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Pharmacy Mistakenly Gives Morning-After Pill to Pregnant Woman

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(FORT UPTON, Colo.) -- A pregnant woman might lose her unborn child because of a pharmacy mistake.  A Safeway pharmacy mistakenly gave Maureen Silva the chemotherapy drug, methotrexate, that is also used to terminate early-stage pregnancies.  The drug was meant for a 59-year-old woman with the same last name as Silva and a similar first name.

Silva, who is six weeks pregnant with her first child, could miscarry, carry the child to full term with severe birth defects or she could have a happy, healthy baby.

After an apology from Safeway, Silva said that "sorry" is not going to cut it.

"My baby could have deformities. There's a lot that goes with it," Silva told ABC News.  "I'm going to have to deal with this for a long time."

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