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Canadian Porn Actor Linked to Unsolved Miami Murder?

Montreal Police(MIAMI) -- Miami police say they haven't ruled out the possibility that porn actor Luka Rocco Magnotta, who allegedly killed his male lover, chopped up the body and mailed pieces of it to government officials, could have committed an unsolved murder in Miami in 2009.

The news comes days after Los Angeles police confirmed there is no possible link between Magnotta and the chopped-up body found beneath the Hollywood sign in January.

Magnotta, 29, was arrested in Berlin last week on murder charges.  He allegedly filmed himself stabbing a Montreal college student to death with an ice pick, hacked the corpse to pieces and mailed them to government offices.  He allegedly also had sex with some of the body parts.

The victim in the unsolved Miami case was Omar Laparra, 21, whose body was found in the Biscayne Bay, dismembered and floating in plastic bags.  Detectives still don't know how he died, according to ABC News affiliate Local 10 in Miami.

The Canadian Press reports that someone posting as "luka-magnotta" wrote on Lotus car websites in 2010 and said he was living in Miami.

"Why not look into it?  Any agency with a similar case, we would look into it," Miami Police Sgt. Confesor Gonzalez told the Miami Herald.

But at first glance, the Miami killing doesn't follow the pattern of Magnotta's alleged crime in Canada, said Gonzalez, the lead investigator on the Laparra case.

"In the Canadian case, it appeared to be domestic, and the killer knew the victim, while in our case, it appears to be random," he told the Herald.  "Nonetheless, in the interest of being thorough, we will follow up with Montreal police."

Magnotta is currently in a German jail awaiting extradition to Canada, where police say he allegedly murdered Chinese student Jun Lin around May 24.

Magnotta and victim Jun Lin, 33, were gay lovers, according to Montreal police.

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Canadian 'Cannibal' and Hollywood Murder Not Connected: Cops

Montreal Police Department(LOS ANGELES) -- Los Angeles police do not believe the dismemberment of a Montreal student by a Canadian "cannibal" is connected to the chopped up body found beneath the famous Hollywood sign in January, a commander told ABC News on Friday.

L.A. cops said on Thursday they were in touch with their counterparts in Montreal looking for a possible connection between the murder of Hervey Medellin, 66, who was decapitated and his remains were scattered beneath the famous landmark, and the videotaped dismemberment of Jun Lin, 33, a Chinese student killed in May in Quebec.

Lin was allegedly killed by former porn actor Luka Magnotta, 29, who recorded himself murdering Lin with an ice pick and hacking apart the Chinese student's corpse. Magnotta then allegedly had sex with some of Lin's dismembered body parts and ate others. The man's hands and feet were mailed to two government offices and two schools.

Authorities in Los Angeles are continuing to talk with Canadian cops, but at this point do not believe the two murders are related.

Los Angeles sources believe there is a large body of evidence suggesting Medellin's murder was the result of a love-triangle. There was also a very distinct method of dismembering Medellin's body, sources told ABC News.  The evidence points to a person or persons with no known link to Magnotta, sources said.

A Facebook page in Magnotta's name, and one of many attributed to the accused killer, includes posts made in February that suggest the user was in Los Angeles working as a masseuse.

Authorities in Los Angeles say they do not believe Magnotta was in L.A. at the time of Medellin's murder. Canadian sources, however, have yet to determine Magnotta's whereabouts at that time.

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Did Accused Canadian Cannibal Strike in Hollywood?

Montreal Police(LOS ANGELES) -- Los Angeles police are in contact with Canadian authorities to determine if Luka Magnotta, suspected in the murder and cannibalism of his gay lover, was also involved in a gruesome decapitation in Hollywood earlier this year.

"We are in touch with the Montreal police," an LAPD spokesman told ABC News. "We'll see if there's any connection."

Magnotta, 29, is currently in a German jail awaiting extradition to Canada, where police say he allegedly murdered Chinese student Jun Lin around May 24. Magnotta is accused of killing Lin with an ice pick and dismembering his corpse, some pieces of which he had sex with and others he ate. Magnotta is also accused of sending Lin's severed limbs in the mail to schools and government offices.

Los Angeles police are investigating if Magnotta may also be connected to the murder and dismemberment of Hervey Medellin, 66, whose decapitated body was discovered under the iconic Hollywood sign in January.

Magnotta and Lin were gay lovers, according to Montreal police. Los Angeles police confirmed Medellin, a former Mexican Airlines employee, was openly gay.

Medellin's head was discovered in Bronson Canyon Park on Jan. 17 when a dog discovered a plastic bag that contained a head. The accompanying dog walker called the police, who discovered severed hands and feet during the course of a two-day search.

Citing privacy concerns, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency would not confirm if Magnotta, a gay porn actor, was in the United States at the time.

However, posts on one of several Facebook accounts attributed to Magnotta, and which bears his name, date from February and suggest he was in Los Angeles at the time. In those bulletins, first discovered by the New York Observer, the poster appears to be arranging appointments to offer massages and includes a phone number with an L.A. area code.

"Raymond and I are doing massages at his place on La Bra, pick me up at his place after we're done and we'll go out. I NEED A JOINT," reads one post, dated Feb. 19.

In addition to the sexuality of both victims, the crimes appear to bear some resemblance. In each case the head, hands and feet were severed.

The killers in each case also appear to be seeking some publicity. Medellin's killer placed his head near the Hollywood sign, guaranteeing discovery. Montreal police confirm that Magnotta is the man seen killing, dismembering and eating his victim in a video posted online.

On May 29, a human foot was found by a receptionist who received a blood-soaked package at the Ottawa headquarters of the Conservative Party of Canada. A second package containing a hand was seized at a post office in Ottawa later in the day. The parts were later confirmed to belong to Lin.

On Tuesday, packages containing another foot and hand, also believed to belong to Lin, were received by two Vancouver elementary schools.

Lin's head is still missing.

Magnotta is expected to be extradited back to Canada before the end of June.

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