giffords’ husband that she would be walking within two months comes true.

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