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Leopard Killed in Indiana Backyard

Ryan McVay/Thinkstock(CHARLESTOWN, Ind.) -- An Indiana woman trying to protect her cats from wild animal attacks was stunned to discover that the animal she and her boyfriend shot, thinking it was a bobcat prowling in her backyard, was actually a leopard, and now authorities are trying to determine how it got there.

Officials at the Indiana Department of Natural Resources confirmed that a leopard, which is not native to North America — let alone Indiana — was found at the woman’s residence in Charlestown. The DNR is investigating where the animal might have come from.

Donna Duke, a friend and neighbor of the woman who found the leopard, told ABC affiliate WDRB-TV in Louisville, Ky., that the woman had been concerned about her cats after a spate of attacks on pets in her area.

“She’s got cats that are basically her family,” Duke told WDRB.

According to Duke, the woman and her boyfriend stayed up all night Thursday to determine whether there was a bobcat loose in their area. When they saw the big cat in the woods at the edge of her property, the woman’s boyfriend shot and killed the animal before it could get any closer, not realizing it was a leopard.

Residents of Indiana are allowed to own exotic large cats but they must have a permit. The owner of a local wildlife refuge center located near the woman’s home told WDRB-TV that none of his animals were missing.

Anyone with information on the animal can contact the Indiana Conservation Officers Central Dispatch at (812) 837-9536 or 1-800-TIP-IDNR.

On Friday, an employee at an exotic feline rescue center in western Indiana was seriously injured in a tiger attack.

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Leopard Mauls 7-Year-Old Boy on School Trip

John Foxx/Stockbyte(WICHITA, Kan.) -- A child on a school field trip to a Wichita zoo was mauled by a leopard after the child got too close to the big cat's enclosure and was grabbed by the animal.

Two visitors who saw the attack jumped over the railing around the animal's cage and kicked the leopard in the head until it released the seven-year-old boy.

The first-grader had apparently climbed over the railing and approached the cat's thin metal mesh enclosure. The cat sprang.

"This little boy was facing away from the cage and the leopard had his his paws, and it was trying to bite through the wire," said Stephanie Terribilini, a zoo visitor who witnessed the mauling.

John Delgado jumped in to save the boy.

He was "just somebody's kid," Delgado said. "I couldn't let that happen. It was sad."

The boy is listed in fair condition. He suffered deep scratches on his face and neck as a result of the attack.

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