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New York City Man Killed in Anti-Gay Hate Crime

Ingram Publishing/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- New York City police say a deadly shooting that took place in Greenwich Village Saturday was an anti-gay hate crime.

32-year-old Harlem resident Marc Carson and his companion were just blocks from the famous Stonewall Inn when a group approached them, making anti-gay slurs.

Police say that one member of the group, Elliot Morales, asked the two men if they were “gay wrestlers," and later asked “do you want to die here?"

Morales then pulled out a gun and shot Carson in the face, according to NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly. He died in the hospital soon afterwards.

An officer arrested Morales a few blocks away from where the shooting took place.

This is the latest in a series of bias attacks on gay men in the area, and police are investigating to see if there is any connection between this incident and earlier ones.

“It's a really sad affair,” said Sean Williams, a friend of Carson.

“I mean, come on. This is 2013. Who's killing people for being gay nowadays?”

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World Trade Center Bombing Remembered 20 Years Later

James Hardy/PhotoAlto Agency RF Collections/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Tuesday marks the 20th anniversary of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which was overshadowed eight years later by the 9/11 attacks.

Six people died and about 1,000 were injured after terrorists detonated a truck bomb in the parking garage of the World Trade Center's North Tower on Feb. 26, 1993.

Four of the six killed -- Robert Kirkpatrick, 61, Stephen A. Knapp, 47, William Macko, 57, and Monica Rodriguez Smith, 35 -- were employees of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owned the buildings.  John DiGiovanni, 45, a dental-supply salesman visiting the World Trade Center, and Wilfredo Mercado, 37, a purchasing agent for Windows on the World restaurant, also died.

A moment of silence will be held for the victims on Tuesday at 12:18 p.m. ET.

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Meat Cleaver Attack on New York Street Halted by Firefighters

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- A New York woman is in critical but stable condition Monday after she was rescued by firefighters who saw her being attacked with a meat cleaver.

The woman was attacked by her husband about 10:20 a.m. Sunday in the Chinatown section of Manhattan, police said. Stunned firefighters from Engine 9/Ladder 6, who are also known as the "dragon fighters," saw the assailant raise a cleaver and strike the woman in the head, police said.

Several firefighters rushed across the street to wrestle the attacker into custody while another firefighter pursued the bloody and panicked woman into a store to treat her wounds.

"[There was] a lot of blood. They said there were lacerations to the head, and also cuts and lacerations to the torso," FDNY spokesman Jim Long told

Ming Guang Huang, 28, was arrested. The woman's name was not immediately released.

Firefighter Jose Ortiz told reporters he rushed across the street to help after hearing screams.

"All of a sudden I see the cleaver go up and he swings down, he hit her in the head, that was the first shot, and I'm thinking I've got to grab this guy," he told reporters. "We rushed across the street to help after hearing screams."

Ortiz and firefighter James Trainer were able to hold Huang down, Long said, while other firefighters were able to flag down the police.

Firefighter Shane Clark caught up with the victim a few blocks away.

"There was a language barrier," he told reporters. "We were trying to get her to stop, but she wouldn't let us go near her. She was covered in blood and we were trying to calm her down. She was very disoriented."

Emergency medical personnel responded and took the 24-year-old victim to New York's Bellevue medical center where she is currently admitted.

"I was happy that we were there to help," Ortiz said. "I'm sorry that we weren't there early enough to stop the whole thing altogether."

Huang is charged with attempted murder, assault, criminal possession of a weapon and harassment. The New York Department of Corrections was unable to confirm if Huang is receiving a psychiatric evaluation before he is arraigned.

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New York Police Set Up Team to Track Stolen iPhones, iPads

Hemera/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Apple has become one of the most popular gadget brands in the world — not only in sales, but in theft. With iPhones, iPads and iPods stolen so often, New York City police have teamed up with Apple Inc. to combat these crimes directly, the New York Post reports.

The NYPD has designated a special “team of cops” to pursue the theft of mobile Apple devices like iPhones and iPads. With the use of a device’s International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMSEI), it’s possible for Apple to track the whereabouts of a device and then share that information with the police.

“We’re looking for ways to find individuals who have stolen Apple products and return the products to their original owners,” NYPD spokesman Paul Browne told the Post. “It is being done to learn the pattern [of]  who is stealing.”

