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Miami Bus Crash Kills 2 After Hitting Overpass

Comstock/Thinkstock(MIAMI) -- A bus slammed into an overpass at Miami International Airport on Saturday, killing two people and critically injuring three passengers, authorities said.

The 27 other passengers on board the tour bus also sustainted injuries when it hit the overpass at 20 mph while traveling through the airport's arrivals section, an area off-limits to larger vehicles, Miami International Airport spokesman Greg Chin said.

"This driver got disoriented or I don't know what, but he wound up on the lower drive and he was going fairly fast, so he made contact with the roof of the lower drive," Chin said, adding that the overpass had been "clearly marked" with a warning that it was 8 feet, 6 inches high.

Buses are directed to go through the departures level, which allows for higher clearance vehicles, Chin said.

Lt. Rosanna Cordero-Stutz, of the Miami-Dade Police Department, told ABC News' Miami affiliate that police are interviewing the bus driver, who said he was unfamiliar with the area and did not mean to end up at the airport.

It was not yet known where the private bus, which is used for tours, had been heading.

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*An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that the bus involved in the accident was a double decker bus.


American Soldier Charged in Afghan Thrill Kills to Plead Guilty LEWIS, Wash.) -- An American soldier accused of being part of a "kill team" that murdered innocent Afghan civilians for fun will plead guilty to murder Wednesday in a military courtroom at Fort Lewis, Washington and then testify against his four co-defendants, according to his attorney.

In a confession taped last year and obtained by ABC News, Jeremy Morlock, a 22-year-old corporal from Wasilla, Alaska, admitted his role in the murders of three unarmed civilians, but told Army investigators that his unit's "crazy" sergeant had hatched the plan.  Earlier this week the German magazine Der Spiegel published a photo of a smiling Morlock posing with the body of one of the alleged victims.

Morlock reached a deal with Army prosecutors last month, said his civilian attorney, Geoffrey Nathan, in which he will plead guilty to three counts of murder, one count of conspiracy to commit assault and battery and one count of illegal drug use.  According to Nathan, the deal will require Morlock to serve 24 years in prison, with parole eligibility after seven years, and to testify against the other defendants at trial.  Morlock had been facing life in prison if convicted of the charges.

Morlock, a member of the Army's 5th Stryker Brigade, is one of five soldiers charged in the deaths of three Afghan civilians that occurred in Southern Afghanistan between January and May 2010.  Prosecutors allege that Morlock, Staff Sgt. Calvin R. Gibbs, Spec. Adam C. Winfield, Spec. Michael S. Wagnon II, Pfc. Andrew H. Holmes and Morlock participated in one or more of the murders and staged them to make unarmed Afghans appear to be armed insurgents.

On the confession tape, shot in May 2010 at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, Morlock told investigators that Gibbs planned the killings.

"He just really doesn't have any problems with f---ing killing these people," Morlock said, and then laid out the scenario he said the sergeant used to make it seem the civilians were killed in action.

"And so we identify a guy.  Gibbs makes a comment, like, you know, you guys wanna wax this guy or what?" Morlock told investigators.

The corporal said Gibbs gave orders to open fire on a civilian at the same time Gibbs threw a hand grenade at the victim.

"He pulled out one of his grenades, an American grenade, you know, popped it, throws it, tells me where to go to whack this guy, kill this guy, kill this guy," said Morlock.

Morlock said Sergeant Gibbs carried a Russian grenade to throw next to the body of the dead Afghan, to make it seem he was about to attack the American soldiers.

The corporal said he opened fire as directed, fearful of not following Gibbs' orders.

"It's definitely not the right thing to do," Morlock told the investigators.  "But I mean, when you got a squad leader bringing you into that, that type of real, that mindset, and he believes that you're on board with that, there's definitely no way you wanted him to think otherwise."

The investigator asked Morlock, "Because you felt maybe the next shot might be coming your way?"

"You never know.  Exactly," answered Morlock.  "I mean Gibbs talked about how easy it is, people disappear on the battlefield all the time."

A lawyer for Gibbs declined to comment to ABC News.  Gibbs, Winfield, Wagnon and Holmes are in military custody and face life sentences if convicted. 

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Fla. Teen's Father Issues Tearful Apology After Son Allegedly Kills Officer

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.) -- A Florida teenager appeared in court Wednesday morning after giving a tearful and emotional confession to police that he killed a St. Petersburg police officer Monday night.

Nicholas Lemmon Lindsey, 16, a 10th-grader at Gibbs High School, turned himself into authorities Tuesday night after a nearly day-long manhunt for a suspect in the shooting death of Officer David Crawford.

In a Pinellas County courtroom, the teen showed little emotion until his father, also named Nicholas, broke into tears as he apologized for the killing.

"On behalf of me, my son and my entire family, we send our deepest condolences and sympathy to the family and his colleagues that he worked with," the elder Nicholas Lindsey said. "This is my only son and I'm sorry that it happened."

After making the comments, the father covered his eyes with his hand and continued to cry. As the younger Nicholas Lindsey left the courtroom, he held a tissue in his hand to wipe away tears. Lindsey is being held without bail. It is unclear whether he will be charged as an adult.

"At this point, this will be a decision made by the state attorney after a review and evaluation of the facts and circumstances," Circuit Judge James Raymond said.

The teenager lived with his mother and brothers in an apartment and went by the nickname Lil' Nick, family members told ABC Affiliate WFTS.

Crawford, 46, was responding to a call of a prowler near Tropicana Field Monday night when he was shot, police said. Lindsey was allegedly attempting to steal a Dodge Neon.

After shooting Crawford, the teen fled from the scene and threw his gun in a creek, police said.

Police said another officer found Crawford on the ground. The 25-year veteran was pronounced dead at Bayfront Medical Center.

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