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Experts: Kensington Strangler Is Classified as 'Sexual Serial Killer'

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(PHILADELPHIA) -- The man who has confessed to being Philadelphia's "Kensington Strangler" claims he didn't mean for the women to die, but experts on what they call sexual, serial killers believe the suspect knew what he was doing and "enjoyed the act of killing them."

Sources told ABC Affiliate WPVI that Antonio Rodriguez has confessed to police that he murdered Elaine Goldberg, Nicole Piacentini and Casey Mahoney between November and mid-December of last year. Prosecutors approved charges to be filed against Rodriguez Thursday. He is expected to be formally charged with three counts each of murder, rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and abuse of a corpse.

Rodriguez is also a suspect in the sexual assault of at least three other women.

The 22-year-old suspect is described as soft-spoken, and at five-foot-nine and 150 pounds is slightly built.

Police sources told the Philadelphia Inquirer that during his interrogation, Rodriguez said that he didn't set out to kill the women and that he knew he had to stop.

Rodriguez wanted to have "rough fantasy sex," choking the women until they were unconscious, but he did not want to kill them, sources told the Inquirer.

Forensic psychologists told ABC News that Rodriguez, if convicted of being the "Kensington Strangler," fits the profile of a sexual, serial killer.

Forensic psychologist Louis B. Schlesinger said that sexual, serial killers often choose strangulation as the method of their murder because it's up close and personal.

"Strangulation allows an individual to control the speed at which the victim dies and this is very sexually stimulating for him," Schlesinger said. "It's not uncommon to strangle until almost the point of death, then release the pressure as she [the victim] is about to die so he can increase the time of the sexual strangulation."

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Wrong Man Shown in Wanted Photo for Philadelphia 'Kensington Strangler'

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(PHILADELPHIA) -- Vigilantes forced a Philadelphia man to flee his house Monday night after flyers and Facebook postings with his name and picture falsely labeled him the "Kensington Strangler."

Philadelphia police have been on the hunt since November for a man connected to a series of sexual assaults and murders of women in the Kensington neighborhood.

DNA evidence has linked the deaths of the three women, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported Tuesday night. All were strangled and had been sexually assaulted, and according to the Inquirer, police say the murderer now fits the definition of a serial killer.

The community thought it had gotten a break in the case when a group of people began sending text messages, posting flyers, and even writing on Facebook walls that the strangler was 24-year-old resident Triz Jefferies.

Philadelphia police said that they became aware of the misinformation Monday.

"Everybody has to be very leery of photos of a wanted person on Facebook," Lt. Ray Evers said. "Because of social networking and how big this fan page is growing...if somebody shared it with their friends, the multiplier's pretty damning."

More than 8,000 people belong to the Facebook group, "Catch the Kensington Strangler, before he catches someone you love," which showed Jefferies' picture. The posting was removed after Philadelphia police said that he was not a suspect in the case. But for Jefferies, the drama didn't end there.

"He had people milling outside his house. He actually called police to take him to the special victims unit to be interviewed," Evers said.

Afraid of the crowds surrounding his house, the man submitted to a DNA test and was cleared in the case. He told police that he thought somebody was "trying to mess with me." Police are investigating who was behind the false information, and Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey reiterated the man's innocence at a press conference Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Philadelphia officials also announced a $37,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the strangler.

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