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A Denver Mailbox Love Story: Art or Graffiti?

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(DENVER) -- For cynics, it’s graffiti. But for the hopeless romantics, it’s art. Mailbox love, ya'll!

“There is a love affair in our neighborhood,” wrote Jasmine Cann on, the blog she and her husband, Derek Cann, created.

“It is not your typical romance, but it is simple yet messy, the way most romances tend to be. The star-crossed lovers are … well, they are a pair of U.S. postal mailboxes.”

The love affair takes place in Denver, Colo., and began in December 2010 with the first messages -- the eyelash-clad blue mailbox gazing at the larger green mailbox with a smile and the message, “[heart] u” painted in white. The green mailbox smiled back with the message, “[heart] u too.”


The mailboxes are even leaning toward each other, as if enjoying a quiet moment of affection. That is probably cute enough to melt the heart of the coldest bureaucrat, no?

One day, when Jasmine walked by the beloved mailboxes situated just a few blocks from her home, she immediately noticed that something was terribly wrong.

“Someone had painted over my cheery metal twosome and I was upset,” she wrote. “Why would anybody want to paint over something as inoffensive as a humorous display of love?”

The Canns discovered that city officials were untouched by the postal love affair, and painted over the "graffiti." But a week later, the postal receptacles were smiling again, this time with the messages “Missed u” and “Missed u too” painted on.

The battle has continued over the past few months, back and forth, with neither side deterred. The city paints over the mailboxes and, every time, the messages come back. Others have included “I’m here” and “I’m here too!” as well as “They can never” and “Tear us apart” painted on with hearts.

“For us, it’s graffiti, and if we see it, we’re going to call the maintenance guys to come paint over it,” said Chris Stroup, station manager for the Capitol Hill U.S. Postal Service office, according to the Denver Post.

The Canns hope the anonymous artist will persist and keep the romance alive.

“I am enthralled by love, art, and humor,” Jasmine Cann wrote. “Bring it on Mailbox Love Bandit the public needs as much humanity and funny as possible.”

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