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Jessica Ridgeway: Colorado Community on Edge as Police Hunt For Predator

Image credit: Courtesy of the Ridgeway family(WESTMINSTER, Colo.) -- Residents in the community where 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway was kidnapped, killed and dismembered are on edge while a killer is on the loose.

"We realize there is a predator in our community," said Lee Birk, chief of police in Westminster, Colo.

Those tensions were only heightened on Saturday when police believed a 13-year-old boy had been the victim of an attempted abduction in nearby Golden, Colo., but the incident turned out to be a misunderstanding, police said.

The teen believed a man was trying to lure him into his parked car, so he ran inside his home and alerted his mother, who managed to snap a photo of the suspect in his blue sedan.

When the picture was circulated by police, the 18-year-old man in the car turned himself in and explained that he had been trying to get the boy to knock on the door of his ex-girlfriend's home to get her attention, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office spokesman Mark Techmeyer told ABC News' Denver affiliate.

A mugshot of the driver was taken, but he was released after police determined he was not a threat to the community.

"I think everyone reacted just the way they should have, in the light of everything that is going on," Techmeyer said.

FBI profilers believe the suspect they are hunting for is likely male and might have recently missed work or suddenly left town. He may have changed his appearance or gotten rid of his car, profilers said.

"We haven't identified an individual, so we're talking and conveying to our community the importance of looking at behavioral changes. Unfortunately, it's somebody's family member, a neighbor, a friend," said Trevor Materasso of the Westminster Police Department.

Jessica was last seen on Oct. 5 when she left for school. The fifth-grader never showed up at a nearby park where she was supposed to meet friends for the one-mile walk to her elementary school.

After an extensive search of the area, including knocking on doors and FBI road blocks, Jessica's dismembered body was found on Wednesday in an Arvada, Colo., park, miles from where she was abducted.

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John Lennon's Killer, Mark David Chapman, Scheduled to Have Parole Hearing This Week

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- John Lennon's killer is up for parole this week for a seventh time and could have a hearing as early as Tuesday, officials said.

Mark David Chapman pleaded guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to 20 years to life for gunning down the Beatle outside of his Manhattan apartment complex on Dec. 8, 1980.

A decision regarding his release could come as soon as Thursday or Friday, according to the New York Department of Corrections.

At Chapman's last parole hearing in September 2010, he told the board that there were other names on his list of potential targets, including Johnny Carson and Elizabeth Taylor and two others he could not recall.

"I was going through that in my mind the other day; I knew you would ask that," Chapman told officials during the 2010 hearing. "Johnny Carson was one of them. Elizabeth Taylor. I lose memory of perhaps the other two."

"If it wasn't Lennon, it could have been someone else," he said.

Chapman said he chose the Beatle because he was the most accessible target on his list.

Yoko Ono, the wife of the late musician, said in 2010 that she opposed paroling Chapman and believed he could be a danger to her and her family.

Chapman became eligible for parole on Dec. 4, 2000, according to the New York Department of Corrections.

He is currently being housed at the Wende Correctional Facility in Alden, N.Y.

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Report: Anthrax Killer Should Not Have Had Army Security Clearance

FBI/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- An independent review of the psychiatric records of the alleged anthrax killer Dr. Bruce Ivins has revealed that the Army scientist should never have been given a security clearance or access to the deadly pathogen based on his psychological profile and diagnosable mental illness. The report also found that Ivins allegedly carried out the attacks for revenge following questions about his work with the anthrax vaccine.  The findings were made by the Expert Behavioral Analysis Panel, which was ordered by a federal judge to review Ivins’ sealed psychological records to determine if future acts of bioterrorism could be prevented.

“Dr. Ivins had a significant and lengthy history of psychological disturbance and diagnosable mental illness at the time he began working for USAMRIID in 1980 that would have disqualified him from a Secret level security clearance had this been known.” said panel chairman Dr. Gregory Saathoff at a Tuesday press conference in  Washington to announce the findings in the report. Dr. Saathoff is the executive director of the University of Virginia Critical Incident Analysis Group and associate professor of research psychiatry at the UVA medical school.

“Information regarding his disqualifying behaviors was readily available in the medical record and accessible to personnel had it been pursued,” the report concluded in its key findings.

The report also found in key findings that Dr. Ivins omitted key information during his security clearance process and that Army investigators did not follow up on conflicting information or review additional medical records that were available despite Ivins signing multiple waivers for his health records privacy.  
Information released in the report notes that Ivins was first treated by a psychiatrist in 1978 when he was a graduate student at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.   The report concluded, “Dr. Ivins was psychologically disposed to undertake the mailings; his behavioral history demonstrated his potential for carrying them out; and he had the motivation and the means.”

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