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Oregon Mall Shooting: Worker Gets Mom to Safety, Helps Others Escape

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- A store employee at the Clackamas Town Center mall in suburban Portland, Ore., used his knowledge of the shopping complex to hustle his mother out of the building during Tuesday's shooting rampage.  He then twice went back inside to guide other shoppers to exits and safety.

Allan Fonseca works at the Lancome counter in Macy's and was waiting on his mother Jocelyn Lay when they heard shots fired about 3:30 p.m.  Thinking quickly, Fonseca got his mother behind the counter to hide.

"We both just looked at each other and knew that this was a serious situation and it was a gunman and we both just dove down below the Lancome counter there for a little protection," Lay told ABC's Good Morning America.  "And the gunfire just kept going off."

Lay said that she began praying for the Lord to protect her and the other shoppers in the mall.  She said that her son, as a store employee, knew exactly what to do, and she credits him as her hero.

"He said that we needed to evacuate, and he took me by the hand and took me down the escalator and out to safety," she said.

Once Fonseca was sure that his mother was safe, he then turned to her and said, "I'm going to go back and help other people."

Fonseca said that because he is familiar with the exits in the mall, he felt that he would be able to help shoppers escape the gunfire.

"I felt that if I knew how to get out of the mall and out to safety then I should share that knowledge with everyone else, like the shoppers that don't come here regularly and don't know all of the exits," he said.  "So I decided to go back up because I wanted to see if there was anybody in panic or didn't know where to do."

Fonseca returned to the mall and evacuated the lower level of the Macy's store, and then went back up to the "shooting floor" to look for his co-workers.  Lay says she's not sure what she would have done if her son hadn't been there to get her out of harm's way.

"I probably just would have stayed there and probably would have had a little more fear because it's one of those situations where you've seen in previous shootings, the gunman keep shooting and keep looking for different people," she said.  "I would have huddled there and hoped and prayed."

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Gunman 'Tentatively' Identified in Oregon Mall Shooting

Craig Mitchelldyer/Getty Images(PORTLAND, Ore.) -- A masked gunman who opened fire Tuesday in the crowded Clackamas Town Center mall in suburban Portland, Ore., killing two individuals and seriously injuring a third before killing himself, has been "tentatively" identified by police, though they have not yet released his name.

The shooter, wearing a white hockey mask, black clothing and a bullet proof vest, tore through the mall around 3:30 p.m., entering through a Macy's store and proceeding to the food court and public areas spraying bullets, according to witness reports.


Police have not released the names of the deceased.  Clackamas County Sheriff's Office spokesman Lt. James Rhodes said authorities are in the process of notifying victims' families.

The injured victim, identified by hospital officials as Kristina Shevchenko, has been taken to a hospital, according to Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts.

Nadia Telguz, who said she was a friend of Shevchenko, told ABC News affiliate KATU-TV in Portland that the woman was expected to recover.

"My friend's sister got shot," Teleguz told KATU.  "She's on her way to (Oregon Health and Science University hospital).  They're saying she got shot in her side and so it's not life-threatening, so she'll be OK."

Witnesses from the shooting rampage said that a young man who appeared to be a teenager ran through the upper level of Macy's to the mall food court, firing multiple shots, one right after the other, with what is believed to be a black, semi-automatic rifle.

More than 10,000 shoppers were at the mall during the day, police said.  Roberts said that officers responded to the scene of the shooting within minutes, and four SWAT teams swept the 1.4 million-square-foot building searching for the shooter.  He was eventually found dead -- an apparent suicide.

"I can confirm the shooter is dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound," Rhodes said.  "By all accounts there were no rounds fired by law enforcement today in the mall."

Roberts said more than 100 law enforcement officers responded to the shooting, and at least four local agencies were working on the investigation, including the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which is working to trace the shooter's weapon.

"For all of us, the mall is supposed to be a place where we can take our families, especially during the holiday season," Roberts said.  "Things like this are not supposed to happen."

Roberts also said that shoppers, including two emergency room nurses and one physician who happened to be at the mall, provided medical assistance to victims who had been shot.  Other shoppers helped escort individuals out of the mall and out of harm's way, he said.

"There were a huge amount of people running in different directions, and it was chaos for a lot of citizens, but true heroes were stepping up in this time of high stress," Roberts said.  "E.R. nurses on the scene were providing medical care to those injured, a physician on the scene was helping provide care to the wounded."

