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Obama Says He ‘Goofed Off Way Too Much’ in Grade School

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza(NEW YORK) -- At a forum on education issues in New York City Tuesday, President Obama was asked whether he had ever failed a test in grade school, to which he replied, “Oh, yes.”

“Absolutely,” Obama said. “You know, I would say I was a mediocre student until I got to college. I goofed off way too much.”

Obama first attended school in Indonesia in the early 1970s before he moved to Hawaii, where he attended the prestigious Punahou Academy through high school. He started college at Occidental College in Los Angeles and finished his undergraduate degree at Columbia University in New York City.

The president said Tuesday that his daughters, Malia, 14, and Sasha, 11, were much better examples of model students. “They are so far ahead of me basically in all respects,” he told the forum.

The girls recently began a new school year at the private Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. For Malia, it’s the first year of high school.

“At least at the school they’re at they’re getting a lot more homework than I did when I was that age,” Obama said. “They seem to be working deep into the night. You know, I didn’t study that ardently till the night before an exam.”

With the 2012 presidential race dominating headlines, President Obama acknowledged that daughter Malia is likely studying the rival campaigns as part of the ninth-grade civics curriculum.

“She’s pretty dispassionate about it,” he said of presidential politics. “She’s able to kinda separate out Dad, who’s at home, from the debates that are going on out there.”

Obama said he encourages both of his girls to think for themselves and become responsible citizens.

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Michelle Obama and Daughters in Las Vegas for Spring Break

The White House(LAS VEGAS) -- It’s spring break for the Obama daughters and mom has taken them out West.

Michelle Obama and her daughters visited Mount Rushmore to see the heads of the four U.S. presidents carved into the soaring mountainside.  Now, they have arrived in Las Vegas for a private family visit.

At the depths of the recession, President Obama warned Americans not to waste money on convention trips to Vegas, to the dismay of Las Vegas leaders.  But during the political campaign, he has been a frequent visitor on official and political trips to the swing state of Nevada.

The first lady’s schedule with her daughters is to remain private before she travels to California for publicly announced events.

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White House: Malia Obama Safe From Earthquake in Mexico

Roger L. Wollenberg-Pool/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Malia Obama is safe and out of harm’s way following an earthquake in Mexico on Tuesday, where the president’s eldest daughter is on vacation.

“In light of today’s earthquake, we can confirm that Malia Obama is safe and was never in danger,” the first lady’s communications director Kristina Schake said in a written statement.

A strong 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck beach resort towns and Mexico’s capitol Tuesday afternoon, with no injuries reported.

Reports that Malia, 13, was traveling in Mexico for spring break with friends first surfaced Monday.

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Facebook Off-Limits to Malia and Sasha Obama

File: First Lady Michelle and Daughter Malia Obama. Photo Courtesy - The White House(WASHINGTON) -- First lady Michelle Obama says she’s not a fan of having young kids on Facebook, so she has not allowed her daughters to have a Facebook profile.

“I'm not a big fan of young kids having Facebook,” Mrs. Obama said on NBC's Today show Wednesday morning, “So, you know, it's not something they need. It's not necessary right now.”

But in addition to motherly constraints are the constraints of the Secret Service and the age requirement on Facebook.

“I think we're lucky that there are a lot of real constraints, things like Secret Service and stuff like that,” she said.

Facebook also has a requirement that a child must be at least 13 to join, making Sasha at nine years old and Malia at 12 years old too young to join. But Mrs. Obama did not rule out them making their own decision to join the social networking site in the future, when the family is no longer living in the White House.

But apparently, the first lady has company on the Facebook comment. In an ABC News poll released a year ago, 43 percent of parents said it’s inappropriate for a child of any age to have a social networking account. Of the rest, the average age at which this was seen as appropriate was 15.

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