When reached by ABC News, Apple declined to comment on its involvement with the NYPD. The NYPD did not return ABC News’ request for comment.

In one case a stolen iPad was tracked all the way to the Dominican Republic and recovered with the help of an NYPD intelligence cop assigned to Santo Domingo, according to the Post.

The NYPD began Operation ID last September as an effort to encourage the public to register the serial numbers of their devices free of charge, ABC station WABC-TV reported.

“The theft of Apple phones and other hand-held devices drove the spike in robberies and larceny [in 2012]…Operation ID will help those whose property is lost or stolen to get it back,” Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly told WABC. According to the NYPD, more criminals are targeting Apple products, and while overall crime is up four percent in New York City, Apple product crime is up 40 percent.

Because of the rising rate of theft, there is even risk involved in buying one of these devices second-hand. Police say they can and will confiscate any stolen and resold devices and return them to their rightful owners. With Apple’s tracking system, it’s even possible to find a device after it’s been reregistered with a different wireless provider.

As reported by ABC News earlier this year, one creative New York man was able to reclaim his device without the help of the police or Apple.  Nadav Nirenberg left his iPhone in a New York City cab and noticed the person who had assumed possession of the device was posting on his online dating profile. Nirenberg created a fake profile to set up a “date” with the person using his phone.  The confrontation was not violent. Nirenberg got his phone back.

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'Blue Fairy' Arrested in New York Drug Bust 

YouTube(NEW YORK) -- A 22-year-old woman who dressed like a fairy-winged Tinkerbell for an online rap video about prescription drug abuse was peddling more than pixie dust, according to New York City police.

Sharissa Turk was one of 32 people arrested this week in an operation that targeted what authorities called a "loosely affiliated" network of drug dealers on Staten Island.

Turk sold Oxycodone to an NYPD undercover officer on three separate occasions, police said.  Turk, who was arrested Thursday at the Edible Arrangements store where she works, was charged with three counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance in the third degree.

As part of the investigation, police seized Oxycodone, Vicodin, Xanax, heroin and cocaine, along with guns and $17,000 cash from a dozen different locations.

Turk appears in a YouTube video by White Trash Clan titled "My World is Blue" dancing in a blue tutu and fairy wings and carrying a wand.  She blows pixie dust at the camera and mimes drug use.

The video, posted in July 2012, shows people dancing in parking lots and pharmacies with giant cutouts of blue pills and rhapsodizing about prescription drug abuse: "I can stop when I want to / I'm not addicted / I don't take pills / crush and sniff it / Blue is my world in this life how I live it / Come out to Staten Island, pay a little visit."

On Thursday, viewers of the video were clearly aware of the arrest, and posted abusive comments.

"Good job you idiots!" said one. "Way to advertise.  Now you're really blue."

Someone using the YouTube account from which the video was first posted responded to the critics: "Yo .. . we did this video to raise awareness of a serious problem on Staten Island.  I ain't touched one of those pills in years.  Peace."

The video ends with a message on the screen that says, "The White Trash Clan does NOT encourage the use of drugs."

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New York City Airports to Resume Flights

Medioimages/Photodisc(NEW YORK) -- John F. Kennedy International and LaGuardia airports are expected to resume passenger flights on Saturday morning after cancelling flights on Friday due to blizzard conditions.

Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey does not expect to fully resume flights until noon on Saturday due to the fact runways had to be shut down overnight as a result of heavy snow that produced whiteout conditions.

According to, airlines have cancelled 5,368 flights this week due to the blizzard in the Northeast, and 1,756 flights were cancelled so far on Saturday.

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Nannycam Puts New York City Nanny in Jail

Kevin Horan/Stone(NEW YORK) -- A nanny is sitting in a New York City jail cell after a hidden camera recorded her slapping the face of a 5-month-old baby girl.

Mamura Nasirova, 52, was caught striking the tot as she sat in her baby seat, according to court papers.  The child began crying and her face was clearly red from the blow, the complaint says.

A video of the incident, which now has over 46,000 views on Youtube, shows an unharmed older child watching close by and Nasirova apparently slapping the infant’s leg and face, aggressively picking her up, and walking into the next room.

The smack was witnessed by the girl’s suspicious father who had installed a “nanny cam” inside a smoke detector, and it sent the girl’s mother rushing home to confront Nasirova, comfort her baby and call the police, the complaint says.

