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First Lady Gets Her Hands Dirty, Promotes Healthy Living in Chicago

Scott Olson/Getty Images(CHICAGO) -- The first lady looked as much fashionplate as farmhand as she toured Iron Street urban farm on Chicago’s Southside Tuesday.

There to support Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s effort to shrink “inner-city food deserts” (areas devoid of grocery stores and healthy food choices) and to advance her own agenda of healthy eating and fitness, the first lady toured the facility and learned about aquaponics, worm composting and various types of indoor agriculture, such as oyster mushroom chandeliers.

At one point standing over a compost pile, the first lady picked up a worm and said mischievously to the media, “It’s alive!”

Outside the large warehouse facility sit several greenhouses. The first lady went down rows of “curly” kale in one of them, getting guidance from farm staff tending these year-round crops.

Johnny Evans, 19, was one of them. He said he talked to the Michelle Obama about how “we grow these greens year-round in these greenhouses, all natural, no electricity. The compost keeps it warm.”

Michelle Obama looked sleek, comfortable and fashionable in black pants and a tan-and-black, nautical-striped long-sleeve jersey that gathered to a bow on her right shoulder.

At the event, the first lady joined with Emanuel to announce the opening of 36 new grocery stores across the city.

Her stop Tuesday is part of Obama’s national tour to promote her Let’s Move initiative. The campaign aims to promote healthy eating and exercise while combating childhood obesity. Earlier this month, Obama rallied with 400 children in an effort to break the world record for most people doing jumping jacks in a day, calling the National Geographic Kids-sponsored program “Let’s Jump!”

Tuesday night the first lady hosted a fundraiser for her husband in the Windy City.

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Michelle Obama Asks for Prayers for 9/11 Families

ABC/Donna Svennevik(WASHINGTON) -- While speaking to a group of 300 elementary students on the South Lawn of the White House Monday, first lady Michelle Obama briefly addressed the news of Osama bin Laden’s killing, in the broader context of keeping 9/11 families in their prayers.

“I want you all to listen, because given the recent things that have been going on, before we start I just wanted to say that looking out at all of you beautiful children, I can’t help but think of all the children and all the families affected by the September 11 tragedy nearly 10 years ago.  And they are all very much in our thoughts and our prayers, and we have to keep thinking about them, okay?”

Without mentioning the specific reason for her remarks, the first lady asked the children to promise to send prayers out. The children responded in unison with a hearty "yes."

The kids on Monday were taking part of a previously scheduled event with Live! with Regis and Kelly’s Run Across America with Dean Karnazes, in coordination with Mrs. Obama’s "Let’s Move!" campaign to combat childhood obesity.

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Planting Season: Michelle Obama Gets the White House Garden Ready for Spring

ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- With spring approaching, first lady Michelle Obama replanted the White House garden for the third time Wednesday afternoon.  Along with elementary students from local D.C. schools, Mrs. Obama planted cauliflower, spinach, peas and broccoli among other vegetables at the South Lawn garden.

“This is the planting season for the White House Garden," Mrs. Obama exclaimed. “There’s no way we would get this done without your help.”

One of the students was particularly excited to plants some beets.

“Uh-oh,” Mrs. Obama said. “The President doesn’t like beets.  But it’s okay.  We’re an equal opportunity garden."

The 1,500 square-foot garden has produced more than 2,000 pounds of fruit and vegetables, the White House touts, over the first two years of its existence. Many of those vegetables harvested from the garden contribute to meals that guests eat at the White House, as well as on the plates of the Obama family’s nightly dinners. The rest of the garden harvest goes to charity, the first lady’s office says.

Mrs. Obama says she hopes that once the garden is harvested the kids will try new vegetables, like leeks and Swiss chard growing in the garden. The White House kitchen garden is a part of Mrs. Obama’s "Let’s Move!" campaign to combat childhood obesity.

“It’s not just about planting good vegetables; it’s about passing the information on,” Mrs. Obama said.

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Michelle Obama: Happy 1st Birthday for 'Let's Move!'

Photo Courtesy - The White House(ATLANTA) -- It’s been one year since first lady Michelle Obama announced her signature exercise and nutrition program "Let’s Move!" On Wednesday, she celebrated.

“’Let’s Move!’ is far more than just a campaign, it’s so much more than just a slogan, this is a nationwide movement,” she told a large crowd at a church auditorium in Atlanta.

Obama deemed the program an early success, crediting the parents of America who insisted on more information on food labels, more affordable fresh fruit and vegetables and better food in school lunch programs.

“The truth is that executives at Walmart didn’t wake up one morning and decide to promote healthier products just for fun and folks in Congress didn’t write the most sweeping child nutrition legislation in decades because they had extra time on their hands,” she said, “They did this because folks like us stood up and asked for those changes.”

Last month Walmart, one of the nation’s largest grocers, pledged to cut 25 percent of the salt and 10 percent of added sugars in processed products by 2015 as well to cut $1 billion in costs to lower the prices of fresh food.

In addition, Obama said they’re putting salad bars in 6,000 schools, enlisted 2,000 professional chefs to help make school menus more healthy. And they recruited professional athletes to star in commercials that promote exercise and eating right.

“If we can do all this in just one year, just imagine what  we’ll achieve next year,” she said.

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First Lady To Celebrate One Year of Her Child Nutrition Campaign

Photo Courtesy - The White House(WASHINGTON) -- Wednesday marks the one-year anniversary of first lady Michelle Obama’s flagship issue: the "Let’s Move!" campaign to combat child obesity. Mrs. Obama will declare Wednesday that over the course of the year the “first signs of a fundamental shift in how we live and eat” have been seen due to the progress of her initiative.

The first lady will travel to Alpharetta, Georgia to give a speech at the North Point Community Church, one of the largest non-denominational evangelical churches in America, also hosted by Ray of Hope Christian Church. The first lady’s office is saying that tomorrow’s speech will be highly “personal” in tone, as the first lady will share how this issue has affected her as a parent.

In excerpts released before the speech from the first lady’s office, Mrs. Obama will call the day a celebration, noting that the anniversary of the initiatives brings some progress in child nutrition and eating habits in her eyes.

“We’re here to celebrate a new conversation in this country about the health and well-being of our children,” Mrs. Obama will say. “And over this past year, we’ve seen the first signs of a fundamental shift in how we live and eat. We’ve seen changes at every level of our society -- from classrooms, to boardrooms, to the halls of Congress.”

Mrs. Obama is expected to talk about the road going forward with the anti-obesity campaign and the role Americans can play.

The first lady will deliver the speech before parents, members of both congregations, local faith and community leaders, and supporters of the "Let’s Move!" campaign.  Beforehand Mrs. Obama will visit the Burgee Peterson Academy, a local Atlanta school, to “highlight how the school is working with children to promote healthy eating.”

The first lady’s office is pulling out all the stops to mark the anniversary, including Mrs. Obama’s live appearance on the Today show and Live! with Regis and Kelly.

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