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Public Nudity Ban Considered in San Francisco

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(SAN FRANCISCO) -- San Franciscans may be forced to wear clothes outside of their homes and some nude activists aren’t pleased.

City lawmakers are scheduled to vote Tuesday on an ordinance that, if passed, would make it illegal for anyone over the age of 5 to expose their genitals in public.  Exemptions will be made for parades and festivals held under a city permit, according to the ordinance.

A group of activists filed a federal lawsuit against the city last Wednesday, asking that a judge issue a temporary restraining order to stop the vote on Tuesday and provide the court enough time to determine the merits of the case.

One of the plaintiffs, Mitch Hightower, has organized an annual “nude-in” demonstration over the past several years.

“The ‘Nude In’ is intended to promote a spirit of tolerance, peace and fellowship among the attendees,” the lawsuit said, claiming that if enacted, the ordinance would violate the constitutional right of free speech.

“It attempts to criminalize nudity even when engaged in for the purpose of political advocacy,” the lawsuit said.

George Davis, who ran for mayor in 2007 and District 6 supervisor in 2010, both times as the “nude candidate,” joined the suit, claiming he uses nudity “as part of his political expression.”

If the ordinance is enacted, first time offenders would be fined $100.  The fine increases to $200 if it’s the second offense within 12 months.  The third time a nudist is caught, they could be slapped with a $500 fine and potentially charged with a misdemeanor.

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Nude Model Drops Suit Against New York City

File photo. iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- A nude model agreed to settle her lawsuit for false arrest against New York City today for $15,000.

Zoe West, 22, was taken into custody for several hours on Aug. 30, 2011, after officers cuffed the 5-foot-2 model at a body-painting exhibition in Times Square.

Public nudity is legal in New York City as long as it is part of a play, performance or exhibition, said West’s lawyer, Ron Kuby.

“There was no disruption. There was no problem with anybody except a sergeant, who either due to the heat or all that girl flesh, seemed to be taken aback,” Kuby said.

Just as artist Andy Golub applied his final strokes to West’s body, officers, who had been watching for more than an hour, according to Kuby, informed West they were taking her into custody.

“In order to determine she was fully nude, the police ended up looking for a very long time and got very close. I’ve gone on dates where I haven’t gotten that close,” Kuby told ABC News. “How long are you going to stare at her crotch? Apparently, the answer is quite a long time.”

The New York City Law Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment from ABC News.

Kuby called the suit reasonable and said it was a “gentle slap on the knuckles” for police to not arrest people for artistic forms of nudity.

“It’s a great day in New York where a naked model can be paid $15,000 to drop her suit,” he said.

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Naked Body Scanner Images Improperly Saved

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- The government has reassured the flying public time and again that any naked images of them at airport checkpoints would be destroyed immediately. But new attention is being focused on another agency of the federal government -- the U.S. Marshals Service -- that in at least one case has been keeping thousands of similar naked images recorded by its body scanners.

Back on Aug. 4, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) was given more than 100 of 35,000 images that an Orlando courthouse kept on its scanner. The privacy watchdog group had filed a Freedom of Information Act request and went to court to obtain the images. As the debate over the scanners and the Transportation Security Administration's new patdown procedure heats up, technology blog Gizmodo on Tuesday released some of those images.

"The public should absolutely be concerned," EPIC's Ginger McCall told ABC News. "Very detailed and graphic pictures of people's naked bodies could end up out there on the internet."

While the courthouse scanners aren't as powerful and revealing as the TSA airport scanners, McCall said her group's FOIA request proves that the government is capable of storing and transferring images. While the TSA says it does not store such images -- and McCall isn't suggesting that the agency necessarily is -- EPIC's request shows that the images have been improperly stored in at least one case.

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Mom Allegedly Sent Lewd Pics to Son's Teen Friend

Photo Courtesy - Houston County Sheriff's Office(HOUSTON) -- Lori Darling David, 37, is facing accusations of e-mailing nude photos of herself to her son's 16-year-old friend.

According to ABC News affiliate KTRK, authorities say the Katy, Texas, woman sent the teen sexually explicit text messages and e-mails, as well as lewd photographs of herself.

She is charged with two counts of online solicitation of a minor.

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