Nasirova was arrested on misdemeanor charges, including child endangerment and resisting arrest.  But the complaint says she didn’t go easily.

When police tried to put handcuffs on Nasirova she “refused to take her hands from her pockets and did lock her arms to her side and pull her hands away… in an effort to avoid lawful arrest,” it says.

She is being held in the city’s Rikers Island jail in lieu of $1,000 bail.  The incident occurred on Jan. 28.

The parents, identified as Mrs. and Mrs. Roman Mardakhaev, installed at least two cameras in and around their home after becoming concerned about their live-in nanny, said a spokesman for Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan.

Nasirova’s next court appearance is Friday, Feb. 8.

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NJ Pilot 'Had Faith' She, Passenger Would Survive NY River Crash

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Even as the plane she was piloting plummeted toward the frigid waters of New York's Hudson River, Denise De Priester Kok remained calm, cool and collected.

“I had faith in my skills,” Kok told ABC News.  “I had faith in God and I had faith in us as a team [that] together we are going to survive this."

Kok’s “teammate” in the plane was her only passenger, Chris Smidt, 43, of Colonia, N.J.  He and Kok, 39, of East Windsor, N.J., had just departed from an airport in New Jersey on a sightseeing tour around 5:00 p.m. Sunday when their Piper PA-32 plane began experiencing engine failure.

As the pair flew over the Hudson River, somewhere near the George Washington Bridge, the plane began to descend, dropping 400 feet in five seconds, according to ABC News affiliate WABC-TV.

“I was focused like a robot on the landing because it was dark and difficult,” Kok said.

The commercial pilot and certified flight instructor landed the plane smoothly in the Hudson but soon she and Smidt faced another problem.  The plane began to fill with water.

“We’re in the water now but it’s filling up so we’re going to have to bail,” Smidt told rescuers in recently released 911 calls.  “We’re going to the rear of the plane.  The plane is filling up.”

Kok and Smidt abandoned the plane and plunged into the Hudson.  Wearing life vests, they were able to survive nearly 30 minutes in the freezing water before being rescued.

“My adrenaline was spiking so much I was just swimming like I was in the tropics,” Kok said, all the while keeping her calm.

“There wasn’t one second that she wasn’t positive and kept me going,” Smidt said.  “Her training took over right away.”

Kok and Smidt were spotted by a rescue boat piloted by an off-duty police officer who, along with his 12-year-old son, pulled the pair to safety.

“My dad has always told me to be brave and never be scared of helping someone,” said the 12-year-old, Danny Higgins.

Kok and Smidt were treated for hypothermia at a nearby medical center and released.  The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the cause of the crash.

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'Miracle on the Hudson': Co-Pilot Sees Wreckage Four Years Later

Chris McGrath/Getty Images(CHARLOTTE, N.C.) -- Four years ago on Tuesday, US Airways Flight 1549 had to make an emergency landing in New York's Hudson River after the plane hit a flock of Canadian Geese and lost engine power.

In what's been deemed the "Miracle on the Hudson," Capt. Chesley Sully Sullenberger managed to land the aircraft safely on the river, saving the lives of the 155 passengers and crew members on board.

Today, the plane sits in a museum in Charlotte, N.C.  Jeff Skiles, the co-pilot of the flight, checked out the wreckage for the first time on Monday.

"It really is something to see frankly all the damage to it.  Because I never saw that," he said.

Skiles said that "everybody's life has changed in some way or another" from the Jan. 15, 2009 incident.

"I think or hope anyways for most of us it's been a good change. I know it has been for me," he said.

While he is currently on leave from US Airways to pursue other aviation interests, Skiles said he plans to return.

"When it comes down it I'm an airline pilot and in two years I'll be back in the cockpit at US Airways," he said.

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Commuter Ferry Hard Docking in NYC Leaves Dozens Injured

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- At least 55 people were injured -- two critically -- when a commuter ferry had a hard docking pulling into a New York City pier Wednesday morning.

The Seastreak ferry had 326 passengers and five crew members on board when it pulled into Pier 11 in Lower Manhattan just before 9 a.m.  It was coming from Conner's Pier in Highlands, N.J.

Passengers described a "tremendous impact" when the ferry docked.  The injured were taken out on stretchers and wheelchairs and covered in blankets.

One of the two people in critical condition was taken into surgery for a head injury.

The National Transportation Safety Board is launching a team to investigate the incident.

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