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Teenage Hikers Survive Without Food or Water for Four Days

iStockphoto(LOS ANGELES) -- Two lost hikers were rescued after spending over four days lost in the woods near Los Angeles without food or water.

18-year old Kyndall Jack and 19-year-old Nicholas Cendoya had gone hiking on Easter Sunday, and gotten horribly lost. The two got separated at some point during the days they were missing, but both were found within hours of each other.

Authorities were alerted to Jack's presence after some other hikers heard her screaming on Thursday. It took rescuers over 90 minutes to safely get Jack down from the narrow ledge on the cliff she was positioned on.

Deputy Fred Wenzel was the first to reach Jack.

“She asked me what year it was,” Wenzel said. “She thought it was the year 2030. She was very confused.”

Jack was taken to the hospital, where she is recovering, but is expected to stay through the weekend for treatment.

Cendoya had been picked up earlier on Wednesday night after being found by a group of hikers. Cendoya was disoriented and dehydrated as well.

“Apparently he thought he was in Newport Beach at one point,” one of the volunteers who helped rescue him said “So he was just really out of it.”

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Good Samaritan Finds Man's Lost Wedding Ring

Spike Mafford/Thinkstock(KINGVALE, Calif.) -- Douglas Benedetti was a man on a mission when he returned to a snowy California highway to find what seemed like a needle in a haystack: a wedding ring lost in the piles of snow.

The ring was not even his own but that of a complete stranger, a man Benedetti, a snow chain installer by trade, had stopped to help one Friday night along Interstate 80 near Kingvale, Calif.

"He was installing his chains without gloves on, his hands got cold [and] he didn't realize his ring had slipped off," Benedetti said.

That is what the driver, whose name Benedetti still does not know, told Benedetti when he pulled over to help the man. Instead of helping with his car, Benedetti watched the driver frantically sifting through the snow.

"He was using the light on his cell phone to look for it in the snow, and he had no luck," Benedetti said.

The driver, whose wife was waiting in the car, eventually quit the search and drove off. Benedetti, however, could not get the search out of his mind and returned to the scene at one o'clock the next morning to search again.

"I decided to go look for the ring because I knew approximately where it was," he said. "I was hunting with my head lamp and hand light."

Less than an hour later, Benedetti found the ring submerged in the snow next to a semi-truck. The platinum ring was inscribed with the words "Lisa, 5th June, 2010."

Benedetti is now on the search for the driver and his wife to return the ring, another needle-in-a-haystack search considering he knows only the wife's name, Lisa.

"It happened so fast," he said of not getting the driver's name. "I've never been married, but I know that if a husband loses his wedding ring someone else is going to be very upset."

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Missing Dog Mystery: Terrier Found 2 Days Later, 700 Miles Away

Photo Courtesy - KXTV Sacramento, Calif.(TACOMA, Wash.) -- The owner of a missing Patterdale Terrier is making a long road trip this weekend – from Rio Linda, Calif., to Tacoma, Wash. – to pick up his dog who went missing earlier this week, only to turn up two days later nearly 700 miles away.

When Brian Rapozo got word that his dog had been found, Marguerite Richmond of the Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County said the man was excited, but shocked at just how far away his dog had traveled.

“We said 'Well, he's at the shelter in Tacoma,' and he's like 'Tacoma? Tacoma, where?'”

The dog, named Bear, had no identification tag; it was identified by a microchip embedded under its skin.

“He was just really shocked to find out the dog was about 700 miles away,” Richmond said. “He had just lost the dog on Tuesday, and the dog came in on Thursday.”

How the terrier made such a long trip in such a short amount of time is -- for now -- a mystery.

“There's always a possibility it was stolen,” Richmond said. “But you never know.  Sometimes these dogs jump into somebody's cab, or they stow away in a car, and then somehow lose their collar.”

The lesson, Richmond says, is for every owner to have their pets “chipped.”

“It’s really a good safety measure for owners who really care about their pets, because any dog can lose a collar. If they have a microchip…you can't remove a microchip, and that will always find you.”

Bear and its owner were scheduled to be reunited on Saturday.

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Wedding Nightmare: Fire Leaves Brides Desperate

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(CHICAGO) -- When a Chicago-area bridal shop went up in flames this week, so did the dreams of dozens of brides-to-be whose burned dresses were left among the rubble.

Eva's Bridal Shop in Oak Lawn, Ill., was destroyed by the fast moving fire Wednesday. Only a handful of dresses were salvaged.

Bride-to-be Ashley Kuhl lost her dress, as well as four of her five bridesmaids' dresses. "I looked good in it," she said. "I felt good in it and it has some special touches." With her wedding scheduled for Dec. 4, two weeks away, Kuhl was at a loss for what to do.

Enter Renee Fennell, owner of A' Paris House of Bridal & Fashion in Michigan City, Ind., which boasts one of the largest selections of wedding dresses in the Midwest. Fennell has offered to outfit not only Kuhl but all her bridesmaids -- for free.

Fennell said she knows what Eva is going through. About 20 years ago, her family-owned store, then located in downtown Chicago, lost everything in a fire. "I am a firm believer in karma," she said. "What goes around comes back and we just want to help."

Several other bridal shops in the area have rushed to the rescue as well, offering several brides-to-be help in replacing their dresses, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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