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Schwarzenegger's Daughter: Scandal Aftermath Has Been a 'Difficult Time'

Chris Weeks/FilmMagic(NEW YORK) -- Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver's oldest child says the past few months, during which her parents separated and the ex-California governor admitted he'd fathered a child with his housekeeper, have been a "difficult time" for her.

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar magazine, Katherine Schwarzenegger says that while she tries "not to care what other people necessarily think," she's appreciative of the support she's received from others on Twitter.

"When my parents announced they were separating, people on Twitter were like, 'Oh, how are you doing?'  They said, 'How are you?  We love you.  We love your family.'  And even if it's people you don't know, it's nice to hear people say that," Schwarzenegger, who's 21, said.  "So I responded, 'Thank you so much for your support in this difficult time,' which is definitely a difficult time.  It made dealing with it so much easier."

Schwarzenegger says she went to London in late May to avoid the scrutiny her family received in the wake of the scandal.

"I just want kind of wanted to go away and realize that it's not as big a deal in other places," she said.

Schwarzenegger says that she has a strong relationship with both of her parents, but she's "always been way closer" to her mother.

She adds, "I'm close to my dad, but they're totally different kinds of relationships."

Shriver, who has four children with Arnold Schwarzenegger, has filed for divorce.

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Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son Released from Hospital

Lee Celano/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger's son Christopher, 13, was released from the hospital Monday night after being treated for injuries from a boogie board accident.

Shriver made the announcement on Twitter Tuesday: "Blessed to be able to take Christopher out of the hospital last night. What a feeling of relief to know he's going to be fine."

Schwarzenegger also expressed his joy. "I knew Christopher couldn't be stopped! Big thanks to all the doctors, nurses & staff at UCLA that helped him recover," he tweeted.

Christopher spent time in the ICU at UCLA Medical Center, where he was treated for multiple broken bones and a collapsed lung, according to TMZ. He is expected to make a full recovery. first reported last week that the teenager had been in the intensive care unit "for days" after enduring "multiple broken bones and a collapsed lung" during a surfing accident.

Shriver and Schwarzenegger have been at their son's side throughout the ordeal in spite of their very public falling out and impending divorce. A source close to the family told ABC News that the couple has been "amicable."

"The family remains very close," the source said.

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger is attempting to revive his movie career. He's signed on to star in Last Stand as a disgraced Los Angeles cop. The movie is due out in January 2013.

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Report: Schwarzenegger's Son in ICU

Lee Celano/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- Christopher Schwarzenegger, the 13-year-old son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, is reportedly in the hospital after suffering a surfing accident last weekend. reports that the teenager's condition has been upgraded, but he has been in the intensive care unit "for days" after enduring "multiple broken bones and a collapsed lung" during a Malibu, Calif., surfing accident. According to TMZ, Shriver and Schwarzenegger have been at their son's side through the ordeal in spite of their very public falling out and divorce.

Representatives for Shriver and Schwarzenegger did not immediately respond to ABC News’ requests for comment. A representative for a hospital in the Malibu area said they do not comment on or confirm the identity of patients.

It's been a difficult week for the former couple. According to TMZ, Schwarzenegger is trying to get out of paying spousal support to Shriver and is fighting her request to make him pay for her attorney's fees. TMZ also reported that they had no prenuptial agreement. Their estimated net worth of $400 million would be split between the two of them.

Shriver and Schwarzenegger have moved on since May when the former California governor revealed that he fathered a child with another woman while married to Shriver and the couple announced their split. The other woman was later revealed to be Patricia Baena, a housekeeper who had worked for the family for years.

Earlier this month, she reportedly bought a $10 million home a few miles from the residence she and Schwarzenegger used to share.

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger is attempting to revive his movie career. He's signed on to star in "Last Stand" as a disgraced Los Angeles cop. The movie is due out in January 2013.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Responds to Maria Shriver's Divorce Filing

Lee Celano/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- Arnold Schwarzenegger is attempting to block his estranged wife Maria Shriver's bid to receive spousal support, according to documents obtained by

In the response to Shriver's divorce filing, the actor and ex-California governor indicates that he does not want to pay her spousal support.

Schwarzenegger also states that he wants each side to pay his or her respective legal fees.  Shriver has requested that Schwarzenegger pay her attorney fees in addition to spousal support.

Both sides are seeking joint custody of their two sons, ages 17 and 13.  TMZ notes they don't have a prenuptial agreement, meaning Shriver is entitled to half of the assets they acquired during their marriage, under California law.

The ex-couple announced their separation in May.  Schwarzenegger later admitted he'd fathered a child with his housekeeper.  Shriver subsequently filed for divorce.

