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California Woman Kept a Mummy in Car for Months

Photo Courtesy ABC News/KABC-TV(COSTA MESA, Calif.) -- A California real estate agent apparently drove around for months with the mummified body of a homeless person in her car.   Authorities only discovered the remains when they received a call of an illegally parked car. 

Costa Mesa police were working to determine the name of the woman whose body was discovered Monday.  The owner of the car could only give them the first name "Signae."

Police say the body dried up in the heat of the car and was essentially mummified over the past several months.  The owner of the car had apparently been letting the homeless woman sleep in her car after the two met in a park in December.  The driver told police she was afraid to report the death.

Autopsy results are inconclusive and authorities say there is no sign of foul play.  The driver of the car has not been charged with any crime.  Police are trying to figure out if any crimes were committed.

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