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Unruly Passenger Forces Emergency Landing in Boston

USAir[dot]com(BOSTON) -- A plane made an emergency landing at Boston’s Logan Airport Thursday after a passenger became unruly and attempted to open a cabin door in flight, ABC News affiliate WCVB reported.

The passenger had to be restrained by other fliers, according to Massport, the agency that runs Logan Airport.

Air Wisconsin flight 3801, flying from Portland, Maine, to Philadelphia and carrying 50 passengers, landed safely.  Air Wisconsin is a regional airline that flies for US Airways.

The crew became concerned with a passenger’s behavior and ordered the landing in Boston. The passenger may have been suffering from a medical issue.

The passengers were not in danger of the cabin door opening during the flight. After a rash of unruly passenger behavior in 2011, an American Airlines spokesperson told USA Today, “It’s not possible to open an aircraft door in-flight.”

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Aviation Experts Worry About Aircraft Mishaps on the Ground

John Foxx/Thinkstock(BOSTON) -- With Thursday's collision of two commercial passenger aircraft on a runway at Boston's Logan International Airport in which the wing tip of a jumbo jet was sliced apart and the tail of the regional plane was badly mangled, aviation experts worry about the potential dangers that lurk on the runways of the nation's busiest airports.

Three months ago at New York's JFK airport, the wing of a giant Airbus clipped the tail of a regional jet, causing the smaller aircraft to spin like a top.

Ground mishaps are a major safety fret, and the Federal Aviation Administration has forced airports to improve the markings on runways and taxiways to help pilots stay on track. Although the FAA said serious runway incidents dropped 90 percent in the past decade, any close call can become potentially catastrophic.

In 2010, there were more than 900 runway incursions, which occur when planes get too close. Six were considered of the most serious type -- down from 12 in 2009.

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Two Jets Clip One Another at Logan Airport

Scott E. MacFarlane(BOSTON) -- A pair of commercial passenger planes clipped each other while taxiing on runways at Boston's Logan International Airport, possibly injuring one person.

Both planes suffered damage in the 7:30 p.m. incident, according to Massport, an agency that manages Logan Airport.

"While taxiing out for departure, the wing from Flight 266 from Boston to Amsterdam made contact with the vertical stabilizer of ASA Flight 4904, also on departure from Boston to Raleigh-Durham, [N.C.]," Delta Air Lines said in a prepared statement Thursday evening.

"Flight 266 returned to the gate and passengers deplaned without incident," the statement continued. "Passengers on ASA Flight 4904 deplaned and were transported by bus to the terminal. Both aircraft have been removed from service for inspections and passengers are currently being reacommodated on other aircraft."

A passenger was taken to a hospital for precautionary reasons, a Massport official said. One person involved in the incident complained of neck pain, according to ABC News Radio affiliate WBZ-AM.

There were 204 passengers and 11 crew on the Delta 767, according to ABC News Boston affiliate WCVB. There were 74 passengers and 3 crew members on the second plane, a flight chartered by Delta, according to WCVB.

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Flight Diverted to Boston, Burning Smell Detected Onboard

Photo Courtesy - United Continental (file)(BOSTON) -- A Continental Airlines flight from New Jersey bound for Ireland was diverted to Boston Saturday night after a burning odor was detected onboard.

Massachusetts Port Authority spokeswoman Lisa Langone says the the Boeing 757 landed without incident at 9:40 p.m. Saturday at Boston's Logan International Airport. None of the 191 people onboard were injured.

Continental Flight 24 had left Newark, N.J., and was en route to Shannon, Ireland. The cause of the odor is still under investigation.

The incident came a day after two JetBlue planes landed safely in Boston after being struck by lightning.

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Suspicious Package Investigated at Boston Airport

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(BOSTON) -- Investigators said the contents of suspicious luggage found at Boston's Logan International Airport were harmless, after the bomb squad x-rayed two duffle bags and evacuated a cargo terminal.

Police set up a secure perimeter around the Delta Cargo terminal Tuesday after a sniffer dog hit on two duffle bags with a Nigerian return address. Authorities x-rayed the bags, before giving the all clear, deeming the contents of the package a "low level threat," according to airport spokesman Phil Orlandella. The airport's passenger terminals were not evacuated.

The incident comes on the heels of an international warning that al Qaeda plans to use cargo planes to transport bombs, hidden in objects like printer toner cartridges, to carry out small and inexpensive terror attacks. More than 2 million people are expected to fly on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.

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