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Maria Shriver Reportedly Purchases $10 Million Home

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Days after Maria Shriver officially filed for divorce from former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Kennedy heir has reportedly bought a $10 million mansion.

Shriver's new home will be in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles, according to, near the one she shared with Schwarzenegger.

The couple split after he admitted to fathering a son with their former housekeeper.

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Schwarzenegger to Give Maria Shriver a 'Generous Settlement'

Lee Celano/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- Arnold Schwarzenegger is planning to give Maria Shriver a "very generous divorce settlement" that will be beyond what is required under California law, reports

A source revealed to Radar, "Arnold realizes he is to blame for the collapse of his marriage.  Maria was a loving wife and mother, and he doesn't think that any amount of money can minimize what he has put her through."

With Schwarzenegger’s fortune estimated to be between $400 million and $700 million, Shriver could receive several hundred million dollars.

The source added, "This is going to be a very amicable divorce, and it won't be played out in the media.  Neither one of them wants that.  Arnold hasn't lost his mind, he is going to be giving away his fortune to her.  He wants to show his children that he is taking responsibility for his actions."

Shriver filed for divorce last week.  Schwarzenegger is expected to file his response to Shriver's petition within the next two weeks, as required by California state law.

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Maria Shriver Divorcing Arnold Schwarzenegger

Chelsea Lauren/FilmMagic(LOS ANGELES) -- ABC News has learned that Maria Shriver has filed for divorce from former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger after 25 years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. The filing comes after Schwarzenegger's admission that he fathered a son with their former housekeeper. 

Shriver is asking for joint custody of the couple's two minor children and spousal support.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger to Be Sued by Mistress' Ex?

Lee Celano/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- The ex-husband of Mildred Patricia Baena, Arnold Schwarzenegger's former housekeeper and lover, says he plans to sue the former governor of California.

Rogelio Baena told a Colombian magazine on Sunday that his ex wife changed the birth certificate of her son to name Mr. Baena, not Schwarzenegger, as the now 13-year-old boy's dad.  Mrs. Baena filed for divorce shortly after she gave birth to the son Schwarzenegger fathered, and Mr. Baena claims he didn't know he wasn't the boy's father until the scandal broke earlier this month.

Fox News is reporting that Mr. Baena plans to file suit against Schwarzenegger, because Baena's attorneys say if Schwarzenegger knew the birth certificate would be so altered, he and his former housekeeper engaged in conspiracy to falsify a public document, which is a crime in California.

Schwarzenegger, 63, announced his separation from wife Maria Shriver on May 10.  Days later, he revealed that Shriver left him after he revealed to her his out-of-wedlock child with Baena.

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Maria Shriver’s Team Reportedly Leaked News of Arnold’s Secret Child

Lee Celano/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- Maria Shriver and her friends are the ones responsible for blowing the lid off the secret baby scandal with Arnold Schwarzenegger, according to TMZ.

The website reports sources close to Shriver say once Schwarzenegger broke the news to her that he was the father of their housekeeper’s son, she was so enraged that she wanted to hold a press conference in order to tell the rest of the world.  However, Shriver’s friends didn’t think that was such a good idea and instead leaked the news to various media organizations in a coordinated effort.

TMZ also reports that the former California governor and his people are aware that it was Shriver and her circle of friends who spread the word, a discovery that reportedly initially upset Schwarzenegger.

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Schwarzenegger Postpones Comeback; Another Woman Claims Affair

Lee Celano/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- Arnold Schwarzenegger is putting his acting career on the back burner in the wake of his revelation that he cheated on his wife Maria Shriver and fathered a child with his housekeeper.

A statement released by his office Thursday and obtained by ABC News Radio, reads:

"At the request of Arnold Schwarzenegger we asked Creative Artists Agency to inform all his motion picture projects currently underway or being negotiated to stop planning until further notice.  Governor Schwarzenegger is focusing on personal matters and is not willing to commit to any production schedules or timelines.  This includes Cry Macho, The Terminator franchise and other projects under consideration. We will resume discussions when Governor Schwarzenegger decides."

Prior to the scandal, Schwarzenegger had been busy planning his acting comeback, including the aforementioned potential Terminator film and the drama Cry Macho.  He also had already announced a comic book/cartoon franchise titled The Governator.

Following his separation from Shriver, Schwarzenegger announced that he'd fathered a child with his housekeeper more than 10 years ago.  The revelation is reportedly what prompted Shriver to move out of their home.

And the trouble keeps on coming for Schwarzenegger. now reports that another woman has hired prominent lawyer Gloria Allred after alleging that Schwarzenegger had an affair with her as well.

Gigi Goyette, aka Gigi Jeffers, claims Schwarzenegger slept with her in 1975, when she was 16 years old and an actress on the TV series Little House on the Prairie.

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