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How Police Identified Severed Head After 24-Year Mystery

New Jersey State Police|Times of Trenton/Hopewell Police(HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP, N.J.) -- A severed head found on a golf course 24 years ago has been identified using DNA evidence and may be linked to a serial killer, New Jersey police said Wednesday.

The head of 25-year-old Heidi Balch, who worked as a prostitute around Manhattan in 1988, was found on a Hopewell Township, N.J., golf course in 1989, but was only identified this month after collaboration between the New Jersey State Police and the Hopewell Township Police Department.

“It was shocking,” said Hopewell Township Police Chief George Meyer, who was one of the detectives called to the scene after the head was found near the seventh hole.

“Periodically, over the years, detectives would pick up the case and make efforts at identifying her,” he said. ”I kind of thought, ‘No, she is never going to be identified.’”

A break came when detectives realized the dumped head matched a story from serial killer Joel Rifkin, who claimed to have dismembered and dumped a victim named Susie around New Jersey, State Police Det. Sgt. Stephen Urbanski told ABC News. Rifkin was never convicted for the alleged crime, but is serving 200 years in prison for other murders.

Detectives decided to chase the story.

“The team obtained the names of all the prostitutes that were registered around the same time [from the NYPD],” Urbanski said.

They then compared the photos to the composite of the severed head. A woman named Susan Spencer seemed to be a match.

After chasing aliases and false Social Security numbers attached to the woman, a face on a missing persons website jumped out at Urbanski.

It was Heidi Balch.

The problem was, Balch wasn’t reported missing by her aunt until 2001 and when making the report, she told police that her niece was last seen in 1995.

Still, the team decided to pursue the lead and paid the aunt a visit. Not only did they learn that the sighting in 1995 was secondhand information, but Balch’s parents were alive and living in Baltimore.

“After interviewing [the aunt], we went down to Baltimore and grabbed the mom’s DNA,” Urbanski said.

The DNA was a match to the skull, closing the 24-year-old cold case.

“Looking at the horrific case, and after a lot of people worked on it, it was amazing it came to this,” Urbanski said. “It was a matter of finding those clues.”

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Mansion Murders: Details Emerge as Police Seek Clues

ABC News(BOSTON) -- The Boston-area couple that was gunned down in their multi-million dollar mansion was reportedly found lying head-to-head, shot in their necks, with all shell casings cleaned from the scene of the crime, all signs pointing to a well-planned murder.

Police investigating the murder of real-estate developer John "Jack" Magee, 69, and his wife Geraldine, 67, are now calling the crime a double homicide, but refuse to confirm further details in their investigation and are saying only that they have no suspects.

An autopsy is now being conducted to find out exactly how the couple died.

Adding to the mystery surrounding their deaths is that the couple's Lexus SUV was found 25 miles away on Wednesday, having been set ablaze. The vehicle was found in Boston's North End, in an area known for mob activity.

ABC News has learned that the Magees were found dead Wednesday morning by their daughter and grandchildren. The family members made the grisly discovery on the first floor of the couple's 6,000 square foot estate as they were bringing the children for a regular Wednesday morning visit.

The front door of the couple's home was found unlocked with the family dog still inside, according to police, who are reassuring residents that there is no cause for fear after the first murder in the community in more than a decade.

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