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Police Find No Clues In Alleged Kidnapper's Car, Surrounding Area 

Photo Courtesy - KGO-TV San Francisco(PATTERSON, Calif.) -- An exhaustive search of Central California's Delta-Mendota Canal has turned up the car of the man who police say kidnapped four-year-old Juliani Cardenas, but little else. Divers searched Saturday, concluding that the car, and the siphon that it was found in did not contain any bodies.

Police say the siphon the car was stuck in connects the canal to a creek via a tunnel. Police scanned the area both on foot, and used sonar devices to try to find the car under water. They found more than 10 other automobiles before coming across the one they were looking for. Authorities say their next step will be to look for bodies in the hundred-mile long canal.

Along with Cardenas, police are looking for 27-year-old Jose Esteban Rodriguez, the man they allege kidnapped the young boy on January 18.

Police expect to resume their search for the two on Monday.

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Kidnap Suspect's Car Found, California Boy Still Missing

Photo Courtesy - KGO-TV San Francisco(PATTERSON, Calif.) -- Authorities in California continue to search for a four-year-old boy who went missing on Jan. 18.

On Friday divers searched the Delta-Mendota Canal and found the silver Toyota Corolla which they say Jose Esteban Rodriguez was driving when he abducted Juliani Cardenas. Neither Rodriguez nor Cardenas was found inside the vehicle. Authorities say divers will return to the canal on Saturday to continue to search for the missing boy and his alleged abductor.

Investigators began searching the canal after a witness reported seeing a car that matched the description of the suspect’s car drive into the canal. The witness also recalled seeing a man and a child in the car when it went into the canal.

Cardenas was with his grandmother, Amparo Cardenas, in Patterson, Calif., when Rodriguez snatched the child and fled. Rodriguez is the ex-boyfriend of the child’s mother, Tabitha Cardenas.

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