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Police Arrest Man Wanted in Colorado Mall Bombing Plot

Federal Bureau of Investigation(BOULDER, Colo.) -- Police have arrested the man who became the subject of a nationwide manhunt after he allegedly rigged two propane tanks and a pipe bomb to explode in a crowded Colorado shopping mall last week.

Records from the Federal Bureau of Prisons indicate Earl Albert Moore, 65, was released from federal prison days before planting the devices. He was serving a six-year sentence for bank robbery.

Moore was arrested Tuesday morning in Boulder.

Law enforcement officials have been tight-lipped about any motive Moore may have had in the attempted attack.

Police originally noted several similarities between this and the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School, just over a mile away from the Southwest Plaza Mall, but the FBI now confirms that despite the coincidences the attacks shared in date and timing, there appears to be no connection.

Both attacks took place on the same date, April 20, and at approximately the same time of day. Both used propane tanks and pipe bombs placed in similar areas -- the high school cafeteria in 1999 and the mall food court last week.

The bombing attempt was discovered Wednesday afternoon when firefighters responded to a small fire at the Southwest Plaza Mall and found a pipe bomb and propane tanks in a hallway near the mall's food court. No one was injured and the devices did not explode.

The incident came on the 12th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting, when two students opened fire and killed 12 students and one teacher on April 20, 1999.

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Armed Fugitive in Custody after Standoff with Police at Phoenix Mall

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(PHOENIX) -- An armed fugitive turned himself into police after a three-hour standoff Wednesday at a Phoenix-area mall that started with an exchange of gunfire between the suspect and U.S. Marshals.

A man believed to be Daniel Munoz Perez, 25, walked out of a Baja Fresh near Chandler Fashion Center with his shirt off and immediately was surrounded by SWAT members with their guns pointed at him. The man was handcuffed and taken into custody.

It's not known whether the suspect took hostages at the Mexican restaurant, but two employees reportedly walked out of the restaurant after he did. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

Authorities put the Chandler Fashion Center on lockdown at around noon when undercover officers exchanged gunfire with a man believed to be Perez, a fugitive who has been on the lam since last month.

"U.S. Marshals task force members attempted to arrest Daniel Perez, who is wanted for aggravated assault for shooting at an Arizona Department of Public Safety officer last month," Jeff Carter from the United States Marshals Service said. "The store is being locked down and the mall evacuated."

Perez was arrested Dec. 10 for the shooting of the DPS officer, but mistakenly was released out of the Pinal County Jail on Dec. 16.

Armed police officers wearing helmets and bulletproof vests searched the mall and a nearby strip mall for Perez. Some of the officers were using dogs to search the mall.

U.S. Marshals confronted the suspect near the Sears store when gunfire was exchanged, sparking the standoff, ABC affiliate KNXV reported. The suspect then fled into the Sears store and eventually across Chandler Boulevard to the Baja Fresh.

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Suspicious Device at Calif. Mall Was School Project, Not Explosive

File Photo. Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) – A suspicious device found at a mall in Sacramento has turned out to be a school project, according to the Sacramento Bee.

A bomb squad was called to Arden Fair Mall Monday after a store employee saw the device inside of a truck parked outside.

The owner of the device, which was described as having wires and hoses attached to boxes and bottles, turned out to be a mall store employee who said the object was a school project, not an explosive.

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Police Identify Man Held in Mall Standoff, Arson

Police are now holding the man suspected of setting Westfield Galleria on fire in Sacramento, Calif. Photo Courtesy - News10, Sacramento

(ROSEVILLE, Calif.) – UPDATED:  The man being held in a standoff and fire at the Westfield Galleria in Roseville Thursday has been identified as Alexander Piggee.

According to Roseville Police Lt. Michael Doane, detectives believe Piggee started a fire inside the GameStop store on the second floor of the mall and barricaded himself inside before being taken into custody.

The fire, which has burned for hours, has knocked down a roof and continues to billow smoke.

Initially, firefighters were unable to battle the blaze from inside because of a suspicious backpack and device that Piggee left behind.

Piggee is also a suspect in connection with an arson at a Walmart store Wednesday, according to Sacramento Metro Fire Captain Christian Pebbles.

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(ROSEVILLE, Calif.) -- A mall in Roseville, California – outside of Sacramento – continues to billow flames and smoke following a standoff there.

Police say that earlier on Thursday, a man started a fire inside a GameStop video game store
at the Westfield Galleria and barricaded himself outside the store before police took him into custody, according to ABC affiliate KXTV.

Firefighters have been unable to enter the building because of concerns over a backpack the man left behind.  The building has been evacuated.

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