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Utah Couple Gets Engaged on Popular Amusement Ride

Courtesy Kurt Adams(ROY, Utah) -- This happy couple was certainly high on love this past Saturday.

Kurt Adams, 25, of Roy, Utah, had been planning his unique wedding proposal for two weeks prior to actually popping the question Saturday.

Adams proposed to his girlfriend of nine months, Susan Hamilton, 21, of Loa, Utah, by strategically placing his sister and a few friends from work on the “Sky Ride” at Lagoon Amusement Park so they could pass by in the opposite direction, each holding signs spelling out the most important question of his life, “Susan, Will You Marry Me?”

“I just wanted to do something I didn’t think was done by someone else,” Adams told ABC News. “My original plan was to be up on the ride with the sign holders on the ground. But a lady at work suggested having the riders come the opposite direction on the ride with the signs, and that was 100 times better than the original idea.

“As the sign with her name passed, she turned and said, ‘Hey, my name’s Susan,’” Adams added. “She had no idea it was relevant to her. She almost missed the second sign.”

Hamilton was too busy chatting with the people holding the “Susan” sign, trying to find out it’s relevance, to notice the other corresponding signs coming in her direction. But Adams focused her attention just in time.

“When she saw the rest of them, I had the ring folded up in a piece of paper with a question mark in a little bag. My hands were shaking and I thought I was going to drop the ring,” said Adams. “She pulled the ring out and looked at the question mark, and I said, ‘Should we make this official?’ And she said, ‘You gotta put it on my hand first.’”

Once Adams slipped the ring on her finger to make the engagement official, she was overcome with emotion.

“She was just like, ‘Oh my heck, I had no idea this was even happening. I’m about to cry,’” Adams said.

However, despite the happy ending, the engagement didn’t exactly go off without a hitch. There were a few technical difficulties leading up to the magical moment.

“I didn’t have a plan B in case the ride was closed,” Adams said. “I didn’t know what I would do if that was the case. And the people who had the signs ended up being late because their son was hurt in a Little League football game, so I was just wandering around the park. … Oh, and a kid got his finger pinched in the guardrail so they had to stop the ride to do an accident report.”

Adams joked, “The ring was burning a hole in my pocket. They stopped the ride about four or five times. It was like 20 minutes before the people with the signs passed.”

All’s well that ends well, and the happy couple has a wedding date set for Dec. 14.


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Love at the RNC: Wedding Proposal Happens on Stage

STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images(TAMPA, Fla.) -- It looks as if Ann Romney’s message from Tuesday night -- that this is about love -- struck a chord.  Bradley Thompson, 32, proposed to his girlfriend of three years, Laura Bowman, on the stage of the Tampa Bay Times forum on Wednesday.

Neither Thompson nor Bowman are here as delegates -- in fact, it’s not even clear if they’re Republicans; the couple declined to tell reporters when asked which party they support.  Bowman is a production coordinator and Thompson is a production manager for the convention.  The couple met three years ago on a production job and they live in New York City.

Bowman said she thought something fishy was going on when she was called for a sound check.  Although they knew they would be engaged eventually -- the couple told reporters that they had actually picked the ring together -- Bowman said she didn’t think it would happen on Wednesday.

There’s no word yet on the wedding plans for the couple.

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Scoreboard Marriage Proposal ‘Didn’t Work Out’

Greg Altringer(CHICAGO) -- Greg Altringer spent the past two months planning an elaborate proposal to his girlfriend of three years, Erica Kresge, with military-like precision.

The devoted Chicago Cubs fan reserved a spot for his proposal on the giant screen at Wrigley Field during the team’s Monday night game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Altringer, 25, arranged for himself and Kresge, 23, to fly to Chicago from their Great Falls, Mont., home and be in the stands for the game.

He knew the scoreboard would read “ERICA, WILL YOU MARRY ME?” in the middle of the fifth inning so as the inning approached on Monday night he sent Kresge to the concession stand for some drinks while he let their seatmates in on his plan.

“Greg had sent me to go get a couple beverages,” Kresge told ABC’s Good Morning America today.  “Apparently his plan was to let everyone around us know what was going on while I was away.  He was giving the people up behind him his camera and phone to videotape it and take pictures.”

While planning every detail for the future with the love of his life, Altringer forgot to account for the unaccountables in life: long lines at concession stands and unexpectedly short innings in Major League Baseball games.

The result? Kresge missed the proposal.

“It just didn’t work out,” Altringer said on GMA.  “I just needed a quick second to give my camera away and let everyone around me know what I was doing.  But the lines were long and the inning was short.”

“I was so nervous,” he said.  “The inning was quite short.  When two outs came I took off out of my seat, sprinting to find her to pull her out of the line.”

Kresge got out of the line and returned to their seats with beverages in hand but by then the proposal was long gone from the scoreboard screen.

After all his planning for a once-in-a-lifetime proposal, Altringer had to propose to Kresge the old-fashioned way, on bended knee, but he got the same result. Once Kresge returned, the cameras at Wrigley Field captured Altringer down on one knee, asking her to marry him and then slipping the ring on her finger when she said yes.

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Plane Carrying Marriage Proposal Crashes

WLNE(WASHINGTON COUNTY, R.I.) -- A New England pilot whose first attempt at flying a marriage proposal over the shores of Rhode Island literally crash-landed took flight again Tuesday to give the bride-to-be a chance to say yes.

Mark Simmons first took off from the Westerly Airport in Washington County, R.I., around 3 p.m., Monday to fly a “Michelle will you marry me? Mike,” banner proposal for a client over the waters near Block Island.

Nearly 10 minutes into the flight, however, the engine of his Piper Pawnee plane died, according to local ABC affiliate WLNE-TV.

“I got about six miles into the trip and the engine ran rough for a brief second and then completely stopped,” Simmons, the owner of Conn.-based Simmons Aviation, which has a division called Banner Tow-USA, said.

“I just did whatever I had to do to make sure I got on the water safely,” he said.  “I put a Mayday call out and the only person that heard me was Ethan.”

Ethan is Simmons’ 8-year-old son. He heard his dad’s Mayday call over the airport’s radio transmission and initiated the rescue effort by alerting airport personnel and giving them information on his dad’s whereabouts.

“I ran fast but not too fast that I would drop the radio,” Ethan said of his response. “They said that everything would be OK and we had a pilot that was a firefighter too and he was helping.”

Out in the water, Simmons clung to the airplane’s tires for dear life, while on the shores the would-be fiancé who had hired Simmons to fly the banner waited anxiously.

“While it was happening, I was pacing the beach.  I was really worried,” said Mike Flynn, who planned the grand scheme for his girlfriend, Michelle.

Simmons used the plane’s landing gear strapped to his body to keep him afloat for the nearly one hour he had to wait before being rescued.  Boaters nearby saw him waving his orange shorts and rescued him before the Coast Guard could arrive.

Simmons was unhurt in the crash and so the next day he got back in a plane to fulfill the marriage proposal that had been left up in the air.

“He called and was really apologetic and really sincere,” Flynn said of the pilot.  “He said, ‘You know, I would like to continue. … I would like to finish what I started.  I got another plane and I can fly it any day this week.’”

So Simmons flew over the shores of Block Island Tuesday with the “Michelle will you marry me? Mike,” banner.  This time Flynn got down on one knee and popped the question to his girlfriend.

She said yes, but also had a few questions for her now fiancé.

“I wasn’t sure why it took him two days of pacing the beach just to propose to me on the beach,” she said.  “Until I saw the plane.”

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