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"Obama's Wars" Sheds New Light on Administration Battles

(NEW YORK) -- Tuesday's leak of portions of journalist Bob Woodward's new book, "Obama's Wars," suggests turmoil in the White House and at the Pentagon over administration war policy.  Republican strategist Nicole Wallace tells ABC News the excerpts show politics weigh heavily in President Obama's decision-making.  Wallace calls that "striking." The president is quoted saying "I can't lose the whole Democratic Party" while discussing a July 2011 withdrawal date from Afghanistan. 

The leak comes as news breaks of the expected departure of National Economic Council Director Larry Summers.  He would be the third high-level White House advisor to leave the administration, with Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel also said to be considering leaving to run for mayor of Chicago.  Democratic strategist Donna Brazile tells ABC News she considers some departures opportunities to bring in people with "fresh ideas"and says the Washington crowd pays more attention to such changes than voters